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  • facty_tales 1d

    I started my journey,
    Through a random space unknown,
    I didn't know the destination,
    But I knew that this,
    Will create memories,
    Memories that won't fade,
    From the heartbeat,
    I had skipped when I started,
    To the first experience I had,
    It was all about exploring,
    Exploring world,
    Exploring people,
    But most of all,
    Exploring myself.

    The air, the vibes,
    The birds, the animals,
    The creatures,
    The dusk and the dawn,
    The sunrise and the nightfall,
    The colours that sky held,
    The acquaintances,
    The encounters I had with people,
    The places that had songs of its own,
    The background, the scenery,
    The greenery and the wilderness,
    The trees and the bushes,
    All of this and all of that,
    Words fall short for what I now have.

    I tried clicking pictures,
    That didn't satisfy myself,
    I tried fitting it in my vision,
    As far as it could go,
    But didn't rich beyond,
    And hence after everything,
    What I saw was the something,
    That made me repeat,
    What I did all the time,
    Travel to places,
    That's humanly impossible,
    To places that soothe,
    To places that give peace,
    Away from chaos,
    As it always does.

    The Experiences and the Journeys,
    The Pictures and the Images,
    The Methods and the Routes,
    The Maps and the Adventures,
    The Bagpacks and the Tents,
    The Languages and the Scriptures,
    The Traditions and the Customs,
    The Localites and the Outsiders,
    The Tourists and the Settlers
    The Places and the Destinations,
    The different Food and its different Taste,
    All of this and all of that,
    Makes every Journey,
    Every Destination reached,
    Worth the Travel!

    #travel #tourism #worldtourismday
    #27thSeptember2020 #covid19
    #gocorona #misstravelling #friendstrip
    #destinations #journeys #people #experiences #routes #maps #Travellingislove

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    Happy World Tourism day!


  • facty_tales 4w

    There are things in life that matter to you. Then there are people who just make you happy. Be it a simple smile, an assurance of being there, their voice, or a video call. Spending even minimal 5 minutes with them before going to sleep at the end of the day makes your life worth the survival.

    So, this flower vase in the image below just existed in my room for last few months. It had dust all over it. Also, because it was kept in a corner, it had been home for spiders who very craftily designed their web around it. Then, no one really noticed it.
    Today, my Mom being "Mom" cleaned it, washed it and you can see how fresh it looks. The red colour looks brighter than ever and also it made me notice it, not because, red colour has maximum wavelength but because it's CLEAN.
    That is what happens even with humans. We get attracted or we love spending time with people who're Clean, Honest by character.
    The smile, the VC, the assurance I spoke about previously was something only a Clean and honest person can offer you. Such people are like these flowers. The make us notice them through their fresh vibe and clean character. Real essence is something they come with naturally making us feel NICE and better at times after having a tough or rough day. Just one look at them and we feel relaxed, content. They just bring a smile on your face. These Little Things matter more than anything in this world. And people who know the value of Little Things have that Real essence in them which instantly gives us relief no matter what we go through.

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    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Real Essence


  • facty_tales 7w

    Better Version

    In this world where everyone is either fake, temporary or diplomatic, be someone who is real, honest, and loyal. Because these things help you find perfection in flaws. These are the qualities that keep you focused, making you more attractive and the better version of yourself. The more Real you're the more sorted and positive life you live.

  • facty_tales 9w


    Sometimes I feel, there should have been a Handbook or an Instruction manual about the ways of dealing with life. Maybe it could have guided us about our reactions to some particular situations where we don't know how and what to react! Life would have been easier that way!

  • facty_tales 9w


    Someone who loves working instead of dealing with humans who are a threat to the mental peace. Someone who doesn't care if they're gonna get paid or not but they work because it makes them HAPPY the same way when they spend time with their Dogs! It's pure Happiness giving them pleasure. And after all, we should always do what makes us Happy!

  • facty_tales 10w


    No matter how busy you are, you should always make time for your loved ones regardless the work pattern, the distance or even Time zones! If it's pure, there has to be that eagerness of listening to them or just talking to them before you finish your day and go to sleep. Because, it shows their worth in your life!

  • facty_tales 10w

    Energy doesn't Lie!

    Life isn't easy. Life isn't what or how we plan it. Sometimes, Destiny has it's own way of letting you know what's right and what's wrong, what's important and what's unnecessary. Trust your instincts. Go with the Vibe you get through something you like to do, or someone you feel a connection with because, Energy doesn't lie. Have faith in your life and look at the better side!

  • facty_tales 10w

    Don't give up!

    Worrying about your Life and stressing on worthless aspects doesn't take you anywhere but towards misery. Be smart, and work on yourself to just get better everyday because that's the key. Shaping your character and developing yourself into a better person than Yesterday leads to a better and a brighter tomorrow. Just don't give up!

  • facty_tales 11w

    The moment the Sun rises,
    The moment those shiny rays
    Fall upon my eyes,
    And I wake up
    Stretching my arms,
    Tying my hair up in a bun
    I think of you.

    I look at my cell phone,
    Check my notifications,
    Search for something,
    Which I won't find,
    Then I check my messages,
    Hoping one from you,
    I think of you.

    I head out for a jog,
    Put on my earphones.
    Radio plays a song,
    "Memories bring back memories"
    Attached to you and yet again
    I think of you!

    I come back home,
    Get ready for the day,
    Have my breakfast,
    And suddenly my eyes fall
    On the Calendar,
    I notice the date,
    And yes I think of you.

    As the day passes by,
    I finish my work commitments.
    I get up from my place, stretch a bit,
    Make tea for myself,
    And peak outside the window,
    The sprinkling showers,
    Remind me of you!

    I distract myself,
    Spend some time with family,
    We talk, we gossip, we converse.
    The clock strikes 8:30,
    I check what's cooked for dinner,
    And Fenugreek's aroma attracts me,
    Now you know, whom I think of?

    It's all quiet now,
    Stars and the Moon's up,
    Midnight is not really scary now,
    Gazing at the dark sky,
    I wonder how do you manage,
    To still, be there in my thoughts now?

    #Poetry #Love #Heartbreak #Muse #Midnight #4amthoughts #Creativity
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Thinking of You!


  • facty_tales 11w


    A world where reality seems oblivious. Drug addiction for bookoholics to escape the misery of life.