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  • faiqah_ 2w


    I still often wonder
    Why am I stuck in a horrific thunder
    Where people keep normalising a blunder.

    A women has to suffer all her life
    She is a daughter and then a wife
    And you have to deal with it or it starts the rife.

    If he hits you , you have to compromise
    Don't argue, just live with lies
    It's your job to paint blue into all his black skies.

    A lesson for women is to be nothing
    Ordered to be a shadow because of the wedding ring
    It's a lesson , lower your gaze and zip your lips with a string.

    We just have to open our minds .

  • faiqah_ 12w


    Life is nothing but an empty room. Life is just a silhouette of everything we are and what we choose to be.

    An empty room can be created as one's happy place with windows, colors, lights and dreams filled beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But it can also be a cage full of darkness. It's just a matter of choices.

    Sometimes we invite different people and let them design our room their way and they just shut the drapes and paint the walls full of horrors. And then the choice continues if we want to be with them on their terms or we just want to be happy but alone.

    Its important to fight for the dreams and fight for all the things which make us happy and let us be in peace.

    So I like my room white so I can add colours as I want and as I desire . I don't care if I'll be alone that way but I'll be satisfied that I chose to be happy.

  • faiqah_ 14w


    I want to paint.
    I want to paint my black sky and fill it with colours.
    I think I want to put some red for love and some splashes of orange for tint.
    I also want to add some yellow for some happiness and some blue for ups and downs.
    I like to put river of green too for the nature's sake and some drops of purple for my stories.
    But don't think I am making a rainbow on my sky like others. I'm trying to make a perfect array of hues , I m trying to make an Aurora in my night sky.

  • faiqah_ 15w


    I love the idea of a person investing so much in someone's life.
    Like the curiosity to know what is happening just by hearing the diffidence in your voice.
    Or when you're chapfallen and just by a glimpse at your face he wraps his arms around you.
    Instead of giving you butterflies giving you the whole zoo in your stomach.
    Realisation of your health and your food cravings too. To be always there with you.
    The kind of love people write poetry , songs and novels about.

  • faiqah_ 16w

    Autumn leaf

    His love reminds me of an autumn leaf . Slowly fading into a beautiful colour. Then turned rust and then into dust.

  • faiqah_ 18w


    Music is like a rollercoaster . It can get you high and low with rush of feelings through your mind . All you need is to be fully captured by this adventure.

  • faiqah_ 18w

    I don't believe in happy endings and I really don't want one. I just want a happy existence.

  • faiqah_ 19w

    A poem begins as a path to a soul.


  • faiqah_ 19w

    Love in a million stars

    A love like a million stars in the sky. Like a cold wind in summer. Like a shoulder in sorrow. Like a smile on your lips in misery. Like a warm cuddle in stormy night. A love like I have that love which only a perfect heart can give to make you complete...


  • faiqah_ 19w


    My home. I'll find you and I'll come to you.
    Wait until all my bruises heal,
    Wait until my scar fades,
    Wait until I learn how to live,
    Wait until my mind is no longer a slave
    Wait until my heart puts together all its pieces
    Just wait until I come and stay forever in your bliss.