Ask me life,I will define you death.

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  • fanatic_desire 2w

    Backspaces define you more,

    Than the keypad.


  • fanatic_desire 2w

    You sing your broken verses,

    To the sleepless nights.

    And,lull them to sleep.

    Draped into wet eyes and cold breaths.


  • fanatic_desire 2w

    The birds chirp,

    To wake you up,from the sleep you didn't fell into.

    As,the night owls ironically grin.


  • fanatic_desire 2w

    Words are never enough to be digged.

    So,you feed on silence.

    Unknown to the oblivion which will swallow you.


  • fanatic_desire 2w

    The dawn latches itself like a shell of masked emptiness,

    Dragging you like a snail.

    While,the dusk injects into your blood venom of sobbing aches,

    With you crawling as a groaning leech.

    As one day of survival goes,

    With another one knocking by.


  • fanatic_desire 2w

    You sit on the edge of the rusted railings,

    Swaying your legs,

    In the lake.

    Lake of cold air,murky despair and flickering lights.

    Looking down,

    Watching the shimmery world going to sleep.

    Under the blankets of fading darkness.

    And,blinding lights.


  • fanatic_desire 2w

    You dream of seeing the twinkling stars,

    With grey ceilings,lurking above your head.


  • fanatic_desire 2w

    Those wet clouds above fell for the grey sands,

    Owning the parched land of your eyes.

    So,they came down and promised to stay,

    Until eternal sleep crawls by.

    Flowing crimson cold each dawn,

    And,raining flickering flames every dusk.


  • fanatic_desire 3w

    Like a leech it sucks,
    Crawling throughout the hollow night,
    Running from the tip of your eyelids,
    To the rims of your subconscious,
    Chewing every thought,
    Into it's deadly grin.
    Tying stones to the legs of conscious,as it sinks,
    Into the whirlpool of known voices.
    With a thread of numbness,
    It stitches your conscious lobes.
    As,every sound including yours turns dumb.
    Except the deafening ticks of wandering fears,
    As visions seem to turn grey,
    Words choke slow,
    And tears get frozen,to help you.
    The pills you took,seem to settle down.
    Into the black waters of unsaid words.
    Scratching the walls of your nerves.
    A deep long cold breath and a sip of icy water,fails to whisper some cure.

    Helpless and unaware of what's going on.
    You sit there,alongwith the sleeping bed,and the awake lamp.

    Begging the sleep to come.


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  • fanatic_desire 4w

    You aren't allowed to show.

    Keep dying,but put on the shimmering glow.