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  • farhinislam_59 5w

    In the depth of the full moon,
    I found a treasure...
    And that's when,
    I grabbed all empathetic grooviness!!

    ~ @farhinislam_59

  • farhinislam_59 7w

    By unknown writer

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    Moon of Metaphors

    The duskiness hasn't been swollen yet...
    It's neither too freaken,
    Nor too darken ...
    Wherein the soul of moon-like,
    And the beats of stars'
    Soon waxing one another leftovers,
    Spotting the attention
    Which can't even turn off...
    Just like the rest,
    A maple leaf gets fallen into us.


  • farhinislam_59 10w

    Turning pages into hilarious side.

    I didn't even thought of taking these pages into a hilarious side. It made me fallen again to those parts where sensitiveness do exist. Here where the caress leaves do falls. It do get hurt but didn't tried to fall down again. I wasn't even sure of turning myself into this joyous pages. At some point, I left my own mirror behind to the wastage. Everyone just did only dark humour talks of mine and I only thing did was just being mum. Left all my best commas behind and regretting on my full stops that doesn't even seems on my pages now. Perfection isn't about being the most perfect because as always said, " Practice makes a man Better." And I do mean it.

    All above these that inked of my new joyous pages were dazzling hands of one's own mirror. It's too hard to believe but yes, It did changed me into a trippy starry days. All skies are not darken and All nights are not of darkness. So, years ago, Stoppage arrived in me and through those protectorate touched, I made these stoppage a Full Stops. Yes!! Not only loading, but loaded package do exist which we get after been through a series of pressures.

    Dreadful seasons were just a dialogue full of coffee but it's trustable that No one can beat the heavenly full of tea!!

  • farhinislam_59 12w

    I wish

    It's how amazing,
    To be part of that blue tea
    Where doesn't have any egress point...
    Yet can't think of an extinction,
    From the essence of blemishes...
    That hasn't even died of hunger,
    Which is filled with amazements...
    After all this adventurous trauma,
    Healthier was neither to be suited
    Nor, to be harsh with it.


  • farhinislam_59 14w

    ❤️ MaFar ❤️

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    Zindagi ko bechna nahi, Usse sambhalna sikho.
    Pyaar ko bakhshna nahi, Usse ikraar karna sikho.


  • farhinislam_59 18w

    Blissfully to be Followed

    It purely smells me of my own psyche.
    A picture that I craved for,
    I got indulge into making elation of it,
    Which in return raised me up...
    The petals are still not split-up,
    Looks as like as a cottonwoods,
    Which was just beautifully glance over mirror..
    Time went on quietly,
    Mirrors seems to be fuzzy,
    Petals were dazzling for the whole life span...
    And I thanked that eyeful rose,
    As it dressed of my own secret self.

  • farhinislam_59 19w

    Thak chuki hoon
    Iss khamakha raastein se!!

  • farhinislam_59 19w

    Spark of stars suddenly just flashed...
    She drew a picture of belief,
    Where both the hearts were
    mindlessly enjoying with the beats of soul.
    Nothing beyond it,
    But a ray of hope comes out of it!!

  • farhinislam_59 24w





    I'm not able to fixed it off.
    Literally broke down.
    Ok fine !?!
    Just lemme know myself more.

  • farhinislam_59 24w

    By unknown writer

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    : But where did you got my number?

    : It was with me. I didn't delete it. I got it from our old presentation.

    : How is your Nikita ?

    : It didn't work out. So, We two quitted it. And
    how is your husband?

    : Yah, He is a busy man.

    : Busy !? Doing what?

    : Raping Me !!