Late bloomers still bloom.��

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  • fatema_sayyed00 2d


    The agony drapes her smile in pain,
    To vanish the ecstasy she hides.
    Turning around the love she inks,
    Till it becomes the ache she writes.
    Trapped within thoughts of her own,
    Tis the season of strain she sights.
    Then which was called as spring.

  • fatema_sayyed00 1w


    You're like a song my heart whispers to embers at night.
    You're like a zephyr my soul touches from sinistral to right.

  • fatema_sayyed00 1w

    Don't judge my poem as i wrote this on 4/08/2018, & that was literally when i started writting, so yeahi just wrote whatever rhymed & made a bit sense lmao. As @mirakee posted abt it, i just felt to let it out, idk whyyy! Clearly, am embarrased, but we learn as we grow. Kuddos to 3 year back me haha!

    Definitely gonna delete it later.

    #question @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Seriously @writersnetwork? A like for this one??
    Well, thankew tho����♥️

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    What if?

    What if the rainfall stops & the water level comes down,
    Will our livelihoof sustain in this sphere round?

    What if the time stops & gives everybody a pause,
    Will it be the time machine's invention's real cause?

    What if the sunlight stops to reach the earth's surface,
    Will the world survive in the black dark place?

    What if the wind stops and leaves everybody hot,
    Will our temperature maintain in the windless spot?

  • fatema_sayyed00 1w


    The day was perfect
    yet the day was flawed,
    Just like getting even
    within teams of odd.

    The sky was bright
    Yet the sky was dark,
    Just like a rose
    Leaving its fatal remark.

    The breeze was serene
    Yet the breeze was noisy
    Just like a storm
    Holding onto daisy.

    The tides were playful
    Yet the tides were tired,
    Just like a rose getting
    Thorn it desired.

    The time was precious
    Yet the time was rare,
    Just like a star waiting
    For the moon to glare.

    The words were said
    Yet the words never did,
    Just like a poem having unsaid
    Emotions encraved amid.

    The night was aglow
    Yet the night was dim,
    Just like a star pours
    shine uptill the brim.

  • fatema_sayyed00 2w


    Sun drowns within
    sky, deep & above.
    The way my soul seeks
    warmth of your love.

  • fatema_sayyed00 3w

    The very first collab with one & only @vichus Hope y'all like it.

    I lay down in the bed tried to close my eyes to listen those whisper and howls inside my body, eyes that sees beauty in everything sheding tears and burning in vain, like the lonely winter tree without leaves, none sees beauty in it but a void, maybe who carries darkness within. I did not die, but mentally i died more than thousand times i dig my own graveyard for no reasons i've been stabbed million times by my own thoughts in the nights, fierce tears rolling down the cheeks to reminiscence everything like a projector, the depth of the rays melting my emotions into a rage that cast a spell of destruction to my own happiness, my anguish flows from the rift of unremembered stars of hope.

    I lay down on the grass, closing my eyes, tryna listen those phrases my heart whisper with the tint of cool zephyr into my ears, the way the leaves bid their farewell from the branches, falling on the ground, with the allure finnesse one could ever witness. It feels as if nature's being born again, yet with the exact fresh essence which reminds me of the cologne, bringing a smile on my face, shine in the eyes & glitter in the soul, as if i've returned back to those golden days, back down the memory lane, as if i'm still on grass barefoot, as i really am. As if my heart's still warm & yet cold. As if i'm still singing with the choir of canaries, as if i'm still alive within those delusional promising world of yours.

    The latter para is mine.

    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • fatema_sayyed00 3w

    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee
    Thankew! @writersnetwork♥️

    After a long break ;)
    Hope the verses are worth!

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    The world has it own way
    to unveil its
    Beauty behind Tragedy.
    Hiding those thorns
    below the magnificent
    The rosa wears
    the crown of love
    with finesse.
    Amidst the dirt
    & Impurity,
    Nelumbo Nucifera
    symbolises purity.
    Deep inside those layers
    of crust & rocks,
    lies the most
    lustrous, radiant
    Blue & Red Corundum.
    Burying the hardwork
    & dedication of
    the Shoot blooms
    Keeping everyone's
    pain & secret
    deep inside its heart,
    the Luna Selene shines.
    & All of this
    world's grace,
    knowingly or unknowingly
    hides behind its
    to embrace its beauty.

  • fatema_sayyed00 5w

    My love for Indian History, esp Jodha Akbar is endless.
    The more I try to forget it, the more those monuments & talks comes in front of my head. So I just thought of inking a thought of Akbar, if he were to express his love for Jodha now. Also, let me tell you, Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri is a must visit :)

    A smile strikes my face
    As I hear your footsteps
    Marching towards me
    With the calm sootheness
    Of your anklet,
    The sweet & sour
    Playfullness of your eardrop,
    The shy gesture
    Of your nosering.
    The loosened pallu
    Which peeps into your eyes
    Devoting pure love
    Towards the tomb
    Of panchmahal
    That lies straight over your head,
    The quietude anup talab
    Which still sings
    The raag of our love
    The way it did back then,
    Our unity despite hurdles
    Despite religion
    Despite culture
    Despite background
    Despite heritage.
    Your winter palace
    Speaks the melodious
    For when I entered
    Your kaksh the very first time
    For when the moon was too shy
    For when we made history.
    The sparkle in your eyes,
    Is still fresh in my memory
    As if you're standing
    Right beside me
    Holding my hand,
    Looking upon the sky
    & Talking to me
    Like we used to do back then.
    I wonder,
    How does the time flies
    So fast,
    Its already been more than
    4 centuries,
    But the smell of red brick
    The silence of night
    Makes me feel
    As if everything
    Just took place yesterday.
    As if
    We're still in love.
    As we still are.
    As we'll always be.

    From Akbar,
    To Jodha <3


    #pod #history #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee Thankew! @writersnetwork♥️

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    Verses in the caption :)

  • fatema_sayyed00 6w


    Kitne hi tez thaam lo us dor ko,
    Kuch rishto ka wajood phir bhi chut jata h!
    Ab Insaano se kya hi ummed rakhna aye shayar,
    Ek had ke baad to tara bhi tut jata h!

  • fatema_sayyed00 6w

    I promise,
    I'll be,
    The light to your moon
    The air to your loon.
    The words to your rhymes
    The tune to your chimes.
    The warmth to your breeze
    The 'bless you' to your sneeze.
    The honey to your bee
    The tides to your sea.
    The kiss to your zephyr
    The bow to your attire.
    The twi to your light
    The may to your might
    The vision to your sight
    The silence to your night.

    The beans to your coffee
    The sweet to your toffee.
    The velvet to your cake
    The lotus to your lake.
    The brush to your paint
    The yes to your ain't.
    The blow to your wish
    The dressing to your dish.
    The way to your dream
    The cherry to your cream.

    I promise,
    I'll be,
    The smile to your sorrow
    Yesterday, today & tomorrow :)