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  • fathers_child 13w

    Lying in bed
    Staring at the ceiling
    The day he walked into that room
    Hit by an ardour
    By the sight of him
    His hezel eyes;so bright
    Curly hair
    Pink lips;so beckoning
    Crescent moon smile
    Mesmerising voice

    Everyday close yet so far
    Watching his every move from the balcony
    Feeling so raptured
    Secretly admiring his deeds
    My intuition said
    Give love a second chance
    The mind considered it as puppy love
    My heart insisting it ain't ready
    Yet,had fallen head over heels

    Every time he spoke to me
    Time remained frozen still
    All that was left was
    The rhythm oh my heart singing by his
    He was like a blue ocean
    And I standing by the shore
    Wanting to dive in so bad and swim in him
    How I wished we were a perfect match made in heaven
    If only wishes were horses.......

  • fathers_child 14w

    When will you realise your worth
    When will you stop chasing love
    When will you be done with pleasing people
    When will you give yourself time to think about you
    Why does it have to be only them
    You ain't different but unique

    Not everyone will rejoice on your victory
    Spare some time to think about you
    Won't hurt
    You'll have to face the reality in you
    Accept your flaws; no one is perfect
    You'll spot the fake people around you
    Cut them out
    The ones who try to bring you down
    Let them act as motivation
    Your mistakes ;can't take them back learn from them
    Everyday try to be the best version of you
    Cause there ain't gon' be a duplicate of you

  • fathers_child 15w

    God bless anyone who just read this

  • fathers_child 15w

    I have no reasons to love neither will I have reasons to stop loving

  • fathers_child 15w

    Go on hurt me
    Break me all you want
    Make me walk on on broken glasses
    But don't do one thing
    Question my love for you!!!

  • fathers_child 15w

    Don't talk about fully trusting someone yet you don't even trust yourself and decisions sometimes

  • fathers_child 16w

    Sometimes when they hurt you
    Say sorry...
    Just make them feel stupid ©grayce_j24

  • fathers_child 16w

    Crazy Race

    Being only five
    When he left
    Kin saying he's a call away
    Rolled on the ground
    As if demons being cast out
    Believed tears brought everything
    Candies,chocolates,doll houses
    Tears exhausted
    Who to understand her
    Sing her lullabies

    Year after year
    Nothing but his voice
    Dad when?
    World became so cruel
    No one to listen;wipe her tears
    Surrounded by false witnesses
    Dad;brain washed
    Haunted by suicidal thoughts
    Hopes eluded
    Insecurities altering her

    A voice roaring inside
    Cried out hold on
    She knew only her could save her
    Wrote her pain and anger
    At least paper could put up and understand

  • fathers_child 16w

    You broke such an Innocent heart
    Now she has a crush
    But she has philophobia
    She'll never be the same

  • fathers_child 16w

    Be an open book
    But don't let them understand