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  • faulty_puppet 1w

    The Death After Demise

    When someone you love dies, & you're not expecting it, you don't lose them all at once; you lose their pieces over time - the calls & messages stop coming, & the voice fades, the touch disappears, the scent drifts into an unknown plain.

    Gradually, you collect the feelings but don't feel them much. But one day, suddenly a particular memory or emotion erupts that overwhelms you with the realisations that they're gone, forever.

    And then, there's another day, & another memory, another emotion.


  • faulty_puppet 2w

    The Dark Side Of Life. The Side That Either Determines Or Demolishes.

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    Contrast - 1

    So Many Of Us
    Quietly Thinking
    Going Through The Pain
    Stubborn, Unflinching
    A Fight With Life But
    Ain't Retreating
    Day After Day
    Forward Inching
    A Tussle With Responsibilities
    But No One's Quitting
    The Pain Always Increasing
    Slowly Engulfing
    Trying To Manage Time
    Failing, Yet Accommodating
    Thoughts Of Giving Up
    Patiently Sinking
    In The Pocket Book Of Debts
    The Brain's Draining
    Nights Of Soundless Crying And
    Watch My Tears Drying
    Tired Walk To Bed But
    No One's Sleeping
    Tossing From Side To Side
    Quietly Thinking
    A New Day Arrives But
    Story's Repeating
    Everyday A New Pain And
    Little Bit Of Healing
    Muddy Waters Of Negativity
    Carefully Treading
    Constant Plead Of Relief
    Life's Unforgiving
    Bad Days At Work
    Yet Continuing
    Slave To A Countless System
    Anonymously Existing
    Work And Daily Chores
    Duties Fulfilling
    Everyone's Curse Of Life
    Helplessly Listening
    The Time Will Come
    Hopelessly Hoping
    Tiny Glitters Of Joy
    Slowly Drizzling
    Every Now And Then
    Ranting, Complaining
    Between Two Dark Graves We Are
    Robots Breathing
    A Life Within The Life Spent
    Quietly Thinking


  • faulty_puppet 3w

    Whispers In The Dark

    I Have Spoken To You
    Times, When I Didn't Even Want To

    Somehow You Always Found Me
    Even Alone, I Knew You Were Around Me

    Forever It Has Been An Uncanny Banter
    In The Silence, You Gave Me My Answers

    I Searched You In Times Very Rare
    Dark Clouds, Black Nights, You Were Always There

    I Wished For You In Times Very Hard
    And You Listened My Whispers In The Dark

    I Have Asked Countless Questions
    Through Sealed Lips You Read Vulnerable Obsessions

    I Don't Know How Much Of Me Is Fake
    But Real I Am Alone Beside The Lake

    They See Me Laugh, Smile, Keep The Frown Down
    Inside The Merry Walls, The Last Man In His Zombie Town

    Awake I Fight Questions Like A Cancer
    Asleep I'm Buried In The Silence Of Answers

    Time Again Time Has Become So Hard
    Time Again, Protect My Whispers In The Dark


  • faulty_puppet 3w

    Happy 2021

    2020 has gone, leaving most of sad and less of happy to live with.

    Time to start writing your story in the new book of 2021.

    In the beginning of 2021 I wish that...

    1️⃣ You start with all the lessons received in 2020.
    2️⃣ You start were your dreams were stuck and build further.
    3️⃣ You believe in yourself more and less on the naysayers.
    4️⃣ You find the path where you are happy and content.
    5️⃣ You hold on to the force that stops you giving up on your dreams a little stronger.
    6️⃣ You love the loved ones and hold them a little more closer.
    7️⃣ You find your path and run a bit more faster
    8️⃣ You carry a little less of guilt and resentment and carry more of forgiveness and way forward
    9️⃣ You smile a bit more and spread the happiness a bit more further
    You shine a bit more brighter and make your shield a bit more stronger

    Happy and safe 2021


  • faulty_puppet 4w

    At the end of it all, you carry yourself to the other side. All that remains is little fragments of your masks which people remember and choose to love.

    The Prabhashish

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    Ye Zindagi Ki
    Ek Ajeeb Maaya
    Har Rishtein Mein Hain
    Kai Naqaab Ka Saaya
    Naqaab Ke Piche Sab
    Bas Aadha Hi Paaya
    Ankaheen Uljhanon Ki Deewar
    Rishton Me Sabne Banaya

    Thode Jhooth Ke Piche
    Thoda Sach Sabne Chupaya
    Bheed Me Banaavti Hasi Magar
    Takiye Mein Aansu Sabne Bahaya
    Hisaab To Har Us Waqt Ka Hain
    Jab Kisi Ne Kaha Batao Pareshaniyan
    Suna To Sabne Ekaant Mein
    Sunkar Hasi Mein Udaa Diya

    Itne Saalon Mein
    Itna Zaroor Sikha
    Tasalli Ke Lafz Aksar
    Meetha Zehereela
    Har Rishtein Ki Neev Mein
    Naqaab Ka Atrangeen Qissa
    Thoda Shwet Thoda Fareb
    Yahan Har Rishtein Ka Hissa

    Khokhle Waadon Mein
    Maine Jhooth Paaya Hain
    Unke Dogle Iraadon Mein
    Apna Maqsad Paaya Hain
    Naqaab Me Mera Inteqaam To
    Naqaab Se Unki Inteha Hai
    Pheekein Rishton Ke Naam Pe
    Naqaab Ka Kitaab Hi Paaya Hain

    Is Zindagi Ki Ek
    Ajeeb Si Maaya Hain
    Naqaab Ke Bheed Mein
    Kuch Rooh Bhi Paaya Hain
    Kai Naqaabon Se Guzri
    Unki Apni Kahaaniyan Hain
    Ek Duje Ki Adhoori Saadgi Mein
    Har Droh Ko Thoda Bhulaya Hain


  • faulty_puppet 4w

    Sometimes A Canvas Doesn't Need The Colors, The White Say All You Need To Know. All About Love, Hurt, Friends, Love, Tears And Smiles.

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    Coping Mechanism

    Nobody Knows, What I Think
    Dusty Memories, When I Blink
    Scary Nights, Gruesome Things
    Dark Clouds, Painted In Forever Ink
    Sit Here, In Thoughtful Thinking
    The More I Think, The More
    I Am My Own Shrink

    Leaving Me Alone
    Leaving Me Alone
    Leaving Me Alone
    Leaving Me Alone

    Think More With The Shrink
    Talking Less Than I Think
    Hoping For A Sky In Pink
    Hopes Flushed In My Kitchen Sink
    Sit Next To A Can Of Tin
    Counting My Tears And Smiles
    While I Dump Them In The Bin

    Leaving Me Alone
    Leaving Me Alone
    Leaving Me Alone
    Leaving Me Alone

    Sit Here Tossing, My Only Purpose
    My Own Scars, Burn The Surface
    Surrounded By Endless Curses
    Nonsense Verses, All So Worthless
    Jumbled Thoughts, Words So Wordless
    Pain So Constant, It's Now Painless
    My Words Now, Just Mean Hopeless

    Left Me Alone
    Left Me Alone
    Left Me Alone
    Left Me Alone

    Past And Present, See How Merges
    Future Watches, Tied To Crutches
    My Wounds Now Slowly Nurses
    Sit Here Lonely, Bit More Helpless
    Let It Out, All That's Useless
    Useless But, It's So Endless
    In Endless Tears, Drown My Purpose

    Don't Leave Me Alone
    Don't Leave Me Alone
    Don't Leave Me Alone
    Don't Leave Me Alone


  • faulty_puppet 5w

    I never said who you were to me
    Throughout everything you kept your eye on me
    Now that you sleep in peace forever
    I shall be there for all you love just as you have been there for me.

    Rest in peace Abhishek.
    The Brother, The Friend, The Guide, The Savior, The Shoulder, The Fist,

    The Last Keeper

    You And Me, We've Grown Old
    Traded Our Souls
    Buried Too Many Ghosts

    Guided By The Presence Of Another
    This Bond Was Made Forever

    We Have Stories Age Old
    Times Many Some Were Told
    And Some Turned To Ashes Untold

    To One's Darkness Was Torch Another
    Unspoken Pacts Were To Last Forever

    Through A Lifetime To Live And Amend
    With Borrowed Time In A Vessel On Rent
    My Last Keeper, Your Road Comes To An Untimely End

    Sleep Now, Wake Up In World Another
    I Collect Our Shattered Forevers

    Here Comes My Dreaded Cold Night
    Claws Piercing My Weakend Will To Fight
    I Sit Here Listening To My Silent Cries

    To Gift Me New Wounds And Scars
    Tied To A Celler With No Bars

    I Go In Forsaking Everything I Hold
    To Kill Words And Dreams I Foretold
    And Make Room For The New Out Of The Mould

    The New I Know Not If Heaven Or Hell
    The Old Is Painful Stories I Won't Tell

    A New Me Carved By The Ruthless Time
    The Last Puppet Of Once A Happy Pantomime
    My Last Keeper, Slept Forever At Seventeen Past Nine

    You Will Live In This Broken Soul Of Mine
    Sleep Now Brother, For This Is The End Of Your Time

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    The Last Keeper


  • faulty_puppet 6w


    Seekha Tha
    Bachpan Mein
    Fizool Soch
    Teri Chahat Ke
    Aaj Mujhse Door To
    Kal Meri Jeb Mein
    Maidaan Ka Dhool
    Har Khel Ke Anth Mein

    Ghanto Mehnat Ke Baad
    Jeb Mein Thoda Paisa Hai
    Sukoon Ki Saas Le Na Paye
    Zimmedari Puche Kaisa Hai
    Mehlon Ke Deewar Mein
    Lobh Ka Raang Hara Hai
    Ek Waqt Ki Roti Nahi
    Bhook Se Pait Bawla Hai

    Jeb Mein Ho Tu To
    Sab Yahaan Achcha Hai
    Saath Jab Ho Tera
    Zindagi Bhi Rangeela Hai
    Tujhe Paana Hi Bas
    Jeevan Ka Beshumar Dastaan Hai
    Tu Hai To Hai Sab Thik
    Kyunki Naam Tera Paisa Hai

    Mehnat Ka Phal
    Hare Patton Mein Aata Hai
    Chhal Se Kamaya To Bas
    Do Din Ka Mehmaan Hai
    Humne Banaya Tujhe Par
    Hume Tu Chalata Hai
    Jo Lobh Se Chahe To
    Jaan Bhi Tu Hi Leta Hai

    Tu Hi To Hai
    Prabandhak Is Daud Ka
    Maidaan Chahe Koi Bhi
    Par Hai Tere Piche Daudna
    Shiddhat Se Bhage Jo
    Tu Uska Hi Sachcha Hai
    Patli Gali Wale Ka
    Tu Hi To Hai Khaatma

    Seekha Hai
    Jeevan Mein
    Tu Aaye Na Haath
    Bas Pheeke Khwaabon Se
    Khel Hai Yeh Tera
    Khel Ke Qaide Bhi Tere
    Main Hoon Bas Ek Bhaagidaar
    Jeet Ya Haar Hai Teri Marzi Se


  • faulty_puppet 7w

    Do-Hazaar Bees

    Main Baakiyon Se Khaas Hoon
    Baaki Saalon Se Alag
    Main Shuruat Se Anth Tak Ek Raaz Hoon

    Har Koi Har Saal Soochi Banaye
    Koi Kuch Naya Rachaye, Koi Purane Ko Haraye
    Sankalp Har Saal Banaye Magar Aadhe Mein Hi Bhool Jaye

    Kasrat Kar Do Mahine Mein Thak Jaate
    Khud Se Kiye Waadein Bhool Jaate
    Idhar Udhar Ki Bahano Mein Fir Se Bandh Kar Reh Jaate

    Har Saal Thoda Sada Thoda Sunhera Guzre
    Naukri, Shaadi, Pyaar, Parivaar Hai Bas Zindagi Ke Tukde
    Thali Bhar Gham Aur Katore Mein Khushiyaan Padose

    Mera Koi Irada Na Tha Aise Chalne Ka
    Taur-Tarika Soch Raaton-Raat Badalne Ka
    Aur Irada Bilkul Na Tha Aisi Jaanlewa Bimari Laane Ka

    Aandhi Sa Aya, Sardi Khaasi Se Chaya Woh
    Na Kiya Bhed Bhav Na Koi Tulana
    Achanak Dedh Karod Logon Ko Kahi Door Le Gaya Woh

    Bura To Hua Bohot, Shayad Achcha Bhi Thoda
    Laparwah Insaanon Ko Kaabu Mein Laya Thoda
    Ajeeb Hai Yeh Rog, Insaanon Ko Maar Jaanwaron Ko Choda

    Yeh Saal Tha Insaano Ka Pinjde Mein Jeena
    Ek Duje Se Kaha, Ghar Ke Bhitar Hi Rehna
    Raho Sabse Door, Surakshit, Warna Ho Jayega Corona

    Ummeed Hai Insaano Ne Samjha Hain
    Rachnakar Ki Kalpana Ka Woh Mamuli Hissa Hain
    Is Registaan Mein Tu Bas Dhool Ka Tinka Hain

    Shayad Teri Dimaag Ne Ilaaj Dhund Nikala Hain
    Shayad Tu Is Waqt Ko Badalne Ki Koshish Kar Raha Hain
    Ghumle Sara Brahmaand, Aakhir Kudrat Ka Hi To Chamcha Hai


  • faulty_puppet 7w

    Wake Up

    Something Choked Up
    My Heart With Nothing
    It's Been A While I Cried

    Now That I'm Older
    With Each Day, I'm Colder
    Now I, Can See The Pantomime

    Inside, I'm A Loner
    To Myself I'm A Betrayer
    Fighting With Everyone For The Rights And Wrongs Of No One,
    But Nobody Cares

    People, Wake Up
    Own Your Mistakes Up
    Before, Tomorrow Turns To Dust

    If You Don't Wake Up
    The Hopes Get Shred Up
    And, The Future Will Just Die

    While Your, Bodies Get Bigger
    Your Brain Just, Gets Smaller
    Little By Little In The Game Of Life You Give Up And Become,
    A Heartless Player

    Children, Wake Up
    Tell Us, To Shut Up
    Before, We Fill Your Home With Muck

    Take Your Place Here
    Change The Atmosphere
    Care And Love And Protect It For This Is Your One And Only,
    Last Paradise Sphere