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  • fauzia786 13w

    Embrace those hands

    Embrace those hands,
    As tightly as you can.
    Before the sand of the fist,
    Slips off touching your wrist.
    Before the night gets doomed,
    & just the memories left of the blooming moon.

    Embrace those hands with firmity & care,
    Like the diamonds & rubies you simply don't spare.
    Cherish every moment which coming along way,
    Because this will be a dried rose in your diary some day.
    Have a care of their heartfelt happiness & groove,
    Before the nightmare of the depart suddenly comes true.

    Embrace those hands as it's high time to waste,
    & understand the difference between the originals & waste.
    Devote yourself to them in their life span,
    Because it's futile to cry when death spins its deadliest wand.
    Fear of loss still lingers although,
    Yet your conscience will not curse as much as before.

    - Fauzia Afreen

  • fauzia786 18w

    Evening walk with Paa

    Since childhood, till the day,
    Evening walks always remained my bae.
    Or it maybe just a thing to say,
    Because actually it's the companion which matters anyway.

    Winter dusk or summer evening,
    Walks were always more than a mere routine.
    Though it was not just confined to parks,
    But imprinting one's footsteps on road lanes & all landmarks.

    Sometimes to college square swimming pool,
    Sometimes till Rajabazar Science-college.
    Sometimes to narrow lanes of Zakarya Street,
    & sometimes to Maniktalla four-way.
    Sometimes it was pre-planned,
    Yet sometimes it was just a sudden land.

    Our evening walk was a time full of talks,
    Time far away from internet & news article blocks.
    Time to discuss knowledge & deep-thoughts,
    Or even at times to buy morsels from our favourite spot.

    Though things have changed from my childhood to the day,
    An active young man turned into a weak, tired grey.
    Finding up innovative excuses of postpone & delay.
    Yet adding moments to the memory on every Sunday.
    -Fauzia Afreen(F.A.)

  • fauzia786 18w

    The poetries of my own

    The poetries of my own,
    Are the thoughts deeply sown.
    Engraved with different emotions,
    Like stringing thoughts together with complete devotion.
    They too born like a normal living,
    & even die with sufferings.
    Though, some achieves human prominence,
    Yet some receives writer's rejection & ignorance.

    The poetries I own,
    Has the voice of my own.
    The reflection of my life,
    The shades of my day.
    The rage I suffer is embedded in them,
    & the hymns of divinity colors them.
    They break the cages of my silence & dissent,
    & grant me the power to express without repent.

    The poetries of my own,
    Acts as a motivational syndrome.
    Bestow upon me with the pride & self confidence,
    & coaches me to be flawless for my writer-hood's existence.
    They set me a goal; to be future Wordsworth,
    & makes me dream of the academies on my work.
    Though, it just seems like a dream,
    As I literally don't get likes more than fifteen.
    -Fauzia Afreen (F.A.)

  • fauzia786 19w


    A sweet bowl of eternal immortality,
    Served after the course of mortal life.
    The peaceful darkness fills up the atmosphere,
    After the centuries of shrewd penetrating light.
    The stories of Hell & Heaven we eternally listened,
    The time has now come for confirmations to make clear & evident.

    The tired mind, the restive soul,
    Gets consoled by the angel's role.
    They enchant the hymns of divinity and love,
    Preparing oneself for the final meeting up.
    Shrugging off the burdens of good and evil,
    And finally packing off bags from the world full of devils.

    Freedom once fought for,
    Is now served at your door.
    Connecting with the acquaintance souls,
    Who left us way before.
    You rise you shine, up above the world so high,
    Twinkling as stars, like a diamond in the sky.

    But then, at last it all seems mere imagination,
    As no one ever came back after embracing death and evacuation.
    I think; I doubt whether souls really part off,
    Or it's just some battery inside gets powered off.
    Whether there is another world waiting for us?
    Or it's just dark eternal sleep without any fuss.
    Unpredictability and Mystery compels to lick it's taste,
    Yet the word 'forever' changes the decision's fate.
    -Fauzia Afreen (F.A.)

  • fauzia786 26w

    I wish, I was a Lad

    As the age takes a hike,
    & a lassy starts turning into a lady-like.
    A desire starts inculcating inside,
    I wish, I was a lad inspite.

    Both nature & society compel her to think,
    Is it really hard to stay in society as an equal thing?
    Jerks & haults by the society around,
    & ups & down by the nature I was found.
    Why everytime I had to put some extra effort,
    Protecting oneself from the leg-pulling by perverts.

    Automatic suffering popped up every month,
    With pain and stains unrevealed to sons.
    Society set paradigms for her,
    As she had the womb to bear a bairn nurture.

    I wish I was a lad,
    & experience the freedom he had.
    But now, I should return back home with every moon,
    Or else there will be a societal doom.
    Harassment and Bully are just part of life,
    & fear of bad touch is unapologized.
    Permission for a job is still filled with ifs and buts,
    By male of the family, so that we never called as sluts.

    It's futile to wish for a change absolutely,
    It's futile to expect for respect acutely.
    Thus I as a woman, desired from inside,
    I wish I was a lad inspite.
    -Fauzia Afreen

  • fauzia786 27w

    Proudly Beautiful

    Fresh aroma of flowers & fruits,
    Confined into the products I use.
    Makes me believe it's engraved in me,
    Since the beginning of forever till the end of it.

    I brag & boast as if the divinity I host,
    Of all the beauty I adore & the femininity I'm dosed.
    I feel as if the mutation has occured,
    From being a trivial human to the goddess of Greek level.(Aphrodite)

    My fairly glowing skin & cherry red lips,
    Every strand of my hair & perfectly curved hips.
    The fusion of divinity & modesty is in mess,
    Doesn't really set the paradigm for the beauty God Blessed?

    But then gradually fatal-ness seems occur,
    Dimming the light of beauty, which once concurred.
    Every inch of the dusty clay in the body screamed out,
    'Born from the clay & should return back to grow sprouts'.
    - Fauzia Afreen (F.A.)

  • fauzia786 27w

    A Lonely Restless Soul

    The day passes by being strong,
    Covering scars of the stinging thorns.
    Cloaking oneself into that clingy smile,
    Hiding the storm, bearing by the soul deep inside.
    Smashing off the softer side,
    & presenting one, the hardest rock.

    Yet many moons later an evening arrives,
    As if an eternity have passed already.
    Once again making one weak, falling in love.
    Spurring into insanity & releasing all pain.
    Introducing to the colors of love & crackers of joy,
    But this time one knows' its once again'.

    An untamed forces releases it's venom,
    Imprisoning into it's web, enslaving like phenom.
    Shoving into a vortex of lost & confusion.
    A sense of pleasure creeps in, enmeshing into it's web.
    Giving hope & delightful aura.
    Yet somewhere in some corner of the heart,
    Fear of history repeating itself once again, resides.
    -Fauzia Afreen