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  • favouritemistake 1w

    Coat of many colours that society made me wear just to avoid others laughing and making fun of me I had to wear this coat of many colours. 
    Did I tell you it’s a camouflage and its meant so I could fit in into this party called life?.
    I dance very well too and I didn’t learn that all by myself. It took some cold lonely nights where I’m all alone and I needed someone to hear me, someone to listen someone that could actually dance in my quiet... sometimes it gets cold and I find no one to hold so I learned to dance to the gallery in my alone time studied some books from society’s journal.
     I learned in order to feel less lonely I have welcome the idea of if you can't beat them, do yourself some good and join them
    You might get jealous seeing me in my coat of many colours 
    Or you can get annoyed I don't care!
    I don't care because when I was on my normal outfits no one gave my more than a single stare 
    I’ve made it beautiful and it fits perfectly for all occasions its has colours of lies mixed with smiles
    Depression with a touch of false/good impression
    You won’t notice the colour devil because its mixed pretty much to marvel
    You can’t tell easily that I’m imperfect and that like humans the colour on my face sometimes gets blue because my social media shows success and that I blossom too
    I think my coat of many colours has opened many doors but the more I turn up, meet new people the more I realize it's will be hard to get rid of this coat. 
    I'll have said you should help me with something different but like me seems everyone wear some beautiful coat of many colours 


  • favouritemistake 2w

    She wasn't like every other girl
    I could tell in her eyes that she's battling between what she wants and what pleases her maker 
    She holds me with her left hand and draws her bible tightly into her right arms 
    She has a way of making the earth seems like the heavens I mean her mind is like that of an experienced old lady and her smile like a naive 3 year old kid.
    Its her narrative of letting me go and somehow drawing me close that still makes me think of her 
    All I'm saying is I think she's and angel and I'm falling for her in ways beyond my control. 

    But like everyone I'm scared of falling and with no assurance she'll get to be mine my mind keeps yelling 'protect your peace brother'

  • favouritemistake 2w

    I think it's okay to doubt
    To doubt your next move
    To wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what the future brings
    What's most intriguing is the idea that everything will work
    And that's independent on how much of how you think it wouldn't work

  • favouritemistake 3w

    We all crave true deep love
    But we live in a society that seldom offers it
    So I learned not to judge when people don't trust
    When they hide how they feel from the world and run away from love thinking it's drama
    When they try to act with their head rather than their hearts
    But what's most interesting is finding someone who says I like you and they truly mean it. Saying it with confidence with no shred of security but total genuineness
    That alone is way more important than most I love you(s)

  • favouritemistake 4w

    Internal Wars

    Heart: Youre just gonna give up?
    Me: On personal non grata I'm out of options
    Heart: I'm looking for the table with that lion called......... I once knew
    I Mean you've always told everyone to fight.
    Think outside the box
    Heart: Thats what I've been doing ... I can't keep fight the same battle that I'm losing I just have to move on.
    Heart: Listen you are the one guy I know that pulls hail marys out of nowhere and guys like you they don't just think outside the box they create their own box if necessary and they think outside that one too

  • favouritemistake 4w

    Settling down.. being an Angel is all exhausting
    I burn down every good thing that has ever happened to me
    That's who I am
    I'm sorry I led you to believe that even for a second that I have changed
    And here.. here is my apology that however hard I try I won't stop being human

  • favouritemistake 5w

    Sometimes the unexpected detour has the best view because you'll never know what's around the corner

  • favouritemistake 6w

    If the world was watching
    would you still dance with me?
    Because if the world is watching
    I'd gladly dance with you

  • favouritemistake 6w

    le succès lent construit le caractère
    le succès rapide construit l'ego

  • favouritemistake 7w

    I will love you like you own every bit of my heart and
    Enflame your body intensely like I'm dying tomorrow