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  • fearisreal4us 2d

    Never ask are you worthy enough ❤

    Remember when you were all sad and asked me am I that bad?

    And I explained all the good things about you.
    I know you feel like it now and then,
    But don't worry I got you doll.

    I agree we are not perfect,
    And there are problems
    But don't ever think that you are not enough,
    You are everything one can ever wish for.
    And those who don't realize this,
    Are the one in Loss.

    I have seen life without you,
    Even for some hours,
    And I can tell you.
    It ain't pretty.

    I don't want to live in the world,
    Where you are not mine.

    The real question is not
    Are you worthy?

    Is the world worthy enough for you.

    Yes you are that special❤

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

    #love #worth #quotes #us #me #infinity

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    E N O U G H

    Nobody is worthy enough,
    Nobody is perfect enough,
    Nobody will care enough,
    Nobody will smile enough,

    But will it stop you from living?
    Will it stop you from breathing?

    It will find a way,
    As love will always love you enough.


  • fearisreal4us 3w


    What is peace to someone ,
    Who never saw war?

    I see people drowning
    in themselves
    and call it pride.
    What is pride to someone,
    Who never saw hopeless?

    I see people play trick of eyes
    and call it love
    at first sight.
    What is love to someone,
    Who never faced ignorance?

    I see people loosing hope
    and die in regret.
    What is death to someone,
    Who never felt life?

    I see darkness on all sides,
    I feel my skin crawling with diseases,

    I see world engulfing in disasters,
    I see catastrophic events ,

    I see us failing this nature.

    What is existence to someone,
    Who never felt touch of divinity?

    And in all this Chaos
    I see some people
    smiling, fighting and creating heaven.

    And the most important question.

    What is darkness to someone,
    Who only wants to see the light?

    © fearisreal4us



    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

    #republic #constitution #india #jaihind

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    W A R

    What is peace to someone
    Who never saw war?

  • fearisreal4us 4w

    S E E K

    When one seeks himself,
    He seeks the world.
    And when he seeks the world,
    He often forget himself.


  • fearisreal4us 10w

    S C A R E D

    It's good to be scared sometimes,
    It shows how much you care;
    how much you love.

    After all love is little
    amount of happiness
    between constant torture.

    It's like drinking
    gallons of poison,
    just to taste
    that one drop of elixir.


  • fearisreal4us 13w


    आपके प्यार को हम
    अपना आशियाना बना बैठे,

    कुछ पल के लिए ही सही
    खुस तो थे हम,
    अब तो बस दर्द को ही अपना
    ठिकाना बना बैठे।


  • fearisreal4us 17w

    L O V E
    S T O R Y

    I Prefer to
    Tell people about
    My love
    Than my
    Love story,
    My love
    Story has no


  • fearisreal4us 17w

    Bahut aayi gayi yaaden,
    Magar is Baar tumhi aana.

    Today was a difficult day for you,
    I wish us to be together,
    Whatever this life makes us do,
    I promise you'll never be alone ❤


    These silent chaos
    heard through words,
    The broken verses
    With emotional surge.

    The legend the myths,
    Texts and GIFs,
    Let me tell you a story,
    Of my caffeine sips.

    The girl her voice,
    An adorable face,
    She a dream,
    An unending maze.

    These uneven pieces
    Clatter on glass,
    When time freezes,
    Between her melodic jazzes.

    The girl her lips,
    And the kisses she gives,
    She a singer,
    The lullaby she sings.

    These imaginative rhymes,
    Air on wind chimes,
    The melancholic sound,
    Shook the ground.

    The girl her lashes,
    Her smile
    and intense gazes,
    She an ocean,
    Her tears
    drowned me for ages.

    Those unsung songs,
    The saperation too long.
    Come to me,
    My sight.
    Without you,
    Even daylights are not so bright.


    #love #poetry #life #poem #pod #love #life #poetry #thoughts #friendship #diary #inspiration

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    A N A S T A S I A

    Those unsung songs,
    The saperation too long.
    Come to me, my sight
    Without you,
    Even the daylights
    are not so bright.


  • fearisreal4us 18w

    S T O R M

    were the
    perfect storm,
    Had the capability
    to erase me out
    of existence,

    But you choose
    to love me instead.


  • fearisreal4us 20w

    B U R N

    Let my love for you burn,
    Coz fire makes everything pure.


  • fearisreal4us 20w

    S T O R I E S

    In every falling tide,
    There's a story
    worth telling.

    You are not alone;
    my friend,
    Everyone here
    is faking.

    So many fantasies
    worth living,
    As no one wants
    to reveal.

    So many faces
    worth reading,
    As no one wants
    to see.

    Hidden behind
    those beautiful faces,
    A dark secret
    worth hiding,

    A story made of dreams,
    A fiction worth selling.

    In every dimming moonlight,
    There's a love
    fading deep.

    If I ever loose myself,
    Will you be able
    to put me to sleep?

    In every love story,
    There is a risk
    worth taking.

    If I ever forget myself,
    Will you be able
    to stop me,

    From being the monster
    of my own making?