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  • fearsotherside 6h

    Energy Update; Aries Full Moon

    This Full Moon in Aries, October 1st, is going to be an eye opener. Full Moons are a time when things come to light. Your manifestations from the new moon begin to show & yet this one is going to be highlighting some of your Chiron "the Wounded healer" aspects.

    Time to get the pen & paper out. Because my previous post talks of just what is coming up to heal. I have had these things highlighted over the past month, it has been eye-opening, to how far I have come & how much my actions are a ripple effect on my life.

    If I had not looked at things as a student, I'm pretty sure I would have chucked out the last 4years of healing. Once you get away with something once it becomes easier & easier. Yet I have grown & became aware very fast my old ways are dead & buried. They don't work anymore. I have found my compass, I can no longer go against it.

    So question yourself. Why something isn't working. Why you feel a certain way. You'll start to notice things aren't happening by accident. People don't come into your life for no reason. People aren't in your life for no reason. Even those that are to stay come with something to Learn from...about yourself. I have picked up on the people I attract at different times. If I didn't learn from one person of that energy, the next will come in, even if I hadn't been around many people if I need to learn a lesson from Aries, Aries comes in. At the moment it's Cancer people. It is unbelievable. My point though, we are here to learn from eachother. Life has all the emotions, but when we start learning from eachother, no matter the lesson, there is certainly less anger, blame & fear.

    Being highlighted:

    1. Your sense of self
    2. Ego
    3. Ideas
    4. Ideals

    Give because you want to, not for something in return. Respect your boundries. Write down your ideas. Picture your ideals. And say yes to anything you've asked for. It is on the way. Don't ignore it. Trust the Process. Things are happening for you, not to you. Sending love, strength & protection. Hope that any lessons may be as painless as possible, accept them & be grateful, they are happening for something better.

  • fearsotherside 11h

    Navigating To True You

    Little did you know
    You are somebody
    You can do what you want
    You dont "have to" do anything
    There's always another way
    You are the creator
    You do get to choose
    You can do anything
    You can be anyone

    Let go of others opinions
    Let go of the outcome
    Let go of the pain
    Let go of the past

    All emotions are human
    Feel them

    Ask why
    Let go of the why

    Any low emotions about others back to what you can change in yourself. It leads to the guilt, shame & doubt about yourself, the parts of you you need to heal. So if you find yourself blaming others, what about them are you allowing yourself to experience? If you are jealous of others, what about you don't you love or believe in. If you are noticing what others have said or done has impacted you. What part of you feels that shame, lack of self worth or direction. Always bring it back to you. Once you see it in you, you begin to heal it in you, awareness is the first step. Forgiveness to yourself & then you can forgive another if they have hurt you.

  • fearsotherside 13h

    Stop Here

    Not the words, but feeling left behind,
    Were they angry or being kind?
    Were you coming from your heart?
    Or your Deepest darkest part?
    The darkness where you reside,
    The Fear inside, where you hide.
    Are you loving yourself, wanting to empower?
    I am learning the answer is "no" by the hour.
    If you don't get people doing as you say,
    All hell breaks lose, in a fractured mind kind of way.
    Your words tones say "must abide."
    The number of times, you even cried.
    Now I can see your dark in me,
    Something I'd rather not see.
    No longer can I block it out,
    In my mind, I hear you shout.
    "Do what you want" sounds like something kind,
    A different meaning comes with, you'll find...
    With "You" at the begginning & "Then" at the end,
    Over backwards, make us bend.
    Saying it with anger & saddness like one last attempt.
    Yet another form of passing on blame,
    Another day when I can't stop feeling the guilt, shame.
    Everytime I do something for me,
    You have made it about guilt, misery.
    Sometimes I just can't move at all,
    I just want to feel empowered & stand tall.

  • fearsotherside 1d

    Energy Update;Balancing Act

    It's the last day of Equinox & Virgo/Libra Cusp energy & two days untill Saturn goes station in Capricorn. Many light workers born between the 22nd & 27th of September, our cuspers, have been "doing the work".

    Virgo; The hermit that shines his own light, has pushed for many to go inwards. Libra coming in with the scales, Justice in tarot. bringing in balancing energy. Both representing the Empress & Venus, that Venusian Divine Feminine vibe. Venus is in firey Leo. Fire, lighting up any wounds for her to rise some more.

    Root Chakra & Sacral work is highly recommended right now. Mine were completely closed yesterday, before I did some healing myself for the first time in a while. The Root Chakra is our foundation, we need to build our house on solid ground & not lose sand. Nature is good for this & Dancing for the sacrel. Red & yellow fresh fruit & veg, art & bedding are all good for this.

    Divine masculine (The Emperor) Mars in Aries, in retrograde, is quashing that masculine energy in us all that is no longer needed. The initial shift into retrograde was a real shake up, it almost heightened that Aries energy for me, like I had 5 red bulls. I believe this was to highlight any masculine energy that needed to go.

    Saturn's rumble out of the last two days of retrograde is feeling alright. Saturn is the Devil card in Tarot. This is the balance of dark & light & karma. I feel it was working with the energy of the Equinox & coming into Libra Season. Now Equinox is fading out & we have balanced out by going inwards, the energy feels more balanced. (I say taking a big sigh of relief)

    Feminine energy has been in a heal & rising to be reborn & aspects of Masculine energy have been dying to be reborn.

  • fearsotherside 2d

    Virbra Revamped

    There's a Virgo/Libra cusp energy at the moment, both ruled by Venus, a very Venusian vibe with Empress (divine feminine) energy too. Virgo, the hermit & Libra, Justice. This energy goes until the 27th. So for those born 22nd-27th of September the energy will be heightend, our light workers. Learning this has helped me tie it all together in a sense.

    I have been in hermit mode, heading out in the morning & just worn out by early afternoon. I am reminding myself to trust my body, my intuition & anxiety are confused at the moment though.

    Justice is about the balance of the scales. So there could be last bits of Karma being tied up, magnified by Saturns last days of retrograde. With eqinox energy + Justice of Libra + Saturn in its home Capricorn, representing the Devil, also about balance, there's definately an energy of balance, balance, balance.

    With Virgo energy, the more I attempt to fight it the more I seem to be put in a place of self reflection. The hermit shines his own light to follow. It's about the balance & glow up from within. I need this reminder, maybe you do too. I keep wanting to rush the process. But you just can't.

    The main balancing of energy? I believe simultaneously feminine energy is rising & being reborn as the masculine energy is dying, to be reborn. This is not representative of "women" & "men" though in some cases you may see this. It is energetic & within.

    I have researched a little about the relationship of men & women & they're relationships though. The uniqueness of men & women. How it's not a competition of how independent we all are, as we are 'interdependent'. There needs to be a certain appreciation for men & the things men can do & women & the things women can do. Appreciation for differences. It's something that has opened my eyes to seeing how I, personally, need to make space for a man to feel of value in my life. I need to stop being so damn masculine & independent. This is challenging!

    I have also been having the value of wanting to look good for me come up, really its about feelig good anyway & whats inside. So my beauty routine falls by the way side at times, a lot of the time I can't be fucked to be honest. It's talking myself round to wanting to be more diligent & in a routine for the love of me.

  • fearsotherside 2d


    I don't know a lot about it, but there's a Virgo/Libra cusp energy at the moment, both ruled by Venus, a very Venusian vibe with Empress (divine feminine) energy too. Virgo, the hermit & Libra, Justice. This energy goes until the 27th. So for those born 22nd-27th of September the energy will be heightend. Learning this has helped me tie it all together in a sense.

    To go hermit mode while justice plays out, for the feminine energy is rising, being reborn as the masculine energy is dying, to be reborn.

  • fearsotherside 3d

    Energy Update;
    Equinox+Libra Season Vibe, Lost for Words

    So we are still in the middle I feel, in the middle of balancing what's within. I asked myself why controversial things were coming up at this time for me. Things external to me. I feel deeply about many things on a soul level, but these things I have the feeling about, but the words seem wrong. The words I'd usually use. For me to write about it, which I want to, there are so many ways for things to be read or interpreted. I realised the controversial topics coming up, about equality of men & women are coming up because that energy is a very big focus within me, the battle of the week. Of course our external world is our mirror.

    When I am healing my perception changes after I have looked at something from many angles. Sometimes each angle changes my perception, well of course, but my understanding & belief. Wow this is a mighty unravelling, it is struggling to spill onto the page today, the strangest thing. It's all up there, as if I have been put into complete shut down. My crown is actually tingling though.

  • fearsotherside 3d

    Lend me your Mind?

    Would you be so kind,
    To allow me inside your mind?
    I want to know if it has the same chatter,
    If it views every single angle and possiblity of a concept, even outcomes that don't matter?
    Do you feel at peace when the world is in unrest?
    Do you just feel tired though you try your best?
    Can you trust the ones that have caused you pain?
    Even if you can, do you fear them doing it again?
    Does it play on your intuition, when you sense them on repeat,
    Does it put your judgement, in a sense of defeat?

  • fearsotherside 5d

    Energy Update;Truth is Freedom

    I really feel called to give a sum up of the energy at the moment. Yet I am so tired, due to the consecutive ego deaths I'm experiencing. My opinion on some posts I made has changed, like the word equality, I had to take it down. I will talk about it at a later date, but this is one example.

    I'm waking up with a strong emotion & being put right back in a place of the past, where I was hurt or pushing words & Feelings down. Last night 3 seperate times I woke gasping for air & then struck with anger, the next two, with saddness. It shows how much work we are doing on an unconcious level too. I'm feeling through them, fast. So many cycles closing out. I feel it in my body. I am reminding myself to be grateful, even for pain, it's how we grow.

    We are really purging & rapidly shedding from the lower chakras, lower timelines, lower beliefs. All the processing is the ego shedding. Every time my heart opens a little more, back down to the root chakra & the next thing comes up to be processed, released, integrated.

    Energy is rising.

    That is why we are getting bouts of saddness, anger, feeling sick, oh & fatigue, then bursts of energy & clarity. As the heart opens its hurts doesn't it. It's this indescribable double edged sword to freedom. We are freeing our minds, our hearts, our souls. Untill we know nothing. Releasing the rules. The sword is truth. Truth to ourselves. My upper Chakras are clear, showing myself truth, about myself, about the world. This is internal. Truth is pain. Truth is freedom.


  • fearsotherside 5d

    Why Why Why

    I think I'm purging
    How that question drove me deeper into the depths of the dark
    I was already asking myself
    I don't need to have this conversation
    I don't need to explain
    You asking me why
    Is bringing me pain
    Enhancing my doubt
    Stripping away the last shred of belief in me
    Don't you see
    I am the one that got me here
    I am the one that has my back
    Ask me why again
    I see the tables turning
    I don't wish it on anyone
    I am just observing
    Dont be the straw
    That broke this camels back
    Focus on you
    Ask yourself Why
    You don't ask why for an answer
    You ask why to change my mind