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  • fefeee 10w

    Lovely flower

    Open up to the warmth of the sun
    And do not hold back
    Let your flaws flow perfectly
    In their uniqueness
    Just love and laugh
    Nothing is ever soo serious

    Enjoy the season
    Enjoy the weather
    Enjoy the nature

    Before getting plucked,
    Lovely flower.


  • fefeee 10w

    Shutttered glass

    This pain cuts through my heart soo sharply
    Like a dagger to the soul.
    As i walk through the shuttered glasses
    My feet bleed and my body numb.
    I must be too invisible to be invicible
    Left with no other other choice but to accept the truce .
    I am indebted to redemption.
    I guess we are not all ment to be saved

    Yet like Alice in wonderland :
    Am trying to make it by,
    On time for the tea party ,
    Yes! In this time;
    That potrays itself as an illusion
    In a metaphoric life ;
    Only to trap you in it's silence and sadness
    Yet they still claim ;
    Happiness is a choice .
    But then again ;
    Choices are paradoxical .

    So once again as i walk through the shuttered glass ,
    Like a fire cooled down into ashes ,
    I have nothing to hold onto as mine ,
    Only memories that once were;A part of me.
    They told me this riddled lies
    And now am caught up in a puzzle
    Of this lonliness .
    Trying to re-collect
    My shuttered glass.


  • fefeee 14w

    If you must go
    Leave me a kiss and a pen
    A kiss to keep me warm
    And a pen to write to you
    My adventures......
    As I await for your return.