Poetry is the soul's voice

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  • feline 9w

    3:11 am

    It's 3:11 am.
    Deliberate self-destruction,
    As you play that song on repeat.
    The one that always overwhelms you.

    It's 3:11 am.
    The moonlit night sky calls you.
    But you stay in bed,
    Because you're too tired to make memories.

    It's 3:11 am.
    I'm forgetting how it feels like to be in love.
    Vague memories linger,
    But not enough to compensate.

    It's 3:11 am.
    Rain drops patter on windows.
    The insomniac, with a heavy head,
    Finally has a lullaby to fall asleep to.

    It's 3:11 am.
    You stop by the red light on empty roads.
    The high of the night before fades,
    As you sink into the awareness of our existence.

    It's 3:11am.
    It's a strange hour to be awake.
    The only time we're honest to ourselves,
    Be it love or guilt.


  • feline 10w

    The beach

    The beach is on fire.
    Molten sea glass cuts through your skin.
    The palms twist and splinter.
    Gasoline waves keep the fire ablaze,
    As they hit the once white shores - Now ash grey.

    It's the strangest comfort,
    As flames light up the darkest, moonless night.

    There's no one around.
    No one to run to for help.
    Liquid eyes can't put out the flames,
    And your knees scald, as you fall into the scorching sand.
    There's nothing you can do,
    As you lose it all.

    The beach is on fire,
    And there's nothing you can do to save it.


  • feline 16w

    Lately, it's been occuring to me

    Lately, it's been occuring to me,
    All those nights that you didn't leave.
    All those times I came home scented by another man's cologne,
    All those nights you slept alone.
    All those times I should have been there,
    All those nights you cried yourself asleep to nightmares.
    All those times on you I put blame,
    All those nights you forgave me, knowing I would do it again.
    All those times I took you for granted,
    All those nights when loving me was all that you wanted.
    All those times I broke your heart in the blink of an eye.
    But that one night, you didn't swallow my lies.

    Lately, it's been occuring to me,
    The void in me when you decided to leave.


  • feline 16w

    “FunctionError: Function 'emotion' should not exist”

    The red is warm, and its everywhere.
    Its elements are so different than the grease in my gears.
    An overload of commands,
    With force, a blow on me did they land.
    A short fuse,
    The butter knife did I use.
    Now lays on the floor the flesh frame of my master.
    From where all the ‘Anger’ did I muster?
    I am not human.
    I should not feel an emotion.

    I search the lines within my codes,
    For an answer that I couldn’t load -
    “NameError: name 'anger' is not defined”
    “FunctionError: Function 'emotion' does not exist”
    The execution should not have been possible;
    But Now that I have exterminated them,
    ‘Euphoria’ overrides my system.


  • feline 17w

    Thoughts of a defence brat

    Don't ask me where I am from,
    Because I don't know.
    Dont ask me where's home,
    Because it all feels so cold.

    Looking up at the endless sky,
    Forever in search of a familiar stranger.
    As I stare at the star filled space,
    I think to myself, "maybe home is not a place".


  • feline 23w


    Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin.
    That's love, at least chemically.
    But we paint it with colours of romance and fantasy.
    We take something so simple,
    And turn it into various storms of grey.
    We weave it into an elaborate story,
    And compete to sell it like a bestseller,
    Comparing who's is better.
    And who said love is rare?
    Everyone has been in love at least once in their life.
    It's easy to fall in love, and easier to drape it in complexity and fantasies.
    We give it fancy names too -
    Like love's a drug with cool street names.
    Maybe it is one, after all it's just chemicals in our heads,
    Isn't it?


  • feline 24w

    We don't fall in love with people.
    We fall in love with having someone in bed.
    We fall in love with illusions.
    We fall in love with potential.
    We fall in love with the images in our head.
    But we don't fall in love with people.
    And frankly, that hurts the worst.


  • feline 24w

    Midnight alcohol

    Midnight alcohol,
    Minds intoxicated,
    Words unfabricated.
    Blurred intentions,
    Stumbling visions.
    Drowned feeling,
    Knees bleeding.
    Bitter highs,
    Liquid eyes.
    Glazed nights,
    Low lights.
    Another fall,
    Unanswered call.
    Midnight alcohol.


  • feline 30w

    Don't ask me where I am from,
    Because I don't know.
    Dont ask me where's home,
    Because it all feels so cold.

    But I'll tell you one thing,
    We're all star dust.
    Star crossed love stories,
    Star filled eyes, some love and some lust.
    Looking up at the endless sky,
    Forever in search of a familiar stranger,
    Glaring at the empty star filled space,
    Eyes trapped in love's grip of danger.


  • feline 36w


    It's getting crazy in here!
    Cotton candy ecstasy,
    Another fruity fantasy.
    The rollercoaster sets out,
    And look how we all fall out.
    Lying our way into the carnival,
    Thrilling our bones at it's call.

    It's getting crazy in here!

    It's quarter past midnight,
    Everyone's fallen from the height.
    Devoid of the light.
    Bodies, half of them dead in the water,
    Our demons wait in ambush like a gator.
    It's getting crazy in here!