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  • ferian 4w


    I remember that scorching summer sun's heat;
    that purloines those golden days with diamond drops
    The drops that dribbled down the dwindling flakes one day...
    The drops that left the icefields one day...
    Just to fill the ocean of life
    But the ruthless heat took them away
    Leaving behind the parched desert...
    Still, when it rains, the memories rain;
    Bringing back the one's we lost...

  • ferian 6w


    I remember being a little girl.. i was into magic, pixies...i had a belief in “humanity”.....i thought this world is free of betrayal and secured with fidelity...
    But,When i stepped out of my zone...
    I came to know “die real welt” is enveloped with tears....,falony
    And what not...seeing all the misery
    I sensed pixies turning into evil witches..and the humanity being

    In the kingdom of little sprites I lived in " Harmony "
    Where air carried vibes of elation
    I remember me, rolling down with fragrant grasses of that hill slope
    I can smell that bliss of those salad days as they withered away...
    now, I see "Humanity" nowhere
    but in the faeries...
    It's why I often lose myself in meadows of 'Neverland'
    Just to chuck this world of " Weltschmerz"

    - Ferian & leen

  • ferian 8w

    Burning abode

    On a smoky evening with burning air

    The twilight died out in a Vermillion glare

    and a lil joey peeping through mama's hair

    His prickled up ears, shrunken in his sack

    Soon falls an ablaze eucalyptus with a thwack!

    His mom couldn't survive the torpido's attack

    Secluded he was left by the nature's inferno

    To ashes fell his home in a single blow

    It's a tale of billions who lost their abode

    Now the choppers roam to quench the wild fire

    The camp fire could have been doused
    When it was so mild...

  • ferian 9w


    I'm fond of finding the scarlet, scarce moments
    When the two heavens kiss each other, spreading warm vibes
    It feels like the humongous mountains mould love
    with the chroma of lavender and geoluhread
    and the aroma of earth's pheromones.
    The nature's orchestra plays euphonious sounds
    making the leaflets dance in gentle breezes
    The shimmering waters reflecting the placid sight
    Those cheerful moments kill my melancholies

  • ferian 10w

    Graves in the cradles

    In the flawed forest, coops lie next to brood;
    to incarcerate the inborn aptitude.
    Curtains fall before the candid sights
    to obsecure from ye, the vivifying lights.
    The ripened fruits fall from lofty trees,
    Ruthless bears scramble over the hive to maim the poor bees.
    I see the abodes fall to grounds;
    I see the chicks being slayed by the brutish hounds.
    I live in a land where our shoulders bear saddles,
    I'm from a place where we rock GRAVES IN THE CRADLES

  • ferian 12w

    Kashmir (our mutilated motherland)

    In the heart of humongous mountains breathed humanity,
    Where a mother embraced her child in serendipity.
    Where the florets flowered in felicity,
    Whose essence enraptured in ecstasy.
    Where the lads lived in integrity,
    Where the creatures creaked with credibility.
    Ah! the detrimental destiny...
    Soon emerge the clouds of calamity,
    Bringing ruinous rains ruthlessly.
    Now, the barbarians hunt with brutality;
    the little children and their dexterity.
    Now the snowdrop scribbled with severity;
    the traitors build up tyranny.
    Now the crows caw in captivity
    and the bees wane in vanity...

    But after every dark night lies luminosity
    The opressor will pay pay for every owing atrocity

  • ferian 14w


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    Remorseless racism

    The world would've been a better place to fly
    If and only if closed minds would've come with closed mouths
    and hateless hearts were nourished with the amiable thoughts
    God created everything with its other side dark
    Be it the day and the nights you mark
    If the days light up earth, nights reveal heavens
    In the shades of dark enveloped lie ravens

    And then arrive the mighty eagles and vultures
    Who shatter the crow's Kingdom and cultures
    They are born with the instincts of knowing
    Whom to present a feather and whom to shit on
    Crows always keep cursing themselves full on
    So do our negros off and on

    A Cognate kind of colorful creatures
    Bearing crowds of manifold features
    Where the jobs come to fruition of those who are fair
    and the dark ones suffer with the outcomes unfair.
    The arrogant lit faces persecute dull ones
    For the traits they have and the skin complexions.
    Blacks curse for being more likely to be arrested
    Although innocent, neither hopes are build up nor trusted
    Hahaha, you not of our kind now and then
    You negroid, don't mess up, back to your den
    I wish more and more people were fluent in silence
    Um sarcastic? If u knew what I don't say once
    Hey you caucasian! They bleed like you and me
    For god's sake just stop being like an arrogant bee
    Blacks are people like you and me
    With sentiments and prayers for being free
    The racists shine by carrying out deeds flagrant.
    The light on the face never lights one's temperament.
    Racism is not inherited but the thing we acquire
    It is a menace giving on to a quagmire.
    dark until it seems to exhibit merely the evil side
    The eclipse will not end and it will obscure the light
    Blacks forever remain oblivious to their future
    Lost to the past and enduring the caucasian torture
    In all chaotic beauty lies a wounded work of art
    Beautiful but torn, wreaking havoc on my heart
    Camouflaged by insecurities, blinded by it all
    Blacks watch you sit there and you barely notice them at all .


  • ferian 15w

    Love, when done unconditionally and unboundedly is able to create miracles

  • ferian 16w


    Lost between loving you or letting you go,
    I'd blame time for not showing me which way to go,
    evanescent euphoria of the narcissistic wine;
    Perplexed I laid, outstripped by time.
    It heals you! someone enlightened;
    And, it's a nightmare that leaves you frightened.
    Dismaying looked the hurdles I came across,
    But the rocks shatter with the roots of tiny grass.
    Little I knew, time wasn't it, I had to blame,
    But me, for all those lessons, I thought were in vain,
    Or all those scars time wiped off,
    As I thought, It would mend my broken heart,
    'Cause I should have known just a potion it was,
    But not death that would cure-all.
    Look at the dead stars! Still shining;
    It's time that let's people keep divining...

  • ferian 17w

    I've seen the heavens chase each other,
    I've seen one's blinding lights fade from the bosom of other.

    From the mornings with the chorus of chanting birds,
    I've heard the jingles of joy.
    We loved to watch the glimpse of scarful moon piercing through the delicate
    night clouds.
    I remember the strangeness in the voices of a vailing cuckoo echoing in the dumb white world.
    The excitemet brought by a frozen crystal on striking the young cheeks still wonders in the nostalgic valleys.
    I've seen the mountains crash with the loads I expected them to bare.
    People came and went away but the warmth is still there to embrace them,
    I hold an abode in me for the lonely travellers and I keep renovating for them my abandoned chambers

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    'Abandoned chambers'