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  • feridy 2d

    I hope you stay here,
    when I rise from my ashes;
    that you can still love my scars.
    I hope your love resists the storm who I am.

  • feridy 4d

    I have a coffee with my nostalgia,
    I write a letter to my fears
    and shelter in the rain;
    they are the best company of my days without you.


  • feridy 7w

    I write to free my soul,
    I write to say what I hide,
    I write to dominate my demons.

  • feridy 11w

    Cancerian soul

    Her soul flooded with sensitivity;
    She always wears a smile and love for everyone.
    Able to heal even if she's broken.

  • feridy 12w

    Life is not measured by the years amassed;
    it is measure by lessons learned.
    it is not found in the wrinkles of the faces;
    if in the scars of souls.

    Life is not measured in what you have;
    if not in the things you lose it and still keep going.
    It is not in the obstacles;
    If not in the courage to giving up.

  • feridy 14w

    You follow the wrong people;
    the best way to live is to become a follower of yourself.

  • feridy 14w

    Espero que entiendas que es el fin,
    no se puede sostener el agua entre los dedos,
    Porque la libertad se escurrira a fuerza por ellos.
    No puedo sostener prisionero a tu amor
    cuando tus pupilas reclaman su libertad.

  • feridy 21w

    I choose continue, because there is nothing for me by your side.

  • feridy 22w

    Sometimes there is light in the dark, you just have to find it.
    In solitude there is not always emptiness, you just have to learn to listen to yourself.

  • feridy 22w

    I'm not broke, just tired of carrying the pieces of others that no longer belong to me