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  • fierce_scorpio 9w

    Walk away

    If they do it once, they would do it again. People are incapable of change.
    Walk away.NOW

  • fierce_scorpio 11w

    People come into our lives at various times and often become the enemy we didnt ask for or the guardian angel you never knew.

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    Something good

    You are the 'something good' in my life when everything else is going inside the shredder

  • fierce_scorpio 15w


    The moment you know you are headed for the trainwreck of the decade and you close your eyes for just a moment of prayer,
    For another chance to live again.
    For another chance to love again.
    For another chance to feel again.

  • fierce_scorpio 16w

    I wish my glasses would help me see through people clearly rather than just things.

  • fierce_scorpio 17w


    There are some days where you can't wait to conquer the world.
    And there are others where you need help to get out of bed.

    Adulting is so hard.
    Being a child was so easy!

  • fierce_scorpio 18w

    Growing, never learning.

    How many times will you fall to finally stand up on your own?
    How many times will you succumb to black hole of loneliness before you finally embrace the silence and serenity it brings?
    How many times will you equate love with happiness before you realise its capacity for profound pain?

    Ugh, the double edged sword of love.
    When will you finally learn?


  • fierce_scorpio 18w

    What is more important?
    To feel loved? Or to feel right?


  • fierce_scorpio 18w

    Even with another latched on your back
    your taillight is my true north home

  • fierce_scorpio 20w


    Most relationships come with a set of expectations and unwritten desires of a way of living and is filled with happiness and disappointments equally.
    Then there are those relationships with no expectations or promises and there is just contentment.
    A soul filling feeling of just revelling in the companionship of another

  • fierce_scorpio 20w

    When the skies reflect the storm within