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  • fkarathore 1w

    She got ditched,
    She got cheated.
    She had dreams,
    She had ambitions.
    Emotions made her cry,
    But emotions made her powerful.
    She fell down, she got up.

    She deserved love but she chose goals.
    All she made her own horrific hallucinations.
    Big apparent, Being the CEO of a company.
    For the whole voyage, she designated to be alone
    She was the "Boss Lady of her own alone world"

    Alone world.
    None but her own gulped sorrow turned into the flames of success and now to describe her, excellence is the word.
    Fainted in her own imagination, she today has through with her hard work's sword.
    The baggage of her past is left on the shore, only her good regimes are now what all aboard.

    Cheated, harshly treated, from being emotionally trolled to mental harassing statements were tweeted.
    And her criminals roamed free, as a " GET-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE" card to them was gifted.
    It's not anyone was there. There was but just to laugh at her misery, so she did all she could to get self uplifted.
    And now look at the laughers, trying to reconnect her, her own dynamics to take faith in her own hand, made the world order get shifted!

  • fkarathore 2w

    Let's just state the fact.
    I am on the Vonda cruise with no limit on the wine pact.
    I hate when Jimenez calls me, I took the girl from the shaft.
    And Literature sails my name as Casanova on the raft.

    Oh HI Ohh Ohh.
    Summer gotta glitter for me in the white for the feel of snow.
    I can totally afford a Tux but I don't get it how the fuck do one's ties a Bow.
    Well, wearing this mofo personality again, cause that's the only thing this litter know.
    Well, if have an extra, will give you just don't take a sip from my fucking straw.
    Well, My Lifestyle is a blender of Crank Mixed With Shaw.
    Get it on one go, my two fingers are your CLAW.
    When I hit, you get a dump in the pit, THE M.E. office can't recognise you, shit you become a JOHN DOE.
    I am better dating ass crack bitches than my ex fake HOE.
    Sorry, Maai Told Me Not To Stop When I Am Flow.
    Slytherin got nothing no me, I was just self-made for GRYFFINDOR.
    Ok, You Know The Manager? Just Ask Owner From Whom He Took Loan To Get The Store.

    This one's about attitude.
    Something which complies in my attribute.
    State of the art of yours is my fart in Latin, just meaning your head is my foot.
    Digging plots of my back in the name of going back to the root.
    I broke more jaws even before you had your first grown tooth.
    You are the sidekick Robin, I am the BATMAN of this motherfucking HOOD!
    Your voice cant reaches my ears, as my success puts every crap on noise cancellation and every shits on mute.
    Read the lines carefully, the one your girl told you about her GUILTY PLEASURE, I JUST THAT DUDE.

  • fkarathore 4w

    I am afraid of this feeling.
    I am scared of losing you, you will leave me.
    But this feeling also gives me reassurance.
    That even if I do. I will be okay.
    Cause previously, when this kind of feels was generated inside me, for the people I love.
    And then they did leave and I lost them and though it hurt me like hell, I eventually ended up being okay.
    So, this fear is my assurance of being okay eventually!

  • fkarathore 4w

    If you love her that much then why won't propose her to marry you?

    She is too pure and fair, I don't wanna ruin that with a vermillion

  • fkarathore 4w

    I know you're choking on your fears.
    Already told you I am just here.
    I will stay by your side every night.
    Until the left of your chest feels right.

    I don't know why you hide from everyone.
    Closing your eyes to THE ONE.
    Mess up and lie to the one that loves you,
    When you know you can cry to the one who truly desires you.
    Always confide to the one.
    You kind to the one who loves you, but you choose none.

    My reputation precedes me.
    Every time I fall, everyone just leaves me.
    So lonely now, only loneliness is what that keeps me.
    Faith got no more leaps on me.

    I know you desire me.
    But far away from putting my love on sale or even to hire me.
    My biggest truth is that I lie to my own feels, my honesty is I am a LIER to me.
    I am a dead-end body, not electric can pass through,
    I just pretend a WIRE to be.
    So, let me go, you deserve to be with someone higher to me.

  • fkarathore 5w

    I took a doodle.
    Spoonfed her and made for you your ramen noodle.
    A husky I am but, whenever you are mentioned just look how I turn into a poodle.
    Life's a web, I have to search for someone like me, you're the answer to my nomad life's disturbance, you are my google.

    I don't know why I got the fascination with you and me in a bed and all cuddle.
    Guess my instincts are right for the first time, the essence of like you really do smuggle.
    The heat of July, every laughter of mine is "I NEED HELP" cry, with everything melting, my pains still being dry, you, I don't why got the melting snuggle.
    I don't why this struggle,
    Of the world fucking our mind and skull.
    To be together two's need to be ONE COUPLE.
    I am done with the barriers painted as a bubble.
    Girls are multiple.
    But you are the one singular programing language, you are my monosyllable.

  • fkarathore 5w

    Someday, I will do some magic and make you sleep with it.
    Someday I will bring you to my bed.
    And from that day onwards, that will be OUR BED, from that day onwards I will make sure you sleep only with me until our unborn child sleeps between us.

  • fkarathore 5w

    How did you stay close to her without telling her how you feel about her?

    I used to call her BRO.
    I said the I LOVE YOU'S
    All she heard was BRO.

  • fkarathore 5w

    It's Not The Person Holding The Gun Who Is More Powerful But The Man Knowing Whom To Shoot & When.

  • fkarathore 5w

    Irade Sahi Hone Chahiye.
    Galat Toh Saala Har Insaan Hain.