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  • fletch 7w

    They say a penny is good luck, but where do you go when the well runs dry?

    I've counted all my blessings though still peace is dead as the soul has gone awry

    In my darkened heart lies a multitude of chambers with treasure chest of wishes, boxes of fantasies, and books upon books on how to leave the light

    Trapped between the truth and the consequence of a fairy tale disaster,
    With my shallow eyes leading me blindly into the next wayward chapter

    What I'll never know
    What I'll never see
    What's creeping in the night, the monsters crawling into me
    I cannot turn the page now
    Heavenly laden with my demons of doubt
    You cannot hear me even when I shout

    Bound and tide to mysteries and memories, my conscience begins to swell

    Brainwashed by illicit fallacies I know not if this is paradise or hell

    All sentimental value gets lost beneath wicked tides of the fray

    And a thousand times before I've tried to wish this world away

    To go behind the opened door, who knows what the next chapter has in store? An archway of trees await me enticing my curiosity
    Render me calamity Jane or something not quite sane
    I'll walk this unknown path in vain, yet I cant help but wonder if the underlying cause is my pain

    I'm lost and found when I release my soul from this sacred ground
    My words will grow like midnight roses in a fantasy world of posies

    These frail memories leave me floating in the wind
    Wont you rescue me for the clumsy fool I am? I'll still be there in five years time waiting to catch a fallen star, blindsided by every twinkle in the sky

    A collab by- ©️Fletch & Michelle Jones

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  • fletch 7w

    My first rifle was a .243 and it made me feel like such a man

    Papa gave to daddy and daddy gave to me, all part of the plan

    And they taught me how to shoot with a steady hand

    As outlaw cowboys we were a tightknit band

    Yeah, on the prison farm I was born and bred

    Raised from poverty we faced the struggle with nothing hand fed

    I still remember sneaking pulls of shine from a mason jar

    And Dixieland whistling, singing Amarillo can't be that far

    Used to go fishing out the old honey creek dam

    Flying that southern flag with pride of the rebel I am

    And we'd sit out on the front porch in our drunken stupor

    With Grandpa giving me lessons about the ladies, he was a cynical tutor

    Now I've tread many of miles since those long loved memories

    Still, my adolescence rings dear as my favorite keepsake treasuries

    And I may have grown into my years of wisdom but that little boy in me still lives on

    I reckon it was instilled in me by papa and daddy all along


  • fletch 9w

    The golden child
    Turned black sheep
    Innocence frail
    Transgressions steep

    I've dibbled and dabbled
    Hitting all the licks
    Rowdy rebel
    Old dog, new tricks

    Flipping the game around
    It's a tactile maneuver
    From running a muck
    To being a straight shooter

    A poor mans poet
    Fathered from poverty
    Reaching for the stars
    With striving novelty


  • fletch 9w

    They steady laughing like the game is a joke
    They best wake the fuck up and get woke
    Sitting back watching their friends suffer & die
    All the while they still got that dope fein gloss in their eye
    Weighing their options on a broken scale
    As if they have a choice of heaven or hell
    It's not so much the drugs, they're just addicted to the game
    But deep down the dope still calls their name
    So they break the rules, and get high on their own supply
    Then lose their minds when they broke & got no shit left to buy
    They're caught within the fold & lost inside the fray
    Haven't slept in weeks, can't tell the difference between night & day
    And they know the consequences only get worse
    But they dont give a fuck because they're
    struck with the outlaw curse


  • fletch 9w

    Rated M mature
    I'm illicit
    Psychopathicaly sick
    A dirty south paw boss
    Just like vick

    I come from a crew of a chosen few
    Bear my sins on my sleeve, but how about you?

    And I never lie to kick it
    To the game I'm no stranger
    Damn sure to let down
    That sweet baby Jesus in the manger

    I'm like Lance Armstrong
    At the tour da France
    Bicycling my way
    Into your girls pants

    Verses Goliath
    I'm deadly dedicated David
    But for some reason
    I'm only ever fuckin' hated

    Yeah, I'm the underdog story they ain't ready for
    I fought with the devil and went back for more

    Feasting on the blood of his nectar
    Then used the juices to clean the strings on my guitar


  • fletch 9w

    Caught inside the fold
    Stuck within the fray
    Innocence gets lost in chaos
    Drawn to flames that light the way

    Overwhelmed by demons & burdens
    I'm a man of convictions
    Straight sick and tired
    Of all these hopeless addictions

    Yeah, 'cause much like Jennings
    I struggle
    My sinister sinning
    always keeps me in trouble

    Life has kicked my ass
    And made me humble
    Still, I cant bear all the pain
    Hidden behind this mumble

    May God grant me
    Grace and serenity
    Wipe me from my sins
    And erase my vanity

    With lymric love
    I pledge to the good Lord above
    To give me hope to cope when I'm blinded and cant see straight
    To show me a better path of life
    Lift me up over all this misery & strife

    'Cuz I'm tired of always second guessing
    Getting lost in the void & stressing
    So these immorals I am confessing
    Now wont you please trade me a blessing


  • fletch 9w

    90's baby, heroin epidemic
    Totally unapologetic
    Full throttle and authentic
    A little paranoid & schizophrenic

    Yeah, mind full of static
    But still lyrically emphatic⚡
    With flow automatic
    I'm straight illmatic

    I was driven by fear
    And ruled by doubt
    Still never switched up
    Never sold out

    But the hospitality of the game has changed
    Sins over wisdom rhetorically exchanged
    People steady dissin' their own crew
    Wont admit they're struck with the same demons too

    Outlaw boys always taught me, never get high on your own supply
    But everytime I see em' they got a gloss in their eye

    And as far as I can tell, these friends are my foes
    'Cause whenever they're around they steppin' on tippy toes

    Cutting loose ends, I started playing eeni meeny minnie moe
    Like picking a dodgeball team, but I ain't no average Joe

    Taking flight away from my nightmares, I gave up on the game
    At first it was crazy, but it helped me from going insane

    Now I'm reaching for my dreams
    The stars have aligned
    Got no review mirror
    Leaving the past behind


  • fletch 9w

    Ain't no fairy tale story here, there's no Cinderella
    Just a beast caught up with a dilemma
    You see, there's a jackass judicial judge jeopardizing my jeopardy
    I didn't do the crime but they say I'm an accessory
    Like Alex Trebek, they're questioning my smarts
    Not realizing, my insanities off the charts
    The lawyers are standing in court like mascots
    Hounding me with questions, they ask lots
    They give me a lie detector, I ace the test
    Still, they cuff and shackle me as I detest
    "Your honor, I wasnt even at the scene of the crime,
    I was down at the strip club waiting in line
    Ready to get my dick wet from a latex lap dance lover"
    The charge was assault with a lethal weapon, but I'm not Mel Gibson nor Danny Glover
    Yeah, my life had spun into a movie
    When all I was doing was at the club tryna get groovy


  • fletch 9w

    One take no edits

    You ghost write, and take all the credits
    I co-produce, one take no edits
    These are the memoirs of my habitual affairs
    Yeah, like a fuckboy without a care
    Fuck shit, I did my share
    My Angel's of mercy turned on me and beweded demons of greed
    And all this drankin' and smokin' is hopeless but feel like it's all that I need
    They say my lifestyle is bad for my image
    But life is about practice, it's a fuckin' scrimmage
    Yeah, I said life is like a sport and a game
    And I'm a first round draft pick headed to the hall of fame
    Catching dimes like Mr Randy Moss
    I'm an original purple and yellow viking boss
    I'm smart, dangerous, and spontaneous whimsically sharp, breakin' all the rules, every radius
    I'm a Natzi that's grammatical
    Beyond radical, I'm completely sporadical
    Smokin' a blunt with my thesaurus
    Gathering ammunition for the next chorus
    They say I'm swift in verse, the rhymes are my muse but also a curse
    Sins color me an outlaw, I'm doomed to find the hearse
    Superlative thoughts breed my insanity
    I got a sailors mouth, captain of profanity
    And no lie, my lust is top notch
    I drool over women while I fein their crotch
    A fuckboy creature of habit
    Cant help it, just gotta have it
    Some say I'm an asshole with a bad attitude
    Truth is, I'm compassionate and full of gratitude
    Never forgetting where I come from
    Though it's a city riddled with drugs and scum
    They call it O-town, the city of bridges
    It's filled with snitches and bitches
    Got no filter, I roll like jelly
    STL birds on the bat, I rep like Nelly
    With the Chicago bears, I bear down
    As an Iowa Hawkeye, I soar around
    Screamin' windy city Bulls till I die
    Like Jordan, from the free-throw line I fly
    No miciks, no gimmicks, I'm not a prankster
    Just half redneck and part gangster
    Like Ryan Upchurch and Tupac together
    Lyrically weaving words so clever


  • fletch 9w

    To be free is my objective, I dont have to pretend
    Spread my wings like a hawk and let them flap in the wind
    No guts, no glory, no pain, no gain, dont hate the playa hate the game
    My offense is God-sent, demons can't contend
    Knuck if you buck but my turf I will defend
    My crossover is vicious, got more swagger than Lebron
    Hit the bottom of the net, then run a marathon
    ill advised tactics, my style is a flagrant foul
    Like Rodman after the ball, I'm a raging bull on the prowl
    Fiercely competitive, my time is now
    Rhymes come natural, like milk to a cow
    Totally dominate the game in every fashion
    A lyrical wordsmith assassin
    Mad whack handles like pistol Pete
    A perennial all-star, I'm elite
    A big boss baller, hear my holler
    I'm Babe Ruth with a cigar and pinstripe collar
    The chicks dig the long ball as I homer with ease
    Running around metaphorical bases with lymric tease
    "Hero's get remembered but legends never die"
    Feet fail me not, call my shot and point to the sky