querete a vos mismo, boludo, sos el único que puede salvarte.

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  • fnrptry 40m

    (not) meant to be:

    i know you loved me so much
    you cared about my health
    you appreciated everything i was
    and you helped me to grow

    you put a smile on my face
    when i had a bad day
    you were all that i wished for
    i was lucky of you

    i was unlucky though when you left me
    what we had was pure and slightly reckless
    it was time to stop writing this series
    everything has to end sooner or later

    you started falling asleep in our movie nights
    i knew something was wrong but i didn't react
    it's too late, maybe i should've talked
    i'm starting to forget the colour of your eyes

    your voice sounded quiet in the morning time
    but when you talked 'bout fire your words came alive
    i see you more often in my nightmares
    than by my side when i wake up

    when i said 'goodbye honey'
    you replied 'i'm in a hurry'
    and you left me standing right here
    with my heart feeling a little stuned

    our casual talks turned into unwanted fights
    'me and you' stopped sounding like 'us'
    you rest in my chest in the shape of my name
    your chest is full of love that is not for me

    my cheek hasn't felt you all week long
    you came to pick up the sweater i took home
    the hints you dropped tried to help me
    with a mistery i decided not to solve

    you gave so many signs to my young heart
    eluding them was my everyday task
    my pillow knew what i was crying about
    without being a witness of the crime

    at least the memories you leave
    show the respect you had for me
    we both learnt about this
    it just wasn't meant to be


  • fnrptry 4d


    it's weird to think
    that my hands would
    stop writing about you
    cause you were my ink

    all the damage
    that you dealt
    was non-intentional
    i am aware of it

    you protected yourself
    from any outer advise
    understanding that you
    came before anyone else

    i was a whisper
    in your shouting world
    with pure intentions
    coming off my voice

    your common sense was
    deafened by the noise
    i tried to help you until
    i ran out of words

    and i'm sorry if i asked
    for too much
    knowing that i just
    was like anyone else

    what you gave me was hope
    i wanted to give you back
    some smiles that you gifted me
    but now i can't

    you are so far away
    in little time
    i thought
    you'd never leave

    the worst part is
    i promised that
    i'd always be
    with you

    it is too much for me to take
    your name is bouncing in my head

    in case you didn't know
    i didn't think i was too much for you
    instead i thought that everything i was
    couldn't fulfill any of your dreams

    i felt small, i felt exposed
    i was a stranger to me
    saving you was not a thing
    preventing you was what i meant

    i was a whisper
    in your shouting world
    with pure intentions
    coming off my voice

    your common sense was
    deafened by the noise
    i tried to help you until
    i ran out of words


  • fnrptry 9w

    Lover of the moon

    Wind has blown me this way
    I moved at its mercy
    I'm the weakest of the leaves
    That's why I leave what makes me crazy

    Kicked some thoughts along the road
    Got some problems I have to solve
    I break everything I touch
    As if I was fire stroking snow

    Sunsets used to terrify me
    Until I saw you there
    Enjoying the stars so nicely
    You seem to be good friends

    You repeated that
    Every single time
    I admire you a lot
    You and your genuine love

    But in one ocassion
    You didn't look the same
    You were sat right there
    But your spark was missing

    Lover of the moon
    Why are you upset?
    I can't see the stars
    In the reflection of your eyes

    Not even cotton candy clouds
    Can make you have a sugar rush
    Darkness flows above you
    Threatening your spare laughs

    Diamonds factory in your basins
    Working to moisten the ground
    Even sadness comes off of you
    In a shiny and pretty form

    Telescope just shows your hearts
    It's fragmented in million parts
    That's something I can't understand
    Like when I see a piece of art

    Make room in the roof
    I'm sitting next to you
    Let's admire the sky
    And wait for your spark to come back

    Tell me the stories
    Of heavenly knights
    Who fighted in the name of the moon
    With the power of stars

    I'm a fanatic of your galactic hopes
    Even though they don't usually come abroad
    However you close your eyes and wish for them all alone
    Your innocence is so spellbinding

    I'll stare at you while you talk
    And even if you try to fly
    With your imaginary wings
    I wouldn't let you fall

    I would look at you
    With attention that someones put
    On the sky
    When the clouds start roaring

    I'll hold you tight
    When the firmament comes down
    When the lightnings start to struck
    When heaven starts sobbing

    I picture you every night
    when I look up
    You dance around
    the constellations

    Lover of the moon
    I love the way you move
    How you colour my room
    And I love you cause you are you


  • fnrptry 9w

    wandering in existence

    Sunken in thoughts I don't mean
    Flirting with chaotic dreams
    Building my own pair of wings
    To drift across the sky, to be able to breathe

    Meadows' colours I can't see
    Beauty is so alien to me
    Hectic vibes are way too much
    For someone with no pace, for someone who can't run

    I've been trying catch you this whole time
    I've failed terribly, I'm not going to lie
    But even when I'm confident
    I look up and see you ahead

    I feel like I'm inside a blank room
    With no doors or windows
    Where I can create it all
    But where there're no resources to do so

    I feel like I'm stuck in time
    It's just this moment I can't stop
    It repeats over and over again
    The clock is accomplice of this

    It's like being stuck in a crowd
    I just can move the way they want
    Every effort just doesn't make sense
    When will I get out? Hopefully one of these days

    Unfaithful I am, can't handle this much
    Juggling with my tears, protecting my hearth
    I've always been here but just now realized
    That I've been born in this place and here it's where I'll die

    Shifting towards a reality that's tinted grey
    Mesmerizing nights have turned into nightmares
    Probabilites ally against me
    World keeps working but I am exiled from it

    It's deplorable when you can't hold back the cry
    I think my heart is broken from scratch
    'Cause since always I had inactivity of love
    But managed to hide that with mediocre laughter

    Can't find the solution in those who I love
    Nor inside myself, nor in the stars
    Comdemned to live two feet away from peace
    But having to watch it through a glass

    My system is broken I cannot process
    When someone comes close to me and says:
    "You will be fine one day, I promise my friend
    that you're strong enough to keep playing this game"

    True words have been impossible for me to recognize
    But I see you wanting to save me inside your eyes
    Know you can't control my schemes but neither can I
    So let's wait to together for it heal and hug me as hard as you can

    Guess that being sick and tired
    Is not the way to the escape my trouble
    I'm not eluding anymore the fact that
    Life is rollercoaster with more downs than ups


  • fnrptry 12w


    Remember when we used to run in the park
    It seems like it was yesterday but it's lost in the past
    I'm so terrified that in all these pictures i have
    Your face starts blurrying when time passes by

    Every friday you came home with a big smile
    Causing me to draw one on my face, magical
    We stared and each other for a pretty long while
    Before sharing our dreams for the thousandth time

    Then you grabbed my arm and take me to your room
    Just to vibe to some music that made you wanna move
    Plenty of artists and genres that sounded so new
    I admired how every movement you did was so pure

    You told me to stand so i could feel the mood
    But didn't want to interrupt cuz the show was so good
    Then you said that it would be better if i joined you
    That was when we escaped world for an album or two

    That also was the time when life wasn't a doom
    Now i miss all your words
    And i miss every touch
    And every highlighted message can't be read anymore

    Still have every playlist you created for me
    With all that indie music that made you feel free
    That fulfilled you when you couldn't find reasons to breathe
    And that made a significant impact between you and me

    And now i'm dancing with a flower in my mouth
    A forget-me-not that I know was your favourite one
    Hopefully this makes me not forget you
    Even though you forgot me long time ago

    The garden of your memories i'm tempted to leave
    But the beauty of the sights just won't let me free
    And the green of the grass got me attatched
    Just the same way the green of your eyes did

    It's a story about being trapped between feels
    Because letting you go hurts much more that it seems
    And being stuck in you is no good for me
    But i'm scared that nodoby will ever make me feel that way that you did


  • fnrptry 12w


    You were one of my favourite persons alive
    Now you're gone you're my favourite star in the sky
    Know it's you 'cause you shine even brighter than sun
    Now I just wait for you to appear every night

    Hope the moon treats you well
    Hope the sky is not too cold
    Hope that you guide my way
    When I can't find my home

    Ever since you left
    I've been unsuccessful
    In summarizing
    What you meant for me

    Words feel empty
    My house feels empty
    My soul feels empty
    I've lost part of myself

    But I'm still waiting
    For you to come back
    To hug me and tell me
    That everything's going to be fine

    Your memories make wanna cry
    But you told me I had a precious smile
    And that I shouldn't spend time hiding it
    Behind things I can't change

    I'm smiling for you
    Because of you
    But unfortunately
    Not with you

    I should've hugged you harder
    When I had the chance
    Just took for granted
    That I'll be able to do it again

    I see you in every movie
    I find you in every song
    I keep you safe in my gallery
    I keep you alive in my heart

    It was you who made me realize
    That I had a heart
    Not only a broken one
    But also one with which I can love

    Never said thank you
    Because I thought you'd always be here
    To teach me something new
    My inner me had no clue

    So I know say thank you
    You're incredible
    You're indescribable
    You're undeniable


  • fnrptry 13w


    Since your landing
    the flowers from all around the world
    have been growing faster,
    and just for you


  • fnrptry 14w

    oda a lo inexplicable del cielo

    El mundo es una circunferencia
    carente de certezas,
    pero repleta de seres
    que buscan definiciones concretas.

    Si pudieramos dar todo por hecho,
    el arte no existiría.
    No habría forma de tergiversar lo que vemos,
    porque estaríamos convencidos de que no hay variantes.

    El arte es aquella expresión
    ajena a los conceptos tangibles,
    que se aleja de lo sencillo de entender
    pero que recompensa a quien se esmera en comprenderlo.

    Es la visión abstracta del mundo
    a los ojos del autor,
    que mezcla significados, formas y sonidos,
    para crear algo incomprensible, pero interpretable.

    Catalogamos de arte a aquello
    que elude lo rutinario,
    a aquello que nos impacta
    por su unicidad.

    Pero el arte más puro
    se encuentra en aquello que
    por más veces que se repita
    seguirá cautivandonos.

    Eso que nos obliga internamente
    a buscarle un significado,
    el cual nunca hallamos,
    pero lo maravilloso está en seguir intentando.

    Eso exactamente eso es lo que nos pasa
    cuando las horas del día
    pintan el cielo
    con una paleta de color única.

    ¿Por qué nos gusta tanto?
    ¿Serán los pigmentos llamativos?
    ¿Será la libertad que se respira?
    ¿O será que lo impreciso de este fenómeno nos atrapa?

    Pónganse a pensar.
    No conocemos a su autor,
    ni su significado,
    ni su porqué.

    Simplemente existe.
    Y existe cada día.
    Es siempre lo mismo,
    pero tan diferente.

    ¿Será lo impredecible lo que nos fascina?
    Quizás nos encanta aferrarnos a expectativas
    que son posibles e imposibles
    en cantidades iguales.

    ¿Será lo simple lo que nos seduce?
    Quizás la sencillez de la obra
    nos hace sentirnos identificados,
    y eso nos enamora.

    O quizás lo que nos emociona del cielo
    sea que nos muestra feacientemente
    que el arte está al mirar hacia arriba.
    Que el arte nos encapsula.

    Tal vez envidiamos que tenga el privilegio
    de ser la autopista de las nubes,
    el patio de las estrellas,
    y la casa de la luna y del sol.

    O quizás sea el hecho de encontrar magia
    en el mundo real,
    alejado de las historias de fantasía
    o de los sueños.

    Puede ser que nos conmueva
    que sea una metáfora de la vida.
    Algo tan divino e inexplicable,
    en lo que estamos inmersos.

    Quizás sea el saber que cada día que pase
    tendremos una nueva oportunidad de deleitarnos,
    mientras tratamos de descifrar el propósito
    de esta composición extraordinaria.

    Probablemente el significado más coherente que hallemos,
    sea ese sentimiento esperanzador,
    cuando el cielo nos dice cada jornada,
    que pintar un mejor atardecer está al alcance de todos.

    Incluso quienes no tengan ventanas
    se esperanzan con solo saber
    que el atardecer sigue sucediendo
    aunque no lo puedan ver.

    Quienes estén condenados a imaginárselo,
    lo viven de la misma inexplicable manera
    que aquellos que pueden verlo
    con sus propios ojos.

    Y podrán percatarse de que el cielo
    es el único techo que nos alberga,
    y que a su vez,
    es el único techo que no tiene límite.

    Quizás el cielo en sí
    no pretenda significar nada,
    pero igualmente logra significar algo distinto
    para cada persona dispuesta a soñar.

    Su constante reiteración
    y su constante renovación,
    lo hacen incomparable
    a cualquier otra expresión artística.

    Su naturaleza nos mueve tanto
    que todos intentan capturar su pureza en todo momento,
    ya que ese mismo fragmento de cielo
    nunca volverá a aparecer.

    Es el ejemplo perfecto de lo incierto,
    de lo que nos hace creer y maravillarnos,
    de lo que nos hace no aborrecer la rutina,
    porque sabemos que en ella encontraremos la belleza.

    Pero a ciencia cierta,
    no se qué tiene el cielo.
    Y eso es lo que más me gusta,
    porque si lo supiera, no me encantaría tanto.


  • fnrptry 49w

    la luz que entra
    a mi cuarto por la mañana
    no es la del sol
    es la de tu sonrisa

    tu sonrisa chueca
    pero genuina
    que me hace sonreír
    cuando la veo

    en estos tiempos de
    niebla y oscuridad
    siempre es bueno
    tener un destello que te guíe

    que te de esperanza
    porque la esperanza
    te hace creer
    que se puede mejorar

    no me sonreís a mí
    pero igualmente
    me fascina verte feliz
    me fascina verte

  • fnrptry 50w

    me das bronca
    pero al mismo tiempo
    no puedo odiarte
    simplemente no puedo

    en vos veo todo lo que quiero ser
    es decir
    todo lo que no voy a ser
    y me enerva, mucho

    literalmente todo

    sin duda me hace bien
    saber que alguien así existe
    un modelo a seguir
    pero que es inalcanzable

    me siento poco a tu lado
    aunque se que no soy escaso
    aunque estés cerca
    tu figura la veo muy lejana

    me hacés sentir una mierda
    pero verte sonreír
    me hace sonreír
    así que soy una mierda feliz