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  • folarayo 6h


    Why do you call me when you made me feel unloved?
    Why do you still expect night calls when you know there is no hope?
    Why do you laugh with me when you know you are going to disappear?
    Why do you call me yours while you belong to another?
    You should have told me it is over yet you kept prolonging memories.
    How hurtful the truth might be,
    I do have the right to know.
    I don't like this feeling anymore.
    It's time to let go.

  • folarayo 6h

    Anytime I close my eyes,all I could think of is me.

  • folarayo 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Overlook

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    Not everything are taken serious in friendship,learn to overlook.

  • folarayo 1w

    Upside down

    Some words are better unsaid,
    Some friendship are better not turned relationship,
    Wallowing in the midst of darkness and bitterness with the word "Had I known" are some light waiting to explode.
    Wishes turned desperation then self pity set in with hatred.
    Self confident deems slowly but Arise!!!
    It is not over until it is really over.
    Like a orphan cry,the soul cries for help but help seems afar off.
    Patience is the key! Really??
    What a transparent case.

  • folarayo 1w


    As strong as you are,giving life to the body,
    Yet weak when it comes to love.
    Having two great features; real and imaginary,
    Controller of everything.
    The stunts you put atimes leaves man with surprises.
    Broken many times yet keeps amending for another trial.
    How amazing it is to know you.
    Oh little hero.