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  • folded_letters 9w

    /Sometimes it's the loveless
    Who write about love the most.
    Sometimes it's the winterless
    Who have snow pouring outside their doors./

    It has become a ritual, to see an year birth together with you.
    There is some mischief which lurks in your thoughts when each night of the most surreal days, you pull me aside from my life and step in, reclaiming your space within.

    I sigh in happiness. Nothing is better than being with you in that moment, watching the seconds pass for once with eagerness, and in that precious moment, I almost feel like we're lovers.
    Good thing we aren't lovers. They get drunk on romance and cry when they wake up from the dream.  Whereas us, our fingers just barely touch to feel each other's presence. We're worse. We don't wake up to broken dreams, too proud, to even dream.
    But we don't let anyone in our closets as well, claiming we've lost the keys somewhere.
    You snicker sometimes, feeling like a little devil. And sometimes you let out a tear or two, when the weight of it all feels too heavy.

    Still. Even birthdays aren't as precious as these nights.  Neither yours, nor mine. For you are the most notorious breaker of our house of cards, and I, a most lazy builder.
    We find comfort in just laying like that, unbuilt, unbroken.
    And the nights sound like the deepest poetries, beating with the rhythm of our hearts, our breaths tangle, whispering secrets we never did, before its dawn again.

  • folded_letters 11w

    The cobblestone path we once walked upon
    Now lay covered with snow
    By the time you come back again,
    I hope I would have discovered my purpose.

    These days are a bit lonely though
    I tried to accept the silence
    But with it, come the tears too sometimes.
    If you ask me, I'd say I'm fine
    I've known this loneliness all my life.
    Yet I can't deny, I would be happiest, if you were by my side.

    "Everyone is born with a purpose"
    You told me as you parted.
    Perhaps you were worried
    That I would lose myself without anyone
    To hold onto.
    I saw the love in your eyes, which didn't show the pain behind your goodbye
    But I held your words tightly in my heart, not letting them go.

    I don't think I could let you see me right now
    I've been out of sunshine too.
    Sometimes I run outside, try to lure some sweet moments my way
    But by the sunset I come back crying
    My clothes are dirty, I have a few wounds.
    So I go back inside and lock the door
    And I end up losing myself.

    I'll tell you though, to not worry.
    Perhaps I'm like the moon,
    I have too many phases.
    But isn't it worth it?
    All the dark nights and hard times
    If I can truly shine at least, once in a while?

    Please come back, at a time when I can hold your hand
    Without needing to be held
    I wait for you, with a song in my heart
    Which sounds like a melody I once knew.
    Come back, so I can hear you once again.
    I hope
    That day comes sooner.

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    I will wait for the spring.

  • folded_letters 12w

    "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

    ~John Keats

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    You are
    the beautiful haiku
    In the language of Japanese
    Such, when uttered
    makes flowers bloom, the leaves sprout,
    and the wind dance softly
    with happiness as I breathe.
    And all I feel is content.

    You're the repreive
    which follows a hot tear shed
    after being clutched in for too long,
    gliding upon the cheek.

    You're the solitaryness which
    scares the loneliness away
    And I could spend the day
    gazing at the blue sky
    greeting and seeing off the passing clouds,
    in white puffy suits.

    You're the pearl
    which I keep enclosed in my palm
    and it shines like a star.
    Every now and then I let
    a little of your light out
    to share upon the world,
    so it would feel
    some of the happiness too.

    You're all those things,
    and so much more
    I cannot put into words.
    But you make me float,
    high like a red balloon
    Sway, like the paddy in the fields
    Lose myself, like dandelion seeds
    Feel life touch me like a feather,
    lighter than ever,
    frolicking in uninterrupted bliss.


  • folded_letters 12w

    "..the sacrificer escapes being devoured."

    ~Carl Jung

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    The monsters, they follow me
    The angels, fly to me as well
    I become the rope between their fingers
    With deep wounds scratching on my back
    As they play their tug of war.
    I erase the night from my sheet of drawing
    I painted with a charcoal
    As if the hope will manifest
    If I kept stubbornly hoping.

    I'm tired, of being wringed and torn to shreds
    without a regard of an innocent self
    So I take them all, angels and demons
    Put them in a fire, to burn them to hell
    or send them to Gods
    And I take deep breaths
    sweat swearing with the flames.

    The fire glows in my eyes, as I stare upon my doing
    With every sacrifice, fear slowly fading
    With every drop of blood upon the knife
    A skin discarded, sold for a new life.


  • folded_letters 12w

    In the light blue painted walls
    They lied to us about the sky
    With their heads bowed deep into their books
    I was the black sheep, standing out like a fly.
    Only they couldn't, flick my questions away
    For I buzzed upon their ears and faces
    Annoying them again and again.
    Their skins were cold like the metal
    Of which their hearts were made
    Their steps were mechanic
    I wonder if they lived secretly on amphetamine dosage.

    They knew their way around the texts
    More than the chants knew a saint
    Their world was made up of numbers,
    Granted by those who deemed anything else a fail.

    Tight collars, stiff cuffs, their sleek hair and polished shoes
    I wonder if colors were wasted on them.
    Or perhaps their eyes were already set on doom
    Which they tried to escape, with a collective existence of gloom
    With their beliefs around their necks
    Set up like a noose.


  • folded_letters 12w

    Not something I'd recommend you reading.

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    Not a river but perhaps a stream of water running within the narrow cracks of your roads
    Aren't I?

    Or maybe that flower which rises stubbornly from somewhere in between the lifeless concrete.

    Those were the kind of places I chose to be
    Because all I found my worth was
    underneath your feet.

    The dusty bicycle standing in your garage
    Waiting for its time to be thrown in junk
    I'm that memory which will soon fade away from your mind.

    Sometimes I feel like the air you breathe with a mask on
    You filter me out and I find a way
    to seep in somehow.

    I am a solitary cloud, lurking upon a place where lives no one
    In the dark I drizzle
    The tears wasted upon a barren land
    Before I diffuse away
    Into vapours of sadness
    Sticking to your skin.
    I wish you could wash me away
    But there I am
    An invisible existence
    To you.


  • folded_letters 12w

    I am more you than me
    Eruptions of laughter
    Moments of glee
    Night owl musings
    Conversations spree.
    Please, love
    Don't you end up
    a memory.

    The sky of my days
    The stars of nights.
    The arms of the clock
    carry along with sighs
    the weight of the time;
    Maybe, they feel guilty.
    But would you, my dear?
    For making me believe.
    If one midnight must come
    And you have to leave.

    Ah, but forget it
    All I want, is your happiness
    If nothing,
    I can make peace with that
    Even if each day
    you think of me, a little less.


  • folded_letters 12w

    You swarm to me on your two feet
    And I give you wings to fly.
    It is my turn today, would you take a pause
    Remember the ones we lost and cry.

    Endings, aren't they sad?
    A November's ultimatum, for an years' end
    A death's ultimatum, for a life's end
    A brutalities' ultimatum, for goodness' end.
    Do you remember my shrieks when they burned my children to death?

    23 bullets upon his abdomen and chest
    Standing without an arm, or a vest
    What did he think, but to save the innocent
    Who was he, a fool striving to protect, those he called his countrymen?

    A father's loss, a nation's loss
    A mother's tears, do you hear
    The strength with which beats her heart
    Would you pause for a moment and think
    Of the ones who traded their life for yours?

    Not another day shall come, for another blood bath
    Peace, we kept, but you ought to take an oath
    We stood strong and fought it hard
    But the sacrifices we made
    Forget them not.
    The lives we lost,
    Forget them not.


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  • folded_letters 14w

    The dream

    I remember
    The wooden bench upon the hill
    We climbed together
    While seeking lost lakes
    In between the towns.

    I wonder
    How long would it take them to find us
    If we decided to get lost with the lakes.

    I remember
    The abandoned tree houses we climbed in
    Feeling the deja vu of a horror film
    Yet safe because it was still sunny and blue.

    I wonder
    If they would find us
    If we decided to spend the night there
    Watching the stars twinkling and falling.

    I remember
    The paths lined by strawberries
    And how you taught me to see where the snails have been

    I wonder
    If they would still taste as sweet
    Without you
    If I went there, alone now.

    I remember the grasses greenest I've ever seen
    And the mother duck guarding its babies
    When we went by the lake
    And the lilies and lotuses
    The quiet between the content leaves
    Happy birds and squirrels
    All giving us company.

    I remember it all
    As if it were a dream
    My heart soars to write
    as memories flow with the ink.
    Now that is a place closest to my heart
    Where I sit by the evening to write
    Somewhere between dreams and realities.


    #fridayfun @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    For a moment
    I was lost for a long long time.


  • folded_letters 14w

    Once again I call upon the night
    For that is my home
    Not because it's dark
    But because it's where I stay unknown
    Wrapped up in its cloak
    Born of oblivion and waiting to be gone
    Into the dusts of time
    It is more comforting to be on your own
    Than to be with others and still feel alone
    It's a hopeless reverie
    You'll keep seeking more and more
    Like a thirsty drunkard
    Walking the streets of forgotten Rome.

    And yet you can't help
    Being devastated when the waves strike
    All the strengths you built collapse
    It's another dark age, you only hope you'll survive.

    And you look up to the stars
    That's where you find solace
    They're lonely too
    Just lost specs wandering without meaning
    In the seamless space.

    The sighs are your only emotion in the numbness
    The heartbeat a drawl of faint fear
    No matter how far you walk
    The footprints you leave will eventually wear.


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    And you'll again be a history
    In a lost world, another lost mystery