from your one and only Aries.

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  • for__taurus 6w

    For when you cross to the other side of the road when you see him approaching your way.

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    When he resembles the nightmares I have
    When he seem as beautiful as a dream
    I walk away, afraid, its unnerving to the sight
    All because I have no guts
    To stand up against that fear or stop his way
    And say, "hi, I'm here."
    But I'm as good as dust.
    I have no luck & it's all good in the emptiness
    There is comfort.

    Untill I start to wonder if I can change or if I will always stay the same.
    The mind has been the only instigator.

    But I don't have to wear my mind for them to see.
    I don't always have to believe what it seems to be.

    I am still a coward--weak and a fool. Am I not?

  • for__taurus 13w

    Trusting those ethereal vibes ^ ^

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    I am not a stranger
    Nor am I your friend
    But I think that we belong together
    I think it could happen.

  • for__taurus 15w

    Unless we work with our senses
    And turn our thoughts into actions
    We would remain but a dream.

  • for__taurus 15w

    ~love or not to love

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    If you here me crying
    Know that I'm alive
    I will be here waiting
    Untill the end of my time

  • for__taurus 33w

    I cannot imagine a day passing by without #imagination

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    I had a dream,
    It was a scene,
    You bent down to reach for me,
    I let you kiss my cheek.
    I woke up, then---
    The real night was so cold,
    It must have been my unclosed window.
    The jacket you had wrapped me in,
    In my dream, had not been warm
    The night ends,
    its school again.
    I'm wondering if anything might happen.
    It's just a dream, but Pisces once said to me
    "I dreamt of him, so he must be thinking of me"
    Pisces is crazy, more filled with stupidity,
    Cupid's shot had gotten her feeling dizzy.
    There he goes towards his seat.
    I looked at Pisces to save me from the distraction
    That he is.

  • for__taurus 35w

    It's​ not the best, but here's my take on the challenge.
    6 word story.

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    I was here, the rain witnessed.

  • for__taurus 47w

    I had a strong sense that I needed to post this.
    If you're struggling, close your eyes and breathe, you've reached your breaking point? Don't feel defeated. There is assurance in faith, trust me when I say that you are remembered.

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    Drop the blade
    Don't tamper with fate
    You are made for more than this.

  • for__taurus 47w

    I call it
    ~A "depresso" in need of Espresso~

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    I am dreaming now
    Of lovers holding hands.
    They stand together,
    Never ever far apart.
    Their happy laughter
    Echo sadness in my ears,
    My loneliness does not compare.

  • for__taurus 48w

    Too often told "it's a brand new day"
    Is it really though, if my thoughts are still of yesterday's ?
    And heavily they hang around me each passing night
    And I say, "I wish it'd all go away"
    Why does a mother forget to watch closely
    Her daughter dear?
    Does she not recognise my fears?
    Forever it seems to go on
    Yet going nowhere.

  • for__taurus 49w

    I belong to my books. Wbu?

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    I am all the books I read
    I am my favourite dreams when I sleep.