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  • forterisse 9w

    I have thrown a party at the coast
    My traumas and past mistakes are the hosts

  • forterisse 17w

    can’t even tell what’s in my vein
    is it blood or is it pain

  • forterisse 17w


    walking down the empty alley
    its a cold and breezy midnight
    the path is dark, ‘twas so lonely—
    for no one lit the rusty street lights

    a tall man approached me slowly
    he looks suspicious, it’s scary
    his aura seems so cloudy
    little did i know, his storms were after me

    he grasped my wrist harshly
    covered my mouth tightly
    he squeezed my body against the wall
    as i was terrified ‘cause i got no one to call

    the man undressed me
    his hands roamed around my body
    satisfaction was evident on his face
    while i was disgusted at the sight of my lace

    the same old nightmare played repeatedly
    wanted to rest but the scene is too clear to not see
    flashed right after my eyes was the man behind my haunted dreams
    he keeps on telling me i got no dignity
    but doc said i may be tainted but never dirty.


  • forterisse 17w

    kittens wound

    freshly engraved scars on thy soul
    her hearts been an empty hole
    the gap was filled by her mums anger
    fueled by her dads sexual hunger
    kitten held her teddy at the side
    while her sister commited suicide

    “ah!” the cat shouted at the dawn
    finally awakened soul lying in the lawn
    woke up in a nightmare — her mums anger
    remorseful shouts from the monster still lingers
    the plates her mum threw was suspended on air
    and her sisters hair’s still held by their mother
    the pleading cries of kitten still echoes
    while her father feed himself through steamy intercourse

    the folklores now been passed on
    her story has been told to a new generation
    but the kittens childhood wound remained uncured
    it keeps on corrupting her little ray of hope

  • forterisse 17w


    I’ve walked the same path a million times, there’s no thing as an escape route. I tried to ask for help — whispered a silent shout. No soul came near, not a single shadow was seen. This I shan’t fear, for it’s an inevitable scene; me being wrapped in veins because thy lips dared not to speak my name.

  • forterisse 48w

    We were...

    I won't lie, i still read the poems you sent me
    I wont lie, the words in it still makes me happy
    I won't lie, i still read the conversations we had
    I won't lie, your last message made me blue and sad.

    We were doing fine last night
    We were happy despite the quarrels and fights
    We were doing great,
    We were happy but now, you're out of sight.

    Before this poem end, can I ask you a question?
    Can my name still be the the words that you mumble
    Write me a poem, I wont mind if it's now fiction
    As long as I'm the center of the words you scribble.

    Maybe this time, it could happen
    Maybe this time, we could make it happen
    Maybe we could now dance to the rhythm of love
    While sharing the feelings we both have.