Motivator & Creative writer. "Always play from the heart"

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  • fowzulfahad 21w


    Every Beauty have both happiness and sorrow. Look at the flowers. They can bring happiness and also can bring sorrow. There is none thing beauty that don't have opposite action. That's the rule of reality.

  • fowzulfahad 21w

    @ Kung pu panda

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    Yesterday is history.
    Today is gift.
    And Tomorrow is the mystery.

  • fowzulfahad 21w

    Politics & Crime

    Anytime do crime is only crime,
    but In exact time crime is politics.

  • fowzulfahad 21w


    Look at the universe, see how a star remove darkness from universe.
    Be a star on your society, try to remove darkness of your society. And The society will be changed with full of light.

  • fowzulfahad 22w

    Courage & Diplomacy

    You have to get relax & stay calm in fight against anyone. The cage is yours. You set the pace, set the rhythm, feel the Beethoven. Be smarter than other, more patient. Wait for him to make a mistake. And when he does, that’s your moment. Do your job.

  • fowzulfahad 22w

    Motivation & Success

    Everyone imagine how to create a dream. But only one can create it who can fight for it.

  • fowzulfahad 22w

    Motivation & courage

    Seek to make your life long and service to your people. When your time comes to do or die. Be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death. So that when their time comes they weep & pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song & die like a hero going home.

  • fowzulfahad 22w


    I am reader and her eyes is my book; my favorite book. I read this book's messy & sallowest page with attention. This book’s words are reflected in my soul.

  • fowzulfahad 22w

    The Kiss

    That kiss,
    The first kiss of us.
    Appear everything we promise
    Appear accents of heart;
    That shows our love.

  • fowzulfahad 22w


    When you get chance to prove yourself. Then be clam, focus and find out a simple way to do that.
    Remember, A boom is not a boom when it's a misfire.