Words of a broken hearted soul ����

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  • frackingdork 1w

    Do you ever wish that you could just die.
    To slip away in the night.
    To leave this place.
    And escape the pain.
    To never ever return again.

    Would they cry.
    Would they care.
    I doubt they'd even notice I was not there.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 4w

    All I wanted was for someone to love me.
    That obviously wasn't you.
    You messed around constantly.
    And played me for a fool.

    You always call me crazy.
    Tell me my feelings are bullshit.
    That isn't how you love someone.
    Not one tiny little bit.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 7w

    Kirsty Watson

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    Life sometimes it knocks you down
    It makes it hard to stick around
    You find something to hold on to
    Now I know that it's not you.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 8w

    I remember those moments, the early days.
    When you seemed to love me.
    May be a phase?

    I think of those now and I want to die.
    For all all of those moments were a lie.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 10w

    I look at her and think of you.
    I remember better days.
    When you loved me too.

    I remember staying up til it was light.
    And cuddling up through the night.
    I love her and she helps me through.
    I just wish I wasn't haunted by you.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 10w

    You're the thing I hold on to that gets me though.
    Without you I'm not sure what I'll do.
    You were the light in the dark.
    A bright but distant reassuring spark.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 10w

    You blame me for the things you did.
    For the way they made me feel.
    You blame me for the things she did.
    And left me for a love that wasn't real.

    Horrible people are let back in.
    Without a second thought.
    But for me you hold a grudge.
    And blame me for being distraught.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 10w

    I will not think of you anymore.
    I will not ask for you to care.
    I will not wish for you to love me.
    You were obviously never there.

    Its hard for me to let go.
    You were once my everything.
    But this all has finally shown me
    You didn't feel a thing.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 10w

    You say I deserve the world.
    And then treat me like I'm shit.
    Nobody deserves to feel like this.
    Why do you do it.

    Why did you come back.
    Was it just to cause more pain.
    Did you have fun.
    Did you enjoy your little game.
    - Kirsty Watson

  • frackingdork 10w

    Words are just words.
    They don't mean a thing.
    I hate that you can make me feel like this.
    I hate that you always win.
    - Kirsty Watson