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  • frosting 11w


    Little bits of quartz in the floors
    Summer shimmering coast of angel's

    I am deeply hurting with smoke by the door

    I found all the weird echoes
    I laughed at the dreaming
    I came away forever light
    Secret I have been holding
    You found the flower bed

    There where beautiful babies
    Loving their father's
    The wreaths in dirt

    I caught magic lanterns
    I kept all my memories

    Beneath the hallow
    When the bear sleep's

    Taking me home

  • frosting 11w


    Do not walk towards the cherry orchids/it's the sounds of waters and cool elements/natural pink horse's found the source of milk white silk

    I wish for her to bleed on tiny mirrors/cold salted frostings

    I am a voice that cracks like angelic yellow quartz
    I am his honey pot of secrets
    Lush lavender and spice's/

    Will all those witch's burn
    Eat caked dirt Rose's
    Sing songs ancient and crazy

  • frosting 11w


    Her name was Sarah
    voice like Honey

    Colored lights shined in her room
    I saw milk Stars
    I saw haloed babies
    I saw castles in cloud's

    We dressed for dinner
    Young age of sixteen
    Blue jeans
    White tank
    Pink doc's

    I had a feeling about all those white flowers dying or singing

    I found a coin
    A web in a shell

    Mermaid's floating in space
    So much like her I lose myself
    She is tiger's strength
    She is my light of Christmas trees

    Burning Psalms
    Fresh grass

  • frosting 11w


    Just like heaven fading with lace
    I caught the last train filled with wine and edible flowers and cream
    Flower's drained from my insides
    Mirrors carried protection spell's

    Shell's buried in Mudd of the ancient rain

    By light of a horse stable

    the old Land's

    Young white horse's beg for Apple's
    White like sweet powder

    So lovely and white
    As milk shade

    Shade's of tinted blue shadows

    Hanging in the colored room
    A mirror

    A night time song
    Collapsed my lungs

    Into wild petals

    Stars are deeply rich

    Languages so soft

    Crimson butterfly
    Rose moth
    Lost daughter's

  • frosting 11w


    She wore pastel wing's and a blue
    Hello kitty t-shirt
    Her eyes matched her shirt so did her hair

    Blue metallic nails
    Spun sugar cotton candy
    Nightingale sounds of wind chimes

    Her girlfriends had sweet lips like marmalade
    They always kissed the old photos of beautiful Rockstars

    Vampiric ice cold beauty
    Cat's in the rain screaming

    all the hearts and Clover's

    She went to the thrift store to find yellow daffodil shoe's

    Small tender eyes melted

    The icecream shop with the picture of Jesus

    A comfortable place

    Oh the smell of Sweetness

    Small lights were in the skin of the young girl

    Eating flowers because she was shy

  • frosting 35w

    When my birthday is here
    I see a couple of morning petals

    Till all road's leading to the sky
    Bend into Bridges

    Closed eyelids cover my dreaming

    My merry star I miss your home

  • frosting 35w


    Sewn on flower's and pastel ribbon
    Spirit dismissed as a beautiful staggered man
    Call home through night eyelids.. departure
    secret intoxicated lamb's of white and hope
    Women hold their gold stars under pastel Waters
    I woke dreaming of petals that where blue and soft
    Lakes of honey and moonstone blankets collapsed
    In a old sky light of his drowning daughter

  • frosting 36w

    Night time

    I am a Stone
    Broken by light
    I bare my arm's

    I crawl and become star light
    I bare my heart on a torso of a blind man

    Look with me towards the heaven's
    Find me safe in the elements
    Carrying tools that anchor my will
    I am cries of wolf's and tiger's

    Let's bend the soil
    Left the faces sad
    I drawn true circle's
    I found a a solid star

    His was there also

  • frosting 36w


    Deep intoxicated women lay soft
    As the Sea gave birth to mermaids

    Winter playing dreaming
    Lovely dove of mornings
    Secret cakes and music

    I saw all the swallows fly
    Beautiful and Small animal's cried
    Golden wasp turn to the further skies

    I was a garden of pale flower's
    Her hands were smallest of talismans

    I cut my throat on diamond's
    Cut my wrist on Ruby's

  • frosting 36w


    I am home in his body of bones
    I wash clean the serpent's eye's
    Inside Jupiter Shell's

    The Bell's are ringing outside
    Invited guide's to see water dolphins
    Their spiritual bodies are blue
    Their eyesight is strange pale flower's

    I caught rainbows on my back
    What is the flesh of a god?

    Hand's and solitude
    Wishes and children

    Their hair Pink lilac's

    I am a Angel on the ceiling

    Oleander and cold creamy coffee