Positive vibes only.... Trying... still taking my baby steps

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  • g_h_o_s_t 1d

    Anxiety got me losing everything I ever wanted


  • g_h_o_s_t 1w

    Always Remember

    Cherish every moment
    You have with your loved ones
    Cuz nothing last forever
    Even your shadow leaves you when it's dark

  • g_h_o_s_t 3w

    As I saw this... I started crying.... Still crying self... Can't hold back my tears... This picture is too sad and deep

    Also am not against abortion or something like that so you don't get the wrong meaning of this post

    The picture is just very sad������������
    That I can't stop crying looking at it...
    By unknown writer

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  • g_h_o_s_t 3w

    Happy New Year guys
    May all your wishes, greatest desires and dreams come true
    May this year be the best of them all
    May peace and comfort find you this year
    May all the depressed hearts, the broken hearts, and to everyone who lost a loved one last year
    I pray you find comfort and love wherever it may be ❤️❤️

  • g_h_o_s_t 5w

    From a book

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    Together forever

    Drifting lightly like a dream,

    Demons danced in a sea of blood and on a mountain of bones;

    A gentleman does not question the warring swords within a thousand Li,

    Together forever through Life and Death unto the Highest Heaven!

  • g_h_o_s_t 5w

    A lifetime

    "A lifetime is not a gentle dance,
    A dance is a lifetime of bitterness;
    I will dance for you in this lifetime,
    Bitter or not I will dance a lifetime!”

  • g_h_o_s_t 6w

    If your gonna love me now
    Let me down gently
    Don't pretend like you don't want me

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    Just tell me

    If am not the one for you
    Why do you keep me wrapped around your fingers

    If am not the one for you
    Why do you keep calling me
    Telling me you miss the sound of my voice

    If am not the one for you
    Why do you want me to keep you warm

    If am not the one for you
    Why do you get jealous when you see me someone else

    If am not the one for you
    Why do you want me by your side always

    If your not the one for me
    Why do get sad when I ignore your messages


  • g_h_o_s_t 10w

    You don't know the pain that I feel
    Wasting time on love that wasn't real
    Leave me alone am just getting drunk and getting fucked up

    I still hear your voice in my head
    If I didn't feel the pain
    I can never feel alive

    I felt like I found myself but am lost again

  • g_h_o_s_t 10w

    Scared of love

  • g_h_o_s_t 11w

    By unknown writer

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