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  • gabby_ella 11w

    I've come all the way to reach my last straw
    Solely aiming the end of the ride, kicking against my flaws
    On the days that the sun shone
    On the days when the waters dripped from above me
    I've given up my all , and I though I slipped many times,
    I was hoping not to fall.
    Mr Makerman, I bring back this soil.
    I account to you of all my toils
    As though you did not anoint my head too with oil.
    I give up of my body , my pain, my suffering
    The never ending time of enduring
    The many evils that come my way, the demons that attacked at noon and at day
    You send your angels to sing to me the Hallelujah
    Dear Mr Makerman, I shush not to complain
    For all these many soils , we are not the same
    Even still i thank thee for holding this soil steady
    I give it all to You , I am ever ready .
    I bring back this soil , Mr Makerman
    Our mighty mighty Mr Makerman

  • gabby_ella 12w

    The people rejoiced the coming of a crossover
    Celebrations in white garments awaiting the encounter with the spirit of the Lord
    Indeed the new year had brought new hope
    The bells that had jingled across the globe
    Everyone with joy to their work places
    The fishermen to sea, the farmers to the fields, the others behind desks in the big cities
    There was peace in the air , then and only then did the pandemic break loose
    They called it the pandemic of the year before
    Then it became like the flood of the time of Noah
    Only that it drowned five times the people's number
    The lives lost , the families broken
    The churches closed and the faith of the people shaken
    Living becoming unbearable, growing from bad to worse
    The blood spilled on the land with a curse
    Though the people wailed to the Lord , what had been written had been written
    Those who survived had dreaded of a year so sour
    So that even at the twelfth month, the bells did not jingle at the merry hour
    gabby _ella

  • gabby_ella 13w


  • gabby_ella 16w

    The soil became thick and heavy overnight
    Another one of us has taken flight
    And you , you who was once a friend of mine
    You'd laugh with me when we'd gathered to dine
    The hour has reached and nobody cry
    Your fathers and your father's fathers are calling out to you
    Yet everyone of us would like to jump the inevitable loop
    The hour has reached and nobody cry
    The angels are singing and dancing in groups
    We both would love to see the King of far far away
    You chose to go before me, drenched me of all my happiness, all my gay
    What will I tell your mother and father?
    What will I tell your brothers and sisters?
    We'd all have to go , but you'd rather left untimely
    We're dressed in black , in sadness and weary
    We're marching to pay our homage and leave you below
    If you do see the King, tell Him we said Hello
    gabby _ella

  • gabby_ella 16w

    The people are coming, they're coming in abundance
    The employers and their employees show up in correct attendance
    The Big men and women shopping in the market have all the Kayaye chasing after them with their baskets
    "Pick me, boss pick me" , they're all exclaiming in their local languages
    As they're running, their pans keep falling
    The mosquitoes are singing in the stench of the gutters
    All yet still, the sun is scorching
    Yes He's seen, yes the Lord is watching
    Aroma of foods , different kinds are everywhere
    The preachermen , they're preaching yet with rubber bags in their hands
    They say they're doing God's work, yet some are listening and others are not
    The restaurants for the most local foods have Lumba's songs on repeat
    The children of the Kayaye are dancing despite the heat
    It's a typical day in Accra

  • gabby_ella 16w

    So it's all black and white now even before the fall of December
    Waking up to see you , right beside my body
    The days I was deaf to what the people murmured
    We didn't care about the rest of the world , no need to feel sorry
    The bond was rare , the chemistry an intense reaction
    I know you told yo momma about me but she wasn't impressed
    And there wasn't a night you slept beside me fully dressed
    You and I ,we don't exist, we're more like a fairytale
    We didn't live like folks from Riverdale
    You wouldn't fall for my flattery
    But with you, I've loved every intimacy,close to me or far far away
    We just say it all died between us,we don't feel same for each other anymore
    We're lying aren't we?
    We're with others but we do think of each other don't we?
    I'm guessing we weren't meant for each other but, I've loved you either way
    Every single day

  • gabby_ella 16w

    We'd take it back to yesterday, halfway through February
    My foe at the commence, my best friend's girlfriend
    You who it was the talk of town , an everyday trend
    Bumped into you, that cursed day , the mistake of a night
    Plunged my fingers inside your hair, tilted your face
    By then our hearts were running dangerous races
    Lip locking in the darkness, body to body, yet the mistake of a night
    Killing me softly and raking my back with all your ten fingers
    Was wrong,and you were wrong for me, I should have known
    I wouldn't be sitting here at your wedding, dreading bitterly from a cursed kiss
    Dreading solemnly from the mistake of a night

  • gabby_ella 19w

    I give you wine and you give me vinegar
    And yet all the men said what He put together let , no man put asunder
    I lay loose, but just for a little bit, and you drove me into the deepest trance
    And these my feet,they lost way in our dance
    All it is I felt was darkness, pure pain, it filled every living void
    So you came to me, you came to exploit
    I drank and wallowed up in my sorrows
    If I never knew you, never crossed your path
    I'd be a living whole not a walking dead
    I wouldn't drooling and my eye balls red
    Red of pain
    Give me reasons why we should start over
    Why I should let you in ,
    If I give you wine and you give me vinegar

  • gabby_ella 20w

    I met him at the play park in the 90s
    Love is better than money, he took me around the big cities
    There's always a price, assorted kind to pay for pleasure
    All my girls knew him and all his boys knew me
    Go out , eat spaghetti and drink root beers in our leisures
    I'd fallen, and fallen out of control beyond any kind of measure
    He offered to see my parents, show his face
    Billionaire boy , yet I knew my place
    Dressed in white and had sprinkled on me , the fine fine confetti
    There's always a price, assorted kind to pay for pleasure
    Unconsciously sold my happiness to billionaire boy
    Took of my garments each and every night, thrust into my very core
    So that he'd become the Oliver Twist, always, no constantly asking for more
    Of me.

  • gabby_ella 21w

    All the water has dried from out of my skin
    I've gone down every road, without and within
    I am among the generation dreading from the forbidden tree
    I bring back this soil though perforated countlessly
    Mighty, Mighty Mr. Makerman, I do come,i've made my way to You
    Though I tumble and fall,i'm right here today,i stand tall
    That I am one of the finest masterpiece of Our Mighty Mr. Makerman
    From dust to dust , from sunny days to rainy days
    From tripping and falling in my sin
    I've come, weak and weary to You, Mighty Mr. Makerman
    I've come tired and broken of the deeds of my fellow kind
    Take me, Great One Mr. Makerman, I cannot fight
    Hold me, steady ,seat me within the blinding lights
    I have come to You, I come ,Our Mighty Mighty Mr. Makerman