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  • galactus 2w

    तजु़रबा प्यार का खो बैठ
    तेरा थमा था कभी ।
    आज तुझे देख दिल का ज़ोर से धड़कना,
    तेरे छूने से धड़कन का संभलना ।

    तू जब भी बोले मेरा नाम,
    तेरा नाम अक्सर सुनाई आता है
    तेरा मुझसे रूठना मेरा तुझे मनाना,
    रूठना मानाना मनाना रूठना ।

    जब तेरे होठ उठे
    मेरे होठों से मिलने के लिए,
    जब तू ज़ोर से मुझे गले लगाए
    और एक बच्ची की तरह मुझे गले लगा के सोजाए ।

    ये तजु़रबे ने कुछ एहसास कराया मुझे
    मैने तो सिर्फ दिल ही दाव पे लगाया था
    आपने तो जान ही लेली हमारी ।


    credit of last two lines goes to Tarak Mehta (shailesh lodha ji) from Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma

    Picture credit - Me

    @seyfert I hope you remember these petals ��♥️

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  • galactus 5w

    North South ��♥️

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  • galactus 21w


    Another night , Sitting under this lifeless sky . I'm waiting !

    I'm waiting
    To let my eyes rest ,
    To let my mind in peace ,
    And to calm my unnerved heart !

    I'm waiting
    To adore the beauty which you loved more than yours ,
    To stare you until i fall asleep !

    I'm jealous
    No one owe you but why everyone loves you
    I guess
    For being who you are ,
    For the beauty your character holds and makes you glow !

    But those "everyone" who loves you . I see them not more than the voids who are far away ! From you , from us !

    That night you left me with the pain , I remember the effulgence of the moon , alleviate the ache of my soul .
    My eyes are still not dry , waiting for you ! Under this
    lifeless sky !

    // You left yourself in me//

    © Ashwani Singh

    Picture credit - Me

    #daadisbae @mirakee_ki_naanima

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  • galactus 23w

    Sometimes I feel like hope is a classic novel with cliched words which I'm tired of reading over and over again to keep my heart alive, A Novel promulgating you as the protagonist and setting me out as a spear-carrier, one who has no authorities over you or to get back to this serif once thrown out, yet my clogged throat screams for my mantle as my claggy eyes yet hope to hold your hands and walk my wildest paths with you, walk until the milestones stop describing us, walk until we forget where we started from but at the end of the day, it is all a dream.

    I often sit back in my darkest thoughts to summon the essence of this novel which gets bestrewed over the walls of my soul each time I open it up and I try to find you betwixt the black letters, smiling wide with shining eyes, talking with me about us but all that I end up receiving is your opaque shadow, which fades when I fall back.

    I'm the tired cause for weeks I'm amidst the pages of this novel and can't get off as your promise to keep promises hold me back.

    I want this rigmarole to get to an end as soon as possible but I never wish to turn the last leaflet off.

    © Ashwani Singh


    @augustleaf Thank You, Ashutosh for hosting such an amazing challenge.

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  • galactus 25w

    //being scourged on the basis of family and coterie you're born in is one of the worst things some people are still bearing and are befuddled of any fair//

    An 11 year old "DALIT" Boy, due to the curse of untouchability was kicked out of the village, by some superintended men considering themselves as superior, so that the sanctity of their village is preserved, he with his family was impelled to stay in a abandoned cottage in the outskirts of the village at the banks of a river

    // A Poor Boy who wasn't allowed to live with his freedom of living //

    On a daily basis he descried Childern of his age going school, playing together and of course living their lives the way they want to, but he wasn't sanctioned for this as according to the people around him if he did so, he will ruin the saintliness of village.
    The River near his house is dried yet he is not rightful to step in the vacancy.

    After the terribly hot summer as the murky clouds thumped against each other, those banks gleamed like star and just like any other year over calendar with it's tapping, dancing beads monsoon zonked those banks, quenching it's thirsty ebullience.
    Within few hours the river was filled back but the fear of ruining sanctity of river wasn't letting him step in, as the other Childern left his child like heart made him dip, he was lost in pertichor among the ripples until his soul felt it, but might his fate wasn't in his favour and the head of village found him in river.

    Unaware of his deed he was hauled out from the river to the village in front of everyone and was hung till death for the sacrosanctity of river.

    With his last breath he just questioned,

    // this is just One case and maybe a less cruel, but there are many more suffering at the other end let us all raise our voice before it's too late //

    ©Ashwani Singh


    @void This is my submission for The Challenge you hosted, Mihika.
    Thank You for this wonderful challenge and sorry for maybe exceeding the limit.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • galactus 27w

    That's after a long time hope this is not bad��❤️
    and yes you owe me a pen ����❤️

    #mirakee #friendship #love #thoughts #diary

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    And it happened again !

    I was writing a beautiful poetry but i ended up writing your name !
    I got lost in your thoughts now whom should i blame !
    Ink spilled out of my pen saying that I'm getting tamed !
    That's more than a million time you're writing her name !

  • galactus 31w

    If you'll even get the idea of love my heart holds for you, you'll end up falling in love with yourself !


  • galactus 32w

    This is just a part of what I've seen
    That is the most beautiful part of yours ❤️
    Happy 18 Faodail ❤️❤️

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    For You❤️

    This is the day
    When a wish came true
    The wish of having a daughter
    A sister,
    A friend and more

    Journey till now,
    was no less than a labyrinth for her
    She went through burning coal beneath her feet
    I only know she is the mightiest one i've ever seen
    Her words reflect her soul
    She is purest than a pure diamond,
    Not like others, playing fake roles.

    This person is a beautiful mystery
    Who never easily openes up
    The worthiest of all , just like captain rogers !!
    Who really never give up

    For me ! just words are not enough
    To express my emotion
    Im really the happiest today
    This day a wish came true :)


  • galactus 35w

    Do you know?

    Even tho we're far apart !
    If I'm the darkness then you're the star
    If my life is a movie then you're the best part
    The reason I love you so much is because you got
    My heart ❤️

  • galactus 36w

    तुम सिर्फ ज़िद करना चांद देखने की ,
    में तुम्हें आइना दिखा दूंगा ।