my friends are my life

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  • galaxius 14w

    Seeds of love

    I have sown
    The seeds of love
    In the barren land
    Of your heart
    Though they
    Will take time
    But I am sure
    Sooner or later
    They will bloom
    The roses of love

  • galaxius 14w


    If people treat
    You like an option

    Then leave them
    Like a choice

  • galaxius 14w

    Truth about love

    Don't love too deeply
    Until you are sure that
    The other person loves u
    With the same depth

    Because the depth of
    Your love today is the
    Depth of your wound

  • galaxius 14w


    The more u love
    The more u will cry

    The more u trust
    The more u die

    The more u talk
    The more u miss

  • galaxius 14w


    Some people come
    Into your life

    Only to teach you
    How to live alone

  • galaxius 24w


    To be yourself for someone

  • galaxius 32w

    People always choose
    To break The
    Kindest hearts

  • galaxius 32w


    Let them go
    If they
    Never intended to stay

  • galaxius 33w

    With age
    Comes wisdom

    With travel


  • galaxius 35w

    Truth about life

    Being born poor
    Is not your fault

    But dying poor
    Is your fault