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  • gameingog 2d


    I Have These Feelings Inside
    I Don't Know What To Do
    Should I Let Them Out
    Or Should I Just Keep Them
    Deep Down I Feel Stuck
    I Don't Want To Hide My Feelings
    But I Must I Don't Know If You
    Feel The Same Way
    Clouds The Mind

  • gameingog 3d

    I Choose Door Number 1

    I Choose Door Number 1 As In
    I'm Looking For My One True
    Soulmate One In Particular
    Where We Can Share Our Life together
    Will You Join Me In This
    Life Forever

  • gameingog 3d

    Life Inside Of A Box
    I Feel Trap In A Dimension
    Where There's No Escaping The Unknown Universe


  • gameingog 5d

    Wondering Thoughts

    As I Begin To Wonder
    I Write Down My Thoughts
    And Put Them Into Poetry
    Thinking About My Life
    And Where I'll In Up
    Although Our Fate Could Lead
    Us To One Another
    Maybe What I Need
    Along Is You Only Time
    Will Tell Until Then
    My Dear I'll Look For
    You In The Sky

  • gameingog 1w

    Angel Eyes

    These Are Special Kind Of Eyes
    They Can Look Though Your Soul
    They Tell A Story These Eyes Are Different They're Unique They Are A Gift You Can Tell The Difference
    Only A Few People Have These Eyes
    Like I said Before Heaven Is In Those Eyes And You're That Angel

  • gameingog 1w


    The Clock Stops
    There's No Time
    To Stop We Must Keep Going
    Where Do We Go What Do We Do
    Running With No Where To Go
    I Feel We're Running In Circles
    But We Are So Close To
    Our Destiny

  • gameingog 2w

    A Whole New World

    A Whole New World
    We Can Create Together
    We Can Have It All
    Would You Join Me
    Can You Feel The Things
    I Feel Right Now Take
    My Hand And We Can
    Make This Happen
    But Only If You
    With Me I Truly
    Believe That Beauty
    Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

  • gameingog 2w


    I Find Myself Thinking What If
    What Is Really Our Fate What Is The Meaning Of This Matter What Is
    The Real Destination I Guess We're
    Never Until We Reach It What It
    Is I Don't Really Know But It Gotta Be
    Something Within Reach Whatever It Takes
    Us I'll See You Soon

  • gameingog 3w

    Heaven's In You're Eyes

    You Have This Look About You
    The Kind That Says I'm Here To Show
    The World What I'm Made Of A Bit
    Sassy At Time But That Just Show's That You Have Confidence About Yourself That Just Something I Noticed
    You And That Beautiful Smile That Lights Up The Room I Can't Deny That
    You're A Major Hottie Because
    Heaven Is In You're Eyes

  • gameingog 3w

    The Best Things In Life Are Free

    Love Caring sharing The Best Things That You Could Ever Do The Power To Love Ever Thing Around You And What You Do Says A lot About You So Enjoy It No Matter What It Is Because You Doing Something That Make Happy And My Dear Friends Is Alright