gane_kris between moons, i saw life, as perplexed as me.

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  • gane_kris 5w


    Leaning against the yellow pages the pale face did shiver. The cold night and its stubborn winds were enough of an outside ruckus. Holding still, the pages turned into himself, he looked around. It's almost time. Now it's time for the burial of the sense. This world has gone too far, far beyond its reaches. Shores are left without hopes, and hopes were miseries. The world has only two communities now. First order and the Second Order. About twenty two years ago, on this day, this moment, we failed.

    (To be Contd...)

  • gane_kris 7w

    Growing up, the world says to you... sons and daughters, dream 'to be'. And some thrive just like that, some from heights and some from pite, keeping expectations of the world aside by manifesting themselves, but reaching the heights, they understand, the life and its dreams were not it supposed it b, like these.

    Sushant, I may know what you have gone through. I still remember how @kishan and me had a discussion on your life, how you moved to Mumbai, taking so much of effort, only for the fulfillment of your passion. And now you have gone. Gone for the fact that you were not that someone who could pretend a lifetime waiting to convince yourself that you are. Instead, I am happy that you were not amaterialist, self promoting celebrity, a simple person rather than a Bollywood product. Whether the question Bollywood has failed you or not remains a questionnaire.

    Looking back, I could understand, it is that state of mind, when you get to understand nothing matters after all, either you live pretending or you live for escaping. Who can blame you for such a decision, you were not heard, and you'll never be, because none wants to, afterall this world is not good place, it is only for self loving, retarded people like us, who live a life time not making sense and die, soon to be forgotten.

    However, I may know some of you, the feeling of not being able to express, or make sense in a world that the very self you're identified with, is not useful for your inner self., I still remember my post graduation days dealing with depression., sleep deprived, wordless, motionless being from a person who used to write everyday and upload, I became a person with no words, writing nothing, although I found some refuge in movies, and that battle still going unexpressed, witnessing how the self within me have been changing , I could understand the very fact, the 'I' doesn't make much sense to this world, with or without it, the world goes on, as it is.

    Like the title of a famous Malayalam story goes 'a small world, and big people' I do understand the implications of such a pain, still deep within me, unheard and unexpressed,. However, it's that realization that makes a person who you are, I may find myself to be sad for not getting phonecalls or messages for days and months, even then, moving on, I can accept the very fact what person we i am used to be, reflects how you get identified and makes meaning.

    And that's where, everything matters. This is world you makes sense only when you're able enough to make advantages, able enough to an opportunist, for a world it is.

    If anybody thinks calling a person changes the depression he or she is going through, it doesn't. You'll never know it. It's something deep, a process that keeps on happening, making the person adjust with changes than confirming to what he/she is used to be. And decoding it needs understanding rather than attention, for that? You need to share similarities. There, the experiences differs, thinking differs, but, battling depression is a self made process, we all may go through it, and overcomes eventually, and that is something inevitable that helps us understand ourselves..

    But, when we look at life, depression becomes a reality, it'll keep asking, who are you and what you are doing, everyday, every moment, and how much the world materialise the idea of mental health, life is still an unsolved puzzle that could change everything you have build in one moment of thought, and that may succumb in like a parasite, allowing you to be victorious over life, in , and helps you to become universe and everything,which can be never be understood with the limited, materialised and structuralised thinking patterns of minimal world.

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    Once you start confronting the world,
    You will understand, the world is not what you think it is,
    It is rather horrifying and senseless...

    And we're nothing but, unwelcomed guests.


  • gane_kris 8w

    Life is all about placing yourself in the middle of a void, and asking you to wait, and to see the void getting filled and becoming empty again. And, just like that, you become the void. Then, you repeat, again.

    Listen, you are there. See yourself.

    Nothing of this matters, whoever you are, whatever you are, You are that void.
    The Universe.


  • gane_kris 9w

    Protests often end with no results.
    You can defeat institutional racism with the pretext.
    But, the question is..
    Can socially embedded racism be stopped with a protest!!
    It may further create racial divide.

    Racism, discrimination, pride, prejudice, divisiveness, separatism etc. can only be dealt with revolutions.

    And revolutions are not supposed to be atrocious. Rather is characterized by inclusion, perception and eventuality.
    In this regard, it takes time when the world understands every life matter.

    The reality is, the world is not a good place.

    Only through keeping differences aside and identifyng yourself beyond the structural implications, by placing yourself in a larger context, only then, the white or the black, Hindu or Muslim etc. can be broken to be a human, and only through such a way you could find a pinch of equality.

    And your identity, should be kept a something what make you worth, but not something defines you. This is where, this issues exist.

    The more assertion, the more the divide.


  • gane_kris 11w

    I wish.

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    Sympathising is easy,
    Sharing the pain isn't.


  • gane_kris 12w


    Do not inspire me, the wreck has found freedom in it
    piety lies, the consistent headache, the summer tales
    avenge the guardian now, off with the wings.

    Far, far away, the sun spinned and the moon hid.
    the Gods come out, and they danced blood and hopes.
    And them left the world barren.

    When the nearest flower blooms tommorow, the night owl will stumble upon thee. With rage. God's must pretend then, or scream.

    I understand now, everything. Although, the Gods won the battle. Bearing shame. Soon I'll come to you, and I'll tear you apart. And I'll become God, and then we repeat. The lies of salvation.


  • gane_kris 12w

    Meyham and Pollen grains

    The meyham calls and I have the last pack of pollens, untouched.
    The shores I hung up are gone dry and sour
    your viles plead now.

  • gane_kris 14w

    Rare : Chapter 1

    It’s hard to begin. All of it, and every moment is scary now. What for? Chris could not digest anything that life saved him for. Not so long ago, he had its share. Breaking down nerves deep down, the frolic measures of his life stood so real and asked him, why? The answers remian emotionless as Chris
    had no choice than letting his eyes behold ruins. It's winter now. Along with the pale snows the mind found comfort in something unbearable. Silence. Or does it?


  • gane_kris 15w

    No more words.

  • gane_kris 15w

    My heart is a wreck now
    for all the things you gave me 'life'
    I'll never write again.