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  • garachibi_sushi 10w

    My Oshi Part 2

    Adorable is your smile and attitude, Dear i promise I'd love to pay back your attitude

    You are amazingly amusing never serious, Always comical, entertaining and hilarious

    You're truly awesome, you perform good deeds which other think troublesome nothing for you are burdensome that's why everyone calls you winsom

    You act mature, hard from the inside, a child in you peep babyishly from inside

    smiling elegantly and convincing, you cheerful some of all this makes you charming

    Thinking you makes you realistic, pure and refined, and angelic


  • garachibi_sushi 10w

    The Girl that I like

    Her eyes, is shining like a star, his eyes is like a beautiful rainforest, but most of all, his love is endless, a girl happy and fierce,

    She is not perfect, no one is perfect, but you know what a person like her, will hold my arms

    I admit I was afraid to love, not just to think that I will get embarrassed, but to love her forever,

    It was just like nature, if I ever wrote her name in a place the dust will blew it away, if I ever wrote her name in the sand, the water will wash it away, but if I ever write it in my heart, it will forever stay.


  • garachibi_sushi 10w


    Day by day, I have noticed that I need to say goodbye, just like a firefly losing its light in the middle of the night, somehow I lost the fight in the battle, I fell silently.... Neatly and can't barely walk, my body fell down in pieces of rubbles, the enemy rattles....

    But in the midst of defeat, doesn't mean to give up, it only means one thing, to rise up, your defeat will be the power to use against your foe, a defeat doesn't make you weak it makes you learn, it makes you strong, it makes you smart,

    a defeat is just like a million practices all packed together in a single moment, a moment full of lessons to learn, a moment that makes you realise that you need to change , and most of all, to fight.


  • garachibi_sushi 11w


    Have you ever feeled heartbroken so bad?, That you feel like a shattered glass, have you ever felt the relationship you have built feel like a trash? I have seen people sad but don't let alone your feelings make you mad

    Being heartbroken is a temporary feeling it will go away like a sick person recovering, but let me tell you this "you are not alone", because someday, those feelings will strengthen you alone, so be brave, stand up, fight it, there's no way of going around to it, face it! because it is only a feeling that yourself tell's you.. alot...

  • garachibi_sushi 11w


    Even on my best days I still want to cry
    My mind just kept telling me, just give up I Want you to die, my heart just keeps beating
    My chest taunts me, but soon I know God will save me.

    I'm scared on all of those voices inside my head that I can't sleep I can't let them win, I kept fighting and fighting, but it was not enough..

    I hate being empty, I hate being sad, I show people that Im fine but in reality I'm broken so bad, so I will just find a person to place colors in my heart

  • garachibi_sushi 11w

    My Oshi

    If I could go back in time, to see your smile,
    I'd search and find you right away, I was drowning in a sea of despair and hate, and the only one who can save me is you everyday.

    You are the ocean of my dreams, while
    I was just a boy who loves the waves, but was completely terrified to swim, you are a star that shine so bright, that I can't help my eyes to see you in the night,

    In all of times I have fought darkness, and the only one who could motivate me is you, you bring me hope, my precious oshi, well that's
    dope,so i just made you this poem so that I feel I made your day, goodluck kami-oshi take care and we support you every day and night