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  • garvmalara 58w

    Sonia man, you will be missed terribly ����

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    Miss ya forever

    A dumb boy who didn't know E of English language,
    The one who always had tension about English on his visage.
    Oh my my, he passed class VIIth somehow,
    But he didn't know that his fate was gonna change from that now.
    As in class VIIIth a teacher came who took an oath of making him perfect,
    She taught him like a guardian and made him learn how to remain tact.
    Finally at half yearly, her hard work behind him got reflected,
    As the boys got marks in English like the toppers did.
    In IXth too she continued her journey with him,
    She didn't let the light over him to get dim.
    "I dont have good communication skills. ", the boy had this conception,
    But this mis-conception proved wrong when she took her to elocution.
    Mon dieu! In Xth she left school n left him alone,
    Why did she do that isn't yet known!
    She was his favourite, she was like his mother,
    It would have been better if they continue tenth together.
    Ma'am please come back, he is crying out there,
    Once again ask him to do textual answers in fair.
    You are ineffable, you will remain his favourite of all times,
    Because you are the one because of whom he did shine.

  • garvmalara 67w

    Treatment of people

    How my mates treat me-
    Ohh my god! You are slim, so sad.

    How my close friends treat me-
    Since you are slender, yoy should eat high calorie food.

    How my best friend treat me-
    You are good my bff because of you many people are getting food. Moreover health doesn't matter, what matters is your behaviour.

  • garvmalara 67w

    By unknown writer

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    Who knew, valentine in India was gonna be black,
    Who knew that 44 CRPFsoldiers would never come back.
    Those chicken hearts have again shown us their intrusion,
    Because of them today the our whole nation is in dejection.
    Not once not twice but they attack us again and again,
    Alwats they left our country with an everlasting pain.
    Its all about jealousy, religion and politics,
    Dont remain frustrated because its the time to fix it, fix!!
    Today in J&k tomorrow it could be the same in our U.K.,
    Again India could face one more black and depressing day.
    Time to take revenge, time to be active,
    Time to make them cry, time for something massive.
    If they killed 44, lets devastate their whole nation,
    Lets join hands to ruin their reputation and situation.
    Dont just expect everything from government, we too have some power,
    As vanishing terrorism is the need of the hour.
    Garv Malara
    (Dedicated to our shaheeds)

  • garvmalara 75w

    The sad reality of life- FAKE FRIENDS

    After a prolonged period when we met,
    Between us there was no chit-chat.
    Nothing remained between us on which we could talk,
    The sky started wounding itself as we started to walk.
    Unlike earlier, no interaction was there,
    No brotherhood, no love and no care.
    He never called me even he possessed my number,
    No childhood's bewitching memories he did remember.
    Suddenly, there came a snake which was really petrifying,
    Seeing it we started wailing and crying.
    As the snake came nearer and nearer,
    Our eyes were forced to release tears.
    Oh! He pushed me so that the snake would bite me and he could safely go,
    But as Grand Shiva was seeing everything and probably ordered the snake not to do so.
    The snake at the moment turned back and left the place,
    Seeing it's eccentric behaivour I too left that place.
    I got to know the true reality of the person whom I was calling as my best friend,
    I was blaming myself when we both became friends by joining our hands.
    He was like a shadiw who just followed me under sun and pushed me in dark,
    This incident left on my heart, an indelible mark.
    -Garv Malara
    ( Awas vikas niwasi)