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  • gaur29 6w

    Is it?

    Standing in my balcony
    I close my eyes.
    Gentle drops wet my face
    As a cool breeze wipes it
    Mesmerized in the combination
    I open my eyes
    To look beyond in the sky
    But my vision is blocked
    By innumerable bricks
    Cemented together to form house.

    I close my eyes.
    A coy fragrance engrosses my senses
    And instantly I'm in a meadow
    Measuring the ever beyond grasslands
    Excitedly I open my eyes
    I do see an ever beyond stretch
    But of cars and vehicles
    Parked in almost every house.

    I close my eyes.
    A faint eerie sound trickles my ears
    My feet spontaneously spring up in dance
    Momentarily I'm lost and deaf
    Astonished I open my eyes
    I do hear eerie sounds
    Rather noise
    Of hip and pop loud speakers.

    This time I don't close my eyes.
    I look upward
    In the little space of sky
    I see black meshes of cotton
    Thunderbolt and lightening.
    I recall the month
    And realise
    That it'd never before been
    Associated with rain or storm
    I am taken aback.

    I go inside and the news flashes
    The eruption of a volcano
    I am taken aback.
    I switch the channel
    And I see
    The enormous executive power
    Of the pandemic Corona
    Hundreds of thousands of people
    Affected or DEAD.
    I am taken aback.

    Het up I come to my room
    Thinking who to blame for this?
    Few names cross my mind
    But I'm unable to decide.
    Eventually I'm stuck in a question

    "Is it the end of the world?"


  • gaur29 9w

    So it's my birthday today. I've completed my sweet sixteen. It's been hell of a journey I learnt, laughed , bonded , blah blah blah ����
    I am an ICSE board grade 10 student. When my exam schedule came in, I was delighted au the fact that my exams will end on 30th March and my birthday is on 29th, so I'll have a lot of time to celebrate and stuff����
    And as you're aware, due to the corona outbreak, the country has been locked down, not that I'm complaining. I realise the gravity of home quarantine and lockdown and I support it too ✌️��
    Moreover I have a chance to experience quarantined birthday, not that I'm complaining ��
    I realised a life long valuable aspect of life-
    'Life is unpredictable '
    It's so unpredictable that you can't schedule your entire day, you don't know what's next, you can't halt a natural phenomena and you can't progress am unnatural desire, not that I'm complaining��
    Now I believe in going with the flow, embracing whatever comes in because whatever happens, happens for the best����
    I wish that all the people working to protect our earth, people who are serving selflessly are blessed in abundance always������
    Thankyou Mirakee for helping me grow as a writer, reader and person. I'm grateful ��


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  • gaur29 10w

    Humans versus Corona

    The humanity is perhaps going through it's worst phase.
    There is a sense of threat and terror and fear.
    There is a tone of restlessness and anguish and impatience.
    The news of the increasing number of deaths, around the globe is indeed bitter and painful and somewhere empathetic, too.

    But this is us versus an invisible devil.

    We can't let it win, we just can't.
    We can't let it shatter the dreams of unborn eyes.
    We can't let it make us go through fearful trill.
    We can't, can't and can't.

    United we stand, divided we fall
    And if we fall, we'll have nothing to receive and everything to grieve.

    In this time of despair and fear,
    I request you to stand together as one nation,
    Follow the guidelines of the government,
    Keep inside as much as possible,
    This is for you and your loved ones,
    This is for the mankind.

    I pledge to follow the instructions of the leadership. Let's stay away from fake news, keep patient and I believe, then all will turn good.

    I pledge to stand united, do you?

  • gaur29 11w


    I support corona,
    It brought families together
    With helluva time
    To sit and chat
    To gossip and laugh!

    I support corona,
    It awared about hygiene
    To wash hands
    To keep clean
    And to stay safe!

    I support corona,
    It helped recede pollution,
    No plane, no car
    Means no air scar
    And clear waters amidst all!

    I see corona
    As Nature's own way
    To reset herself

    I see corona
    As our means of life
    Trying to revive
    Her own life!

    Not to forget,
    It cost us
    More than
    Seven thousand lives,
    This is something,
    Mother Nature
    Learnt from humans,
    Giving only to those who give!

    Yes, I support corona.


    #corona #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @kunaln @diksha16 @avigos01 @sanjay_writes @barbie_gurl @geraldine_mary @monikakapur

    @carolyns_challenge I'd written this sometime back and it matches with your challenge, so��

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  • gaur29 39w

    Every person that you meet has a past. Don't judge 'em on looks.


  • gaur29 41w

    She was walking through a field with her friend when she spotted a small fragrant flower and picked it up. She was a Goddess, Womane. Of about some billion years ago, is this tale and so told.
    The Earth was being created at that time. Most of the things like water cycle, photosynthesis, air composition, etc had been sorted. The only thing that the Gods and Goddesses were still ruminating about was 'reproduction', how new creatures would come on Earth.
    It was after a meeting on this issue that Womane was walking through a field with her friend, an angel.
    Hitherto, nothing ever had occupied her thoughts so much. She was thinking this only when she spotted a small fragrant flower and picked it up. White colour, rounded petals, strong thalamus and some extraordinary fragrance, "Ah!", she blurted.
    In the next meeting, she brought the flower with her and before anyone stood up to speak, " My dear colleagues, the problem is resolved, I have found a solution." She was very respected by the Gods and Goddesses, they believed her. " We will create a creature just like this flower. White signifying its purity and ambiance, round leaves its all round personality, thalamus its robust, and its fragrance implying that it will spread beauty and happiness." The delegation went awe.
    "And none other creature I think would be enough responsible to create. Creation is something meant to be done by us, and this creature would do the same too but with something better and that's it fragrance."
    And their name you know.

    #flower #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    @avigos01 @kunaln @endofeternity @diksha16 @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    Story in caption

  • gaur29 44w

    Don't suppress anyone
    'cause silence
    and sadness
    Bleed poetry
    Whose beauty
    As a beast will
    Extirpate you


  • gaur29 49w


    R E N D E R S

    R E N D E R S

    R E N D E R S

    R E N D E R S

    R E N D E R S

    R E N D E R S

    June 23, 2k19

  • gaur29 50w

    #personification #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    Greetings everyone!
    This is my participation for a real interesting challenge of the day✌️
    Here I have personified what we speak, hear, discuss about: a thing that we all can't survive without...


    Meet Mr Word:
    For anyone and everyone,
    From anyone and everyone.
    A competent servant,
    A terrible master,
    An intriguing intellect,
    A thick inarticulate,
    A candid rational,
    An inexplicit emotional,
    A cultivated doctor,
    An ailing stoical,
    A fascinating mentor.
    Upskilled in all trades,
    Mr Word is he who:
    With his enchanting presence
    Can mend a trauma.
    With his sturdy robust
    Can win a war
    With his raspy shrill
    Can effectuate a defilement.
    With his entailed apparition
    Can square plush exuberance.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @avigos01 @kunaln @miss_bonkers @diksha16 @sourabh_99 @saphaira @lovenotes_from_carolyn @alluring001

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    Meet Mr Word

    Mr Word is blessed by God
    With enthralling elegance
    And berserk facade

  • gaur29 51w

    This is my submission for the 'Word Invention Wednesday'.

    The word invented by me is-
    Saurg- Sunshine; noun

    The tenebrosity fades,
    As the vivid saurg upswings,
    The crestfallen spirit drifts,
    As the jouissance lifts.

    I latched on to the panorama,
    Situated beyond the blue shore,
    Steadily exuding from behind the hill,
    The august saurg raising.

    Devouring the eclipsing shadow,
    Saurg springs again,
    It's manifest glory,
    That mandates anew.

    Refreshing sanguine presages,
    Saurg brims the epoch with shimmer,
    Multitude fosters with the gesticulation,
    All motley corcuscates and the saurg grins...


    #ceeswordinvent #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    @avigos01 @kunaln @miss_bonkers @diksha_16

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