It takes one good decision to either make your life worth, or one bad to destroy it. Choose wisely.

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  • gaurav_purohit 7w

    Kissa Adhura

    Tum jaise koi hassen sa chehra ho,
    Ya ho tum mere khayalo ki kitaab ka koi kissa.

    Tumhare sath hone se hota hai yeh kissa pura,
    Aur jo tum na ho to rahega ye kissa har waqt adhura.

    Tum na ho to rahega yeh kissa adhura.


  • gaurav_purohit 9w

    Somethings and some people becomes so important for our life, that we cannot understand their importance while they are with us. Only time we see the bigger picture is when they are long gone. Regret is all we are left with.

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    The Book

    'You were that book, which was lost without even being read.
    You were that book which was not meant for my life's shelf.'


  • gaurav_purohit 18w


    Ek subah jisme vo thandi hawa ka nasha na ho,
    Ek subah jisme vo uthne ka josh na ho.

    Ek subah jaha sirf tumhari yaad ho,
    Ek subah jaha sirf tumhare sath guzra kal ho.

    Ek subah jaha sirf dard se bhare shikve ho,
    Ek subah jaha tumhe khone ka ehsaas ho.

    Aisi koi subah nai jaha tum meri yaado me na ho,
    Aisi koi meri neend nai jisme tumhare sapne na ho.

    Ek subah ayegi aisi bhi shayad jaha tumhari yaad na ho,
    Ek subah ayegi aisi bhi jisme tumhare sapne na ho.

    Yaado k yeh dhaago se bani hai zindagi meri,
    Choti si kashti hai zindagi meri,
    Toofano se nai dara karti hai ye zindagi meri.
    Lad kar khada hona bhi janti hai ye zindagi meri.

    Tum raho na raho zindagi me meri,
    Ye yaado ka kissa rahega hamesha zindagi me meri.

  • gaurav_purohit 19w

    Mohabbat karna asaan kaha, Mohabbat nibhana itna asaan kaha. Khuli aakho se jo mohabbat ho vo mohabbat hi kya. Band aakho se jo mohabbat dikhe uske jaisa sukoon kaha.

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    Jab baate kam hoti thi,
    Tab man beth sa jata tha.

    Jab tumhari yad aati thi,
    Tab tumhari tasveer dekh khudko samet leta tha.

    Jab doori badhne lagi,
    Tab man me dar sa bethne laga.

    Jab mujse jyada koi aur jyada khaas banne laga,
    Tab khushi k sath man me apne ek gam bhi dafnane laga.

    Jab tum choti choti baato par ruthne lagi,
    Tab tumko khudse dur jaata dekh muskurane laga.

    Jab tumhari khushi meri manzil thi,
    Tab manzil k bich archan kaise ban sakta tha.

    Jab Mohabbat tumhari rooh se thi,
    Tab tumhare liye apne har gam me bhi muskarane me kya mazaa tha.

    Jab tumhe jaana hi tha mujse dur,
    Tab tumhe apne pass kaise rok sakta tha.


  • gaurav_purohit 19w


    Your kindness in every situation,
    Does not mean that you are Weak.

    Your silence for others happiness,
    Does not mean you are scared.

    Your every failed attempts for your priority,
    Does not mean you have to loose hope.

    In life, we should always be a little more kinder than necessary,
    Little more patient than time required for things to change,
    And a little more nicer than the world expects us to be.

  • gaurav_purohit 19w


    Kuch logo k intezaar me saari zindagi nikal jaati hai,
    To kuch logo k sath ek zindagi bhi kam pad jaati hai.

    Jinhe hum sabse jyada pyaar karte hai, vai hume bich rah chod aage badh jaate hai,
    Aur jinhe humse lagav hota hai unhe hum nazarandaz kar jaate hai.

    Zindagi k maaine ab jarurato se tole jate hai,
    Ek pal iske sath dusre pal uske sath baate jate hai.

    Jab jazbat mere unki zid k aage na tikke,
    To ye kalam kya kar payegi.

    Par shabd mere khudgarz itne k panno pe utar te chale jayenge,
    Umeed meri zindagi se itni uchi k aaj bhi unke aane ka intezaar karte chale jayenge.


  • gaurav_purohit 20w

    This is a two way thought. A tribute to the one who sacrifised his all to save all his loved ones. And to give my message to the one to be happy and calm, as one prayer will always be their for her forever.

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    Sometimes we give in our all to get what we desire,
    And sometimes we just hold back and look our desired part moving away from us.

    Sometimes life makes you meet to people, who after a certain stage becomes an important part of your life,
    While sometimes the same people have to leave for all of us betterment.

    Sometimes they choose to stay wid us,
    Sometimes they choose to leave us.

    Life will always have lessons for us ready in every different stage of our life,
    Life will make us meet people and make us watch them leaving.

    What matters the most is the way we fight in the endgame of our own life,
    How we fight our emotion for those who left us and also for those who are with us till the end.

    We should always be thoughtful for the people who came to our life,
    Thoughtful for those who stayed and also for those who left.

    3 most important people left me,
    All with different reasons and ways.

    I always want and wish them to be happy wherever they are,
    Cause i believe in faith.

    My endgame strategy depends on faith to always think good for all those who came to my life and taught me something or other.

    I choose to be good one and will always pray good even flr those who left me.

    I choose to go away and fight my endgame on my own.

  • gaurav_purohit 24w

    Sometimes your pen writes what your heart says so. #writings #writersblog #mkrakeewritings.

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    Vo jaise the kisi khwaab k piche,
    Hum to bas chalte rahe unke piche.

    Vo jaise aane wale kal k intezaar me,
    Hum to bas kal unke k sath bitaye lamho ki yad me.

    Vo jaise naye zamaane k kirdaar the,
    Hum to wahi purane zamaane k musafir the.

    Vo jaise gulaab ka phool,
    Hum jaise ussi phool k kaate.

    Yeh alfaaz aaj unhe koi maaine nai rakhte, iska koi gum nai,
    Kyuki unke liye to aaj hum khud bhi maaine nai rakhte isme koi doraahe nai.

    Insaan ek hai yaha, par nakab aneek hai yaha,
    Samaj nai aata sach kya aur jhooth kya hai yaha.

    Mohabbat k teer se chhali hue hai janaab,
    Ghaav bharne me bhi samay lagega janaab.

    Hamari kalam bhale hi unn jitni majboot na ho,
    Par mohabbat hamari unse kai jyada majboot hai.

  • gaurav_purohit 25w

    We all have some bad and negative phases in our lives. But the point for that phase is not to stop us from doing something we love, but to make us even more tough to face the challenges we could have while acheiving them. Learn to remain positive in every scenario. #mirakeewriters #messagewithmeaning #wordporn.

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    Besabra hai zindagi meri aajkal,
    Haalato se lad kar jeet rahi meri zindagi aajkal.

    Besabra hai mere khwaab aajkal,
    Ouchaio se hath mila rahe mere khwaab aajkal.

    Besabra hai ye zamana aajkal,
    Betha intezaar me mere aane wale kal k aajkal.

    Besabra hai ye sab hakikat aajkal,
    Ek ek kar dikhai de rahi muje sab aajkal.

    Par iss besabri me besabra se betha mera ek darr aajkal,
    Kahi lee na jaye ye saari khusiyaan mera ye darr aaj iss pal.

    Fir ussi besabri se ek kiran bhi ujagal hui,
    Apni roshni se iss dar ko bhi vo pigla gai.

    Ab besabri me sirf mere khwaab hai,
    Jinhe hakikat se milana hai,
    Har zamane ko dikhana hai,
    K zindagi ko hassen banane ka kaam sirf hamara hai.


  • gaurav_purohit 26w


    Ye waqt bhi kya ajeeb se pal de jata hai,
    Kabhi jeene ki khushi to kabhi marne ka gam de jaata hai.

    Ye waqt bhi kya bodh de jaata hai,
    Jete ji parishram aur marne k bad moksh ka matlab samja jaata hai.

    Ye waqt bhi kya sabak sikha jaata hai,
    Jo zinda rehkar apna na ho saka aur jo marne k bad bhi apna raha uska bhed baata chala jaata hai.

    Ye waqt bhi kya sachai baya kar jaata hai,
    Waqt k sath chalne aur waqt k khilaf chalne ka anjaam bata chala jaata hai.

    Ye waqt ka khel hai janaab,
    Vichitra anjaamo se, manzil ki beparvah raaho se iska alag hi varchasva hai.