The soul of an artist

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  • gazal2803 10w

    @syaahi_22 This poem is because of her.��
    Hope you guys like it..��

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    Kaamyaab ya kaabil

    Kaamyabi har kisi ko nahi milti,
    Hosla har kisi ka bulannd nahi hota,
    magar ye zaroori nahi ki har,
    wo insaan kaamyaab nahi hota...
    Sapne har koi dekhta hai,
    lekin puree har kisi ke nahi hote,
    jiske dil main kar dikhane ka hunar ho,
    wo insaan kabhi nakamyab nahi hota✌
    Log toh khali marks dekhte hai,
    ek kamyaab insaan bhi humesha kamyaab nahi hota..
    Thokar unko lagti hai jo,
    kuch kar ke dikhaye, kyuki
    ouper wala koi chiz kharab nahi bnata..

  • gazal2803 10w

    Sometimes, things happen which we do not expect..but we came to know later on that it force us to leads to our destination and make us successful....

  • gazal2803 11w


    Beautiful faces are everywhere, but
    beautiful souls are very rare..
    They have a beautiful mind and,
    come everywhere with a dazzling shine.
    When their life gets dark, they
    throw lights from their burning heart.
    They see things differently and,
    that is why, they are the one who,
    stand out in the crowd,
    with a different way out.
    These beautiful souls don't beg for a chance to glow,
    rather, the chance beg for these beautiful souls.

  • gazal2803 12w

    Who says that a doctor,
    couldn't have any other profession.
    I say they can have many professions.
    Although the subject they are studying today will definitely save someone's life tomorrow..but,
    Doctor is their profession and poetry is their for each individual who want to have many profession..
    Just listen to your heart and do whatever you want to do...

  • gazal2803 12w

    Some individuals say Life is a race,
    but I say NO.
    Some say we can't achieve anything,
    if we are not talented.
    But still I say NO.
    The only thing I say was that,
    Life is a beautiful journey, and
    We can achieve anything,
    if we work hard and
    enjoy what we are doing.
    We must not underestimate our goals,
    rather we must underestimate,
    ourselves and our talents,
    to achieve success in life..

  • gazal2803 12w


    Life is something we can't understand,
    Life is 10%what we make it, and
    90% how we take it..
    We have one life with limited time,
    Time moves fast and at the end we only have regret..
    So, live your life with happiness and joy

  • gazal2803 12w

    We can close our eyes for the things we don't want to see, but we can't close our hearts for the things we don't want to feel....

  • gazal2803 12w

    Go for someone who is not only proud to have you, but will also take every risk just to be with you.....!

  • gazal2803 13w


    Jannat ka har lamha dedaar kiya tha, godh main uttahakar jab maa ne pyaar kiya tha,
    Maa ki izzat karo kyuki wahi ek karz h jo har dum savaar rehta h,
    Wo maa ka pyaar hi h jo sab par udhar rehta hai ...
    #love you mom

  • gazal2803 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Inequality

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    Every heart has its own ache.