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  • georgian3090 17w

    #be safe
    #love your company ������
    #stand still

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    कोई हाथ भी नही मिलाएगा जो
    गले मिलोगे तपाक से
    ये नयें मिज़ाज़ का शहर हैं जरा
    फासलें से मिला करो जनाब
    यूँही बे-सबब न फिरा करो कोई
    खुद गजल की सच्ची किताब हो
    उसको चुपके चुपके कभी पढा करो ।

  • georgian3090 17w


    My tragedy is I
    am fear of my supporters
    more than my attackers.

    I am a religion

    Iam feared as the symbol of divison.
    Many of my supporters with their small hearts and conspirational minds , would
    rather blame others than introspect.
    For them ,I am a weapon to cut open
    wounds,not a source of knowledge

    I am a religion

    I am now more an object over which
    "ignorant armies clash by night ".
    I carry a heavy load . Iam burdened with every sin.
    But in all fairness this has to be said: I do not feel safer at the hands of my benevolent defenders in democratic India....

    I am a religion

  • georgian3090 17w

    Freedom in democracy is your right to be wrong,not the right to do wrong

    लोकतंत्र में स्वतंत्रता आपको गलत होने का अधिकार देता है,गलत करने का नही।

    #Rights in constitution

  • georgian3090 18w

    This health is far from being under control .we should start by renaming social distancing to physical distancing to emphasize that we can remain socially connected even while being apart.As physical distancing becomes a norm ,we will all need digital spaces to transform our personal loneliness into communal empathy.
    Now more than ever we need empathy to be our guiding light and create a sense of solidarity inside and outside our communities.we need to channel it to meaningfully connect with our friends,family neighbours and collegues...

  • georgian3090 19w


    The main barrier to skill
    acquisition isn't
    It's emotional.

  • georgian3090 19w

    Life is a dream
    Which everybody wants but few has
    Looks easy but never is,
    Struggling to survive or to live
    Hard to earn but easy to spend
    This is life.......
    happiness is or pleaser seeking
    Setbacks are there and fight back is must
    This is life.......
    Enjoy it or time will enjoy
    Pay now or will be paid
    a so called manifestation of human kind
    This is life......


    Choice is yours..

    Yeh jng nhin asssan,
    aag ka dariya Hain aur tumko hi Jana Hain....

    baki tho sb moh mya hain☺☺☺

  • georgian3090 20w


    Some are better at it than others.
    Human beings are particularly rapacious form of life, willing to decimateentire species to meet their own needs.The two deadliest killers on the planet in 2016 were mosquitos (780,000 deaths) and human beings (546,000 deaths)...

  • georgian3090 20w

    #2 covid19

    Think of it as a "share of death". A certain number of people will die every year either of non communicable disease(NCD ), such as cancer, diabetes,or heart disease or an infectious disease such as malaria, typhoid, HIV or influenza. The perspective changes dramatically once you start considering viruses, bacteria, bacilli and other disease causing organism are other creatures competing to survive on the same planet with finite resources, along with animals, birds, fish and humans....

  • georgian3090 20w


    Jeevan ke is Qayamt
    Daur mein soch rhein Hain sb
    Yeh hangamon ki baate Hain
    Ya Hain baaton ka hangama...

    Covid 19 through social media

  • georgian3090 22w

    To all these women out
    here may so I have known or
    regardless, I just wish
    Whatever dream or wish you hold in your heart,I hope you go for it. I hope you believe in yourself with your entire being -and that in those moments you might not, I hope you pretend until you do believe again. I hope you go for your dreams because they are yours to have...