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  • georgian_shivam 1w

    I like a friend �� who says "bro"�� and "dude"��,
    But I love a friend who says "yaar" and "bhai" ��

    I like a friend who completes ✒️ my homework,
    But I love the friend who doesn't finishes his homework to be a crime partner �� of mine

    I like a friend who clicks awesome photos �� of mine,
    But I love the friend who captures�� the messy moments

    I like a friend who says "sorry" and " thanks"��,
    But I love the friend who says "chal na, tujhe Thanks bolunga"��

    I like a friend who eats properly��️ when with me,
    But l love the friend who doesn't care about etiquettes when eats with me

    I like a friend who never scolds me,
    But I love the friend who shouts at me when I do wrong

    I like a friend who doesn't smiles �� at me when I fall,
    But I love a friend who falls with me and laughs�� at me

    I like a friend who wants to see me happy ��
    But I love the friend who makes me smile ��!!

    Happy friendship day to all of you.....

    #friendsforever #thought #pod #mirakee

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  • georgian_shivam 1w

    So, these are few promises that I made to someone who is still a stranger out there in this world full of dreadful people. I don't even know why I have written this but looks like its the verse of, here it goes.......

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    Even when u cry��,
    To wipe off your tears�� and to make you smile��

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    Even if the whole world stands against u
    I will hold your hand�� and stand beside u

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    Even if you fail somewhere
    To encourage you that you are the best♥️

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    Even when u will have your periods
    To take care of your headache ☹️ and body pain

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    Even when u are tensed and depressed����
    To stroke your hair so that u sleep peacefully

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    When u will be taking your last breathes
    To hold your hand and live the last moments

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    Even when u die
    To see that the flowers�������� on your grave doesn't wilts

    I promise that I will be there for you,
    Even if I die and come to you,
    I will guard the heaven ☃️ from the devils

    I promise that I will be there for you
    Even if you and I take rebirth
    To do all of this again and again and again����

    I promise that I will always be there for you!!!��

    To :- STRANGER

    #mirakee #love #promise #thought #pod

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  • georgian_shivam 4w

    A few words that came from my within to the people who are suffering from depression, anxiety and a lot of pressure, People who think that there is no one who cares about them, People who think that their life has come to an end, people who think that their sole purpose of living is dead, people who try to commit suicide. Please man, suicide is never an option. Its just running away from yourselves. If you commit it, u loose and the people who wanted this will win.
    It is not for all the readers but if someone who is depressed, maybe these words can help a little bit.
    So, here I go with the voice of my heart.......

    Yes, I am talking to you
    The one with a blade in his/her hands
    Lying low in the bath tub
    Desperately wants to cut your wrist
    To leave this selfish world

    Yes, I am talking to you
    The one with a rope in his/her hands
    Gazing at the celling fan
    Seconds away from the death bed
    To leave this inhumane world

    Yes, I am talking to you
    The one with a death pills in his/ her hands
    Holding a glass in the other
    Gathering the courage to go for it
    To leave this discouraging world

    Yes, I am talking to you
    The one, standing on the top of a building
    Looking at the bottom from its edge
    Moments before the jump
    To leave this unfair world

    Yes, I am talking to you
    The one, standing on a rail track
    Waiting for the train to come
    And cut you into pieces
    To leave this dirty world

    You may think that there is nothing interested left in your life but let me tell you my friend, you are so very wrong!!. Life will be, what you want it to be. Before taking any disastrous action, think about your parents. If you don't want to live for yourselves than start living for others. Its not just your life that resides in you but your mother's life is in you too. She lives by seeing your smile. For her, its like, her heart is no more in her body but out in the world around dreadful people. So, if you think that there is no one who cares about you then think about them.

    So here is a funny story that I have already posted but seems relatable, maybe it can bring a smile on your face...

    There was this guy who was having a girlfriend. They went to a hotel and booked a room. But as time passed a fight broke between them. So, the boy called to the manager and said," Hello, sir me and my girlfriend are in between a very serious fight and she wants to jump out of the window to commit suicide".
    After hearing this the manager replied,"sir, that is your personal problem".
    The boy replied, "you fool, the window is not opening and that's management's problem".......

    Now, please SMILE for once and keep that on your face forever...

    So, if you think that you are alone then come to me and say," EUREKA, I FOUND A NEW FRIEND"!!

    The people whom I have tagged doesn't mean that they are in pressure....

    Thanks for the read

    #mirakee #random #thought #suicide #pod #stayhomestay safe

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    Suicide is not an option rather it is just running away from a wonderful life full of enjoyment....think about it

  • georgian_shivam 4w

    The first poem of my life. I tried a lot and this is what I could acheive but what this peice(I don't know whether it looks like a poem or not) is missing is a title. So, suggest a title to me and some points on improving the writing skills.......

    While sitting at the coordinates of my room
    Drowning in dreams and flying on a broom
    Wandering in the heaven
    Searching for my angel
    Suddenly, everything blurred out
    And there she came from nowhere
    Like a fairy with a wand in her hand.
    Woow! Her curly brown hairs
    Twined and tangled with one another
    Dancing in the air
    As if they missed each other a lot
    Her eyes were gorgeous and lethal too
    Killing me with every wink of hers
    As I gazed her pinky cheeks and rosy lips
    My heart skipped a beat
    And my lungs forgot to breathe
    Our eyes met and locked
    I forgot to blink
    And as she came closer
    She became more beautiful
    She looked into my eyes and I in hers
    As if I am only hers and she is mine
    She came closer and closer
    I stood still there, stunned and shocked
    Can't even make a move
    She held my hand and kept it at her waist
    She holds me tightly and her hands on my shoulder
    She stood on my foot
    To reach my face
    This was the moment
    I could feel her breath
    Listen her beats
    But my heart was racing
    She came close to my lips
    Wetting her own lips
    Lost into her eyes
    And the sound of her breath
    A chilling sensation ran through my spine
    My whole body was charged
    As if the electricity was running through it
    It was about to happen.....

    "Get up!"," you sleeping giant"
    There came a voice
    With a kick on my ass
    And the first kiss of my life
    Was ruined by the most loveliest woman on earth
    Yeah , my mom, waking me up
    To face up the reality
    Far away from the virtuality
    And I was doomed
    So, I got up from the table
    Attired myself properly
    Left the house
    In search of my ANGEL....

    #random #angel #ironical #stayhomestaysafe

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    Suggest me a TITLE, plzz....

    Read the caption

  • georgian_shivam 7w

    @amanwithgreenface kaiasa laga
    Thoda gyaan do isko koi.....

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    28 days...

    So, this is my friend Amit....

    Once I asked him,"how many months have 28 days?"
    He replied,"only 1 and that is February....


  • georgian_shivam 9w

    Hello guys....
    When the whole humanity has come together to fight against corona, some humans are doing something inhumane....talking about the man who died by a sheriff in america....that's not something which has happened for the first time....its been taking place since the whole world is divided by walls and boundaries.....divided by caste...divided by religion....divided by creed...and the margins of division goes on....a lot of African american (black) were killed just because they are most of the people have reacted that "no discrimination to blacks" but instead of thus it should "no discrimination to anyone" .....if you are supporting blacks then consider yourself a "racist" too....people talk about a lot of things :-
    Gender equality
    What will society think
    And this list is endless and unpredictable.....
    But in reality a very few people actually care about it (don't take it offensive ....there are almost 8 billion people on the earth and if you count few, you may fall in that category)....
    Now this inhumanly activities are not just bounded to humans ......some people have started playing with the life's of the other animal...talking about what happened in Kerala, it makes me feel sad that how can a person do this and that too to a lovely animal like elephant and on top of it when she is pregnant..."if you can't do good then at least don't do bad to them"....after eating that pineapple, her stomach must in an unbearable pain .....she was searching for water because of stomach burning...we can't feel her urge to get water...but still some people do these type of heinous acts....but obviously there is always a hope that people will change and may that change be for good....all you can do is to make the people understand the value of a life (not just of a human but of animal too)....and remember one thing that "you are not white by your choice and he is not black by his choice are not human by your choice, she is not elephant by her choice" ...
    Its highly appreciated that you gave your time to read this...

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    STOP IT.....PLZZ...


  • georgian_shivam 10w

    So, someone asked me that what is so special about 1 june?...I replied," a good, kind hearted and a talented person was born that day with whom I got the opportunity to be a friend"....yeah, you read it correctly... I am talking about someone who is caring, kind hearted, talented, hardworking and the endless list goes on......
    We are friends since class 9 but you know it takes time to come close to each other and I think it almost took 2 years to get you as a good friend.....but after that we have never missed a chance to enjoy together....when you joined the school in 9 and broke all the records by getting almost full marks in all the subjects.....and we use to make jokes that," ye to pehle se 10 padh ke aayaa hai".....but that was really shocking....after this you got a good senior(Shubham asa)...I think you give most of the the credit to him because he taught you a lot of things and you learned them so rocked on stage many times .....and there goes your saying," I don't like to come second" and obviously you never came second....always the first....the way you play TT is awesome...ha...ha....and after all in 12 you got a high position of being a brand ambassador of REALME.....
    Obviously, the job of school captain is not a cakewalk but you made it though...even after all those abuses, scoldings by AO and comments by teli, you still come to us and laugh with us, enjoy with us, motivate us use to sit ahead of me and sometimes besides me in examination and I was not that much innocent that I would have left the opportunity to ask from the use to teach your housemates in junior classes but you started teaching the whole class in really taught us well ......we were fools that we didn't utilized that opportunity(don't know about others, but I can say thus for myself)......maybe you consider Surya dev as your best friend but what I see is that Shubham is more close to shared almost everything to him.....I also joined in the last few months and got some wonderful memories with you Maggie and giving chatki to the classmates that this is the last packet we have.......I can't forget them never say no to Anyone who approaches you for help .....You were focused and achieved your aim in the first attempt ....I wish that you always get whatever you want in your life.....
    Never got the opportunity to say thanks to you......but now...


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    Happy birthday......

  • georgian_shivam 10w would be mad because the most special day of yours stuck in the lockdown and you couldn't celebrate it with the friends.....But maybe this will help...
    Firstly I was confused that how to wish but then I got an, I asked to some of your friends what do they think about you.....they replied here is what they want to share and I haven't changed a word so....
    Starting from your bests...

    @vivan_the_peaceminded :- From my point of view, she is a damn caring person who loves everyone she meets to peaks. Helps everyone who asks for help. She is very emotional and feel sad if any of her friends are sad and vice-versa. A hearty person. As her name states, she is a queen of loyalty. Always loyal to her friends and the friendship. She seems as crazy as she shows a lot and lots of love and care to people out here on mirakee. I am glad and lucky enough that I got such a good friend as my bestie....ain't finding me she seems like a caring sister, fights like a brother, supports like a true friend, motivates like a guide and jealous sometimes if I talk about my love........

    @2chinmayee :- She is a girl with a short temper and forgets everything after sometime. She trusts easily and she is mad for love and friendship. She cries in her own small matters and wants to solve everyone's problem. She loves and respects me so much and she likes to write letter than texting........

    @misty_2004 :- She is a cool and positive person!!.... Friendly and truthful...and yeah she loves writing and expressing....a failure in love has stabbed her....but then she is upto positive thinking...!!!!

    @queen_hearted :- So basically, she is too caring like she wants YOU to text her. She is someone who always tries to alleviate the people she love. She is always there when you call her....if you are not texting her daily she will fight with you ....scolds you because she wants you to be there all the time...she is sometimes jocular too who cracks jokes just to alleviate your mood. She is someone who will never let you go....and always asks you to be her side and same she will do for you.....
    This was all that I could get.....

    So, coming to me, what I have known about you is that you are one of the friends who cares and loves her matter what but you always take their side, even if they are wrong....but you try to make them supported the people who have made your life are a gem to people who are friends with you.....and yeah obviously you are a good writer and feels to express her in a better way......



    Special thanks to @queen_hearted .......

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    Happy birthday....


  • georgian_shivam 10w

    Just for fun.....again ...thodi masti with my friend @m_s_tanwar is it??

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    My friend...

    So again, once I asked my friend :- Do you have ABS..(abdominal muscles)??

    He replied:- yes, I do and that too 6 abs....but I love them so much that I keep it safe behind my fat tummy.......

  • georgian_shivam 11w

    I know I have missed a lot of things but I tried summarised some of them....

    @swashbuckler_51 Hi Diljeet.....its been a while since I have talked to you but don't worry....its not because I forgot you are my housemate as well as many a times bedmate too(the reason you cursed me for).... But yeah being with you in such a school was one in million opportunity....we all do terrible things when we are kids(I won't mind it..I hope you understand )....obviously as said the most caring person and the courageous one too.....that JOSH with in you is awesome...maintain are selfless friend who is there for everyone and never let the hopes can I forget this (the CHEF).....The best cook of our house....your Maggie, eggs, rice and aallo bharta and a lot of things....they were too good.....people may call you a lot of things but remember one thing that no one means no one in the whole school have guts like you...the words are less to appreciate your presence on the made some of my wonderful memories.....I am thankful to you.....Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali'

    @amanwithgreenface hi Amit.....firstly sorry for not calling you after promising it a many I hope you are maybe not be my housemate but you are my game partner......when the house was shuffled, everyone in your house were having same characters (studying types) except you.....don't feel happy you are studious too but in comparison to them you are less you enjoyed every bit of your life with the friends...and yeah I remember that we use to play basketball even before our exams, without caring about tomorrow....the biology class where we broke a lots of test tubes and obviously #teli use to shout at us and we laugh at him....those are some of the awesome days that we have spent together ......helping others is what makes you even more than a friend .....I am thankful to you too for giving me such a wonderful memories......
    Want to be with you all in NDA...


    To my friends on miraake:- Hi all of you....some of you may be knowing me some of may not....some of you may have followed me because you liked my posts or some of you followed me so that I follow you back.....keeping everything aside what I wanted say is that.....many people have told me (not just people but even some successful people) that you will loose friends as you grow and maybe it's true or maybe not...I don't know what future will be like but what I know is that I have them today and I don't want to miss this chance....I will enjoy every bit of a second with them without caring what happens in future...past and future is not in our hands live in the present and enjoy....
    A suggestion to you all:- Stay home and stay safe ....maybe lockdown is gone but corona is still out there so take care of yourselves....

    Stay home stay safe
    #mirakee #birthday #freindsforever #heaveninhell

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