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  • georgiananunit3102 2w

    Happy kargil Vijay diwas

    Let's remember the warriors of Indian army who give away their lives for the motherland.
    Pay your tribute because they gave their today for our tomorrow.
    Sat sat Naman to the brave soldiers of my country.
    Bharat Mata ki jai
    Vande matram
    jai hind

  • georgiananunit3102 6w

    Boycott china

    Friends, we can see the present situation at LAC( Line of actual control) is so pathetic.
    Soldier at that altitude where there is no water, not having sufficient amount of oxygen to breathe, fighting for us.
    Let there life in danger for us.
    So it's our duty to give them our full support.
    Enhance there moral, encourage them.
    Now a days everyone wants war but when it comes to join Indian army and give their contribution then they pulled themselves back.
    We don't know what will the consequences of the war but I know one thing it will a harsh one. So pray to the god that this dispute get over and our soldiers will be safe.
    We can help them on an individual level.
    Let's take a pledge that we will not use any Chinese app, Chinese products and collapse their economy.
    Let's contribute to our motherland.
    This is the time.
    Thodi desh bhakti jagao yrr

    Jai hind
    Bharat Mata ki jai
    Proud on Indian armed forces
    And always wanted to be the part of it
    #indian army
    #indian air force
    #indian navy
    #indian paramilitary forces


  • georgiananunit3102 13w

    Mother's Day

    Happy mother's Day to all of you
    Actually it's the only day when we just bring light on the contribution and love of our mothers.
    But our mothers contribution is in everything, everywhere.
    Remember the sacrifice of those mothers who send their young sons in the army to protect the nation.
    Mother's contribution will never be compared with anyone or anything.
    They are the true warriors.
    They sacrifice everything for their loved ones and face every problem before it comes to us.
    They change the sorrow into happiness.
    Have u ever noticed that when your mother is not at home it feels like the whole house is empty instead of the presence of other members of the family.
    So you can think that how much she mean to ours life.
    Everyone gets holiday and weekend break but mother is never off duty.
    She repeats the whole thing for around 24×7× life.
    If you are in any trouble, she feels it whether she is with you or not.
    God can't be everywhere so he created mother to spread his love.

    A huge respect to all the brave and warrior mothers.
    For me everyday is mother's day. There is not specific day for that.

    So love your mother and enjoy this quarantine time with her.

    God bless her and bestow each and every mother with a sensible and responsible child.

    Thank you
    Jai hind

  • georgiananunit3102 19w


    Gentlemen,Have you ever think of what is dream?
    People often think that dream is what we see in the night during our sleep.
    But in my point of view dream is what we see with our open eyes.
    Dream is what we always think of
    Dream what we always want to accomplish
    Dream is a desire
    Dream is like lust for me
    And my dream is to become an army officer (Para special forces)
    This is what I am dreaming of
    And I am sure that I will achieve it

    Men apart every man an emperor
    Deadliest weapon of this 21st century
    Childhood dream which become now passion, need and desire.

    "Shauryam daksham yudhey
    Balidan Param dharma"

    Jai hind

  • georgiananunit3102 19w

    As we all know that the whole world is facing same problem and going through huge loss.
    Breakdown of Corona virus is on high peak and it's a very complicated type of virus similar to HIV virus which changes its protein coat because of which not a single vaccine or medicine works on it.
    Presently many people are suffering from this thing and many of us has lost his/her life.
    You can see the present situation of Italy. It is very pathetic.
    So my message to all of is that...
    Remain in your houses and be quarantined.
    Because now social distancing is the only solution to this threat.
    And here comes our role that on individual level we should take precautions and pay our contribution towards safety of the nation.
    So remain inside because many people like soldiers, police, doctors etc are taking risk to save us.
    So think about them also.
    Suppose this virus will not be able to controlled then our situation will also be like Italy.
    So precautions is better that cure
    And save your nation from this threat otherwise we the people of India have to pay.
    And protect your country from economic slowdown, disease etc.
    Because nature is reviving itself so give Ur contribution towards it.

    Rest in peace those who lost their life in 2020 because of covid19
    And make the covid19 rest in peace.

    Stay healthy
    Follow social distancing
    Take precautions
    Help eachother

    Jai hind
    Bharat Mata ki jay

    Live the spirit 'GEORGIAN'

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  • georgiananunit3102 25w

    Today is the black letter day for India when India has lost its brave heart soldiers of CRPF Paramilitary forces.
    Today everyone will remember of the valentine's Day because from past few days people were celebrating and excited about it.
    But remember the sacrifice of the brave soldiers who sacrificed their life for our tomorrow and always show their presence when the whole country faces any problems be it internal or external.
    So remember those Martyr's of pulwama attack and pay tribute to them for their sacrifice of precious life.
    I will always remember them and instead of celebrating valentine's Day pay tribute to our brave heart soldiers of CRPF Paramilitary forces.

    Bharat Mata ki jai
    Vante matram
    RIP Martyr's
    Pulwama terrorist attack
    Jai hind
    Service before self
    Follow it
    Brave heart soldiers
    Live by chance
    Love by choice
    Kill by profession

    Live the spirit

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  • georgiananunit3102 27w

    In this present scenario
    Many of us focus on our work and other things.
    But apart from that keep one thing in your mind that there are people who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow.
    Those heroes are called as martyr's.
    So keep your Josh high and pay your contribution towards nation building.
    Remember the sacrifice of our brave heart soldiers.
    Tribute your condolences towards them.
    Increase the feel of patriotism inside yourself.
    Because being the youth of this nation, it's our duty to work for it's development.
    At the same time get urself motivated.
    Remember our martyr's.
    I write this post with full of tears in my eyes.

    Remember the Martyr's
    Vande matram
    We live by chance
    Love by choice
    Kill by profession
    Jai hind
    Service before self

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  • georgiananunit3102 28w

    On this auspicious day
    Our country became Republic as well as the constitution was fully adopted by our country.
    Pay tribute to all the freedom fighters
    Pay tribute to the soldiers of our country
    Pay tribute to all the three pillars of our country that is ARMY, AIR FORCE AND NAVY.
    Pay your tribute to all the martyrs who have sacrificed their life for our comfort.
    Increase the feel of patriotism toward the country.
    And work for the development our country
    And take a pledge this Republic Day that the safety of the women comes first and there would be no increase of crime against them.
    Because we the people of India can eradicate any type of social evil from our country together.
    So be focused and achieve your goal with full determination.

    Many many happy Republic Day
    Jai hind
    Bharat Mata ki jai
    Learn service before self

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    Happy 71st Republic Day

  • georgiananunit3102 34w

    "Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization."

  • georgiananunit3102 38w


    Respect your seniors
    Care your juniors
    Do for your house
    Die for your class
    Live like brothers
    Behave like gentlemen
    Play the game
    Remember the name --


    - written by one of my senior