Haters gonna hate, I'm just gonna shake�� ~TS~

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  • geweldig 4d

    I woke up listening to my husky barking again. Yeah, I don't own any still, but it was all due to last night when I was loaded with dog videos like as usual. I thought I could make out a fine day, concentrating on books, but I ended up seeking my mom's lap to cry on.

    It was bad. Really bad.

    That two strings that pulled my brain from both the sides, I wished I would have gone to school but I hated it there too. Keeping mum all the time, cause I broke up with all the friends I know.

    But she was there for me, my mom. I felt a different kinda love suddenly. She advised me but I didn't get bore, it was strange, a strangeness in my familiar love. Of course I love her.


    @writersbay @love_whispererr @soulfulstirrings @nish4u @silkreads a read :)

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    Of course I do

  • geweldig 4w


    I was around seven or eight, when my mom used to travel to her school by bus. She saves all the tickets she gets on each day and give me them. They are of various colours- pink, blue, grey and sometimes green. I save them up as if I was saving money which has no value. I make my own purse to save them up, green on the first side, blue on the other.

    And last week, I found her handbag to clean up, when I saw tickets of bigger size now, of more colours now, at the last of her stuffs. I picked them up and asked her laughing, "You still have the habit?" and she replied, "cause you still have the habit".

    And she added, "What's that you don't have is time now" All I did was, stayed silent.



    #taylorswift #ilovetickets #pod #memoriesbringbackyou #mommylove #lovemum

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    I love tickets

  • geweldig 6w


    Many blame this lockdown, but this also got me something new, a new friendship to my boring life. Unexpected friends are gifts from heaven -so you are!

    We became close but we didn't know it. Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, you were by my side in each of my mood. It's really tough to leave someone like you, means I am not leaving you, but accepting what life challenges me. I know its a deal of a little time of this year, but it's hard to be without your talk.

    We wrote our own letters, made our own secrets, talked our own lives but did not drive our own cycles, you always gave me yours, cause that would not make me tired of talking while driving. To be honest, you are the greatest listener of all my stories, even though I irritate you listening to your stories. I don't know what would I do without your ears lol. We never knew it would hurt after being so much happy spending time.

    You are my strength, my supporter and my side taker. Whenever I doubt of you staying forever, you promise me staying by my side. And it's like I lost the paper of agreement and you always publish it. You have been my medicine of making me avoid shits that annoy me, been my favorite hug too!

    It's not always time to leave, until we face the world. It's just a matter of few months that we won't be the "same us". Enjoy every moment of life to make it beautiful. If life squeezes you, remember to be savage, I will always love you even from Mars!

    No matter how well you bowl, you'll always be my same idiot who is bad at lying. Missing our travels and adventures,

    ME :)

    18th January 2021,
    10:36 pm.


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  • geweldig 7w

    It's like
    was torn
    from my
    own body.


  • geweldig 7w

    Last time I went
    to school it seemed
    so new withyellow-green
    paint and tall grown
    Gulmohar red flowers
    blooming all way,
    squirrels already
    on their tree room,
    birds whispering chirps,
    path seemed long
    to walk, that's because
    I see it after ages?

  • geweldig 8w

    Ever had a pillow talk?

    When everyone's asleep in the house,
    it's nice to be awake all night
    to discuss all the things that's going on in your life.

    No matter how you usually lie,
    you'd become a truth lover in the midnight.

    And the best part is,
    when someone wakes up in the middle of the night,
    we just act like a sleeping statue that was made
    few hours ago, trust me I'm very good in it!

    It's usually morning when we go to sleep.

    Comment if you had such things��


    @writersbay @writersnetwork @soulfulstirrings @colourfulgreys @dove_wings #goodmorning #pillowtalk

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    We said good morning
    and were off to bed

  • geweldig 8w

    Let's just bid a good farewell to 2020, even if it was bad. Let's just bid a soft goodbye to it, even it was hard to us, for it had given us a beautiful lesson.

    Different chapters, different portions to everyone of us. We didn't have the same question paper but all our answers are broken and crushed in the sheets. Let's all hope a better year ahead - filled with happiness to the brim, and no more worried.

    As the wind blows upon our face, it carries something in it and gets something from us to carry it on its way. We all got something and gave something. So let's not worry about what we left, let's learn to be happy with what we got. We've got something good in the end.

    31st December 2020
    9:36 am


    @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork #farewell #endc A blessed year ahead��

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    We all take something
    and leave something

  • geweldig 9w


    I just woke up by the husky barking. Well, it isn't true, perhaps I don't own a dog. It's all about my mind tied up to husky videos all night. I really woke up and realised that I'm gonna live the same life as yesterday(nothing new) But whenever I think of my future, I am sure that we will gonna make it beautiful each day, newer each day. Life gets harder sometimes but we all know, it's gonna be alright. We are all cheated, broken, hurt and blessed too. Like a lighthouse showing path, I count on you everytime to make life better and fun. I couldn't be so much better without you, thank you pal. Though time makes distance, we are all tied up through heartstrings.

    Addicted to hope,
    Dotting me.

    10:42 am
    30th December 2020

    @writersbay #writersbay #lighthousec

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    You are my lighthouse
    in each of my long travel

  • geweldig 9w

    Some have memories,
    some have gifts,
    some have photos,
    some have fun,
    some have friends,
    some have special days,
    to remember this year,

    well, I have paths
    to remember,
    which lead to a
    very good place now.

    And I have put photos
    all through my path,
    so I could remember my
    way back to home,

    And I have buried gifts
    along the path not to take them
    out to worry about the past,

    And I flew up all the fun
    I had in air, up in the sky
    realising it was the fun about me
    that people made, now
    I have even more fun about
    everything around me,

    And I tied up my friends
    close to heart, no matter
    how far they go, they're always
    tied up to me, (I love my friends)

    And I have more hope
    to get a single special day
    the next year, I wrapped up
    writing all days in a paper
    and let it sink in the rain.

    Of course paths bring
    back home and I am
    grateful to have it this year.

    @soulfulstirrings @colourfulgreys @odysseus @silkreads @fromwitchpen Comment what you had this year ��

    7:45 am

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    Well, I have paths
    to remember.


  • geweldig 9w

    It's already Christmas
    and I've found no presents
    under my tree, I neither mailed
    Santa nor asked for gifts,
    Although Christmas isn't about
    receiving, it's all about giving.

    Mary's boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day.
    The Lord God, King of the universe, was born in a stable since there was no room. Simplicity is the symbol of God and there's nothing wrong on being simple!

    I wish all mirakeans a wonderful Christmas��❄

    @soulfulstirrings @starrdust @lllvvyash_24 @fromwitchpen @silkreads ❤❤

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