I seek above all else - to live."

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  • gibsonkazia 17w

    Blanks in the heart, a void within the soul.

  • gibsonkazia 17w


    There are doubts in my heart. It feels like they have always been there, knocking relentlessly.

  • gibsonkazia 17w

    When actions shall be all you will see
    silence shall speak loudly and clearerly, that which your eyes might not see, but, surely your soul ought to know excellently-- "I have loved you forever".

  • gibsonkazia 17w

    I have loved and cherished you with an undying passion.

    In the discomfort of scorching heat & freezing winter; in the fleeting comforts of life, grant me the grace with tenderness unknown.

  • gibsonkazia 17w

    "a fabricated emotion is a miserable affair."

    C.S. Lewis, 'Letters To Malcom'.

  • gibsonkazia 17w

    Hey, what's on your mind?

    "Me, why do you ask?"

    These last couple of months, I can hardly see life in your eyes as we talk.

    "Well, This loneliness won't leave. It grows by day and engulfs me with each passing hour.
    So I dance and laugh; I sing and sing, O but I try."

    How has it played out so far?

    "Alas! To no avail; so tonight I shall sleep with a heavy and lonely heart- a creature of many associates but too few to call friends, In this

  • gibsonkazia 26w


    You doubt your worth when night falls.
    At sunrise your soul is burdened with questions you barely understand:

    Who am I?
    Where did I come from?
    Why am I here?
    After I die what then?

    We rise, we toil, and at night we rest.
    Daring to find some meaning in life's sufferings as it takes its course.

    With an impending inevitable certainty- Death! Our end?
    There must be more, more to me, more to this life, more to everything than what I see.

  • gibsonkazia 28w


    What does it mean to pretend? Is it synonymous with wearing a mask or masquerading? Speaking this and yet doing another? Making two promises and keeping none? Rising from the dust only to remain in the dust and living as though the chains are gone? Walking with the bearers of light and yet practicing darkness?

    The lies we tell ourselves to deceive the onlookers. If they only knew!

  • gibsonkazia 28w

    'He Said'

    The way he felt about you upon a few words you had exchanged made his mind spin, could've lost control. But the standard of goodness he saw in your eyes declared condemnation.

    No, you did not judge him at all. You could never have dared to, but the goodness in you dared to, and that with great depth. And him being a mortal with a strong fear of judgement, was left with no choice but to flea. Maybe a coward?

    I say less of a coward than a guilty soul tormented by the voices of hell.

  • gibsonkazia 28w


    In darkness demons come alive and stronger. I've fought these demons relentlessly & monstrously. Did I fight so hard that I didn't notice myself being made into a monster-like little human?

    More than slaying these dragons, it dawned on me that I needed to overcome myself. Somebody save me from myself, save me from me, save me from the dragon I've become.

    Who is coming to save me, for they tell me no one is coming for me? That I'm on my own clinging close to my own demise. Oh save me from my worst nightmare!