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  • gihozo 14h

    Here I am
    Yearning your touch,
    Face the real me.
    Let my lips bestow my desire,
    Fire burns still
    Make your first move please!
    Reflect your emotions in me.
    n' u will be the king I'll be your queen
    In this kingdom of ours,
    I quest our soar.

  • gihozo 7w

    Rapid is their song
    All they crave is desire
    Looking your worth
    Turning it into blue

    You are sure that is jaunt
    Flaunting is your game
    You appreciate you get along

    Let your light shine
    And don't loose the game
    A fighter not a looser

    Gain your respect
    Hump ain't your ways
    Retool your rising ways

  • gihozo 9w

    Missing is one's bold line to never cross,
    It's a discomfort in a heart,
    it's cloudy thoughts in a brain,
    It's a reckon piece that leases.

    I miss you.

  • gihozo 10w

    People you love is the best mirror of your ink that chinks the very true nature of yourself with them.

  • gihozo 11w


    You said I love you
    And I didn't have my say
    Cos I felt like we had same feelings

    Now my heart on an ache
    Time is up to say
    We can't even talk

    we played our every second with a moment
    But you can't even remember
    Am now suffering a heartache.

    Your touch was amazing
    Your kiss was a dream
    But your presence was my all.

  • gihozo 11w

    This love

    Declaring this love
    To hold, which is undescribable
    That which lit up my heart and soul

    Dreaming this love
    That lighten my way through this life
    Is awesome,and amazing.

    Draging my self into this love
    Would never be a mistake
    But a peachy option to make.

    That love is you.

  • gihozo 12w

    When will this end??

    Hopelessly lost,
    I miss you and I can't talk
    When to define my feelings for you

    Our moments still in mind
    My heart beats when receiving your call
    My thoughts are always lost in you

    Stoicism to make you feel better
    Being the real me would never happen
    Am wounding my heart for your being
    But this hurts

    When this to end and leave completely
    That time your name never belong in my day
    That time when my say ain't you.

    When will this end??

  • gihozo 12w

    Life of worries

    Every one longs to live this life of worries
    Worries which are the biggest part of our life
    Everybody wonders when to end these worries
    And reach endless happiness.

    What if we are born to worry?
    Every time we worry feeling blue
    About the right thing we would do.

    We are always scared of our tomorrow
    Afraid that our eyesight would fade
    Afraid of doing anything at any time.

    How reckless is this life of worries?
    How beautiful life is without worries
    Even though it is farfetched our sight.

    Our worries are very true often
    Pull them out of your heart where there are hidden
    Keep moving and never fear

  • gihozo 12w


    We are not perfect by any stretch
    We make mistakes
    We burn bridges we shouldn’t have crossed
    For which we had to pay a price
    Four times what it cost.

    Mistakes breaks us to where
    We crack in places
    The other would fill
    We become hollow
    Where we took up spaces
    In each other’s frame
    Then we would have never known

    Since I have grown
    I have always learnt that
    Living that perfect life is
    Unheard of and farfetched
    Life is full of mistakes.

  • gihozo 12w

    My paper my thoughts
    My pen embarks my life
    Craving my stave
    My Words are an orchard
    Finding my new line to write
    Bluebirds singing.