just a human here to let the silent poet under the cheerful girl be free..

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  • girlunknown 4w

    It's been a while since I posted. I missed mirakee
    #flowerhaiku @mirakee

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    Pure, free and youthful
    Untainted core your virtue
    Entices my soul!

  • girlunknown 11w

    #creativearena #writingcontest
    Hope I got the syllables right!����

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    Autumn change

    It's not just death that autumn
    Brings to me. red yellow brown,
    Colours of a family.
    Shows power in change

  • girlunknown 11w

    Standing on my own

    I wish I could freeze this moment
    where I finally see myself,
    standing on my own.
    Certainly not blinded by your pretentious love,
    nor veiled by my self doubts.
    This moment I wish to live in forever.
    Not losing sight of who I am among the many masses.

  • girlunknown 11w

    boy at the grave

    I saw a boy,
    Far away, in a foggy
    Autumn morning.
    Unkempt hair,and a frail
    Look on his otherwise pale face.
    He was begging the
    Heavens with his eyes in
    Silent screams.
    No one was there,
    Except my translucent self.
    Then he tilted his head ever so
    Slightly, so silently gaze
    At the little gravestone below him.
    There lay feets under the ground,
    Not breathing, not moving.
    Someone I do not know of.
    Someone who made him
    An embodiment of agony.
    And the fog thickened,
    Blinding my eyes, from where I
    Hid behind the bushes.
    Then with a gush of wind
    I was once again pushed back
    To this cursed world.
    Between the blurry lines of
    Many dimensions, on the little path
    Where we lose our hold of reality,
    And strings of dreams binds us with
    Ghostly holds,
    There I hope to see him again.
    Maybe I can offer him my hands then.

  • girlunknown 12w

    To my other half...

    To my other half whose existence
    To me remain unknown.
    Within this illusion of time
    I came and will fade.
    But whether the sun rises
    There at east or west.
    Today is yesterday's tommorow,
    And today is tomorrow's yesterday.
    At this moment that I breath and live
    With every inch of my soul
    I hope that you do too.
    Yet if I cease to exist when my time freeze,
    Would you come to meet my
    Soul in this universe that
    To you remain unknown?
    Whether you will ever know
    This or not, I will tell you this,
    My yin cannot keep surviving
    Without your yang.
    Therefore if there ever exists a land where
    The sky and sea kisses,
    There we will meet,
    At the 25th hour of the 32nd day
    Of the 13th month.

  • girlunknown 13w

    Swimming high

    The fastest fish in the lake l was.
    But they wanted me to swim to the moon.

  • girlunknown 14w

    Sign of spring

    Lonely dew drop
    Sat on a petal wilted
    With life lost.

    But misty morning
    Come with joy to accompany,
    But dew drips.

    To the soil,
    Who absorbed it to nothingness.
    A mark formed.

    Out from none,
    There budded a lovely leaf.
    Tiny, weak, gullible.

    Shy leaves unfold,
    A green among all the browns.
    Sign of spring!

    All lands rejoice,
    The sad, silent autumn departs.
    Welcome spring please!

  • girlunknown 14w


    Sitting beside the window,
    I am watching pearls from sky
    Fall likes Angels descend.
    While cheering for that little drop of
    Rain that is racing down to my
    Windowsill with another not too far behind.

    The scent of rain, muddling the soil,
    This musky smell, why do I feel warm
    As though my heart is being embraced by
    Nature's arms.

    The wind is nice and smooth,
    The scene outside is cool,
    The colours around me, calm,
    The air is drenched in vapors of clouds.
    My clothes are now far from dry
    And there is puddles all around.
    But I am filled with a feeling I cant decipher.

    I see how each drop of water gathers
    To form a puddle,
    I see how each drop of rain
    Makes a ripple in the said puddle.
    I try to count them.
    But I knew my mind was elsewhere.
    Somethings coming to my mind,
    And somethings drifting off from mind.

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    Little shower drops...

    The scent of rain, muddling the soil,
    This musky smell, why do I feel warm
    As though my heart is being embraced by
    Nature's arms.

  • girlunknown 14w

    Broken trust

    I told her things I never told anyone ever before.
    Of the demons in my mind,
    The black in my blood,
    Darkness in my soul,
    And the little evil in my thoughts.
    I told her of my lies of time,
    And showed her gruesome poems
    Hidden away somewhere deep and dark.
    But she went away.
    Made it the talk of the town.
    And I became the disgusting being,
    The curse of the family they now call me.

  • girlunknown 16w

    My best friend had to go back to her country last year. And I still keep missing her. So I had written a few poems about missing her. And I had a hard time choosing which one I had to post.

    Not every 'I love you' is romantic. Not every 'I miss you' is for a lover. Not every poem about someone else has to be about a person who you love or who didn't love you back.


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    I wish you knew

    I wish you knew,
    The number of times
    I hoped you were next to me.
    I wish you knew,
    The number of tears
    I cried all for you.
    I wish you knew
    The number of nights,
    I spend wide awake.....
    Thinking only about you.