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  • gissel_grizzle 14w

    Am I losing it

    Is it weird that I want to evoke jealousy out of you?
    Make you wish that you had me
    Leave you longing
    Madly starving for my love
    You would keep showing up and I would deny you everytime
    You would keep knocking but never be let in
    You would feel like I do
    Struggling to forgive the parts of you left starving for something more

  • gissel_grizzle 14w

    Fuck love

    Damp pillows and sheets
    Wish you were here
    To comfort me while I grieve
    Do you know how I spend most of my nights?
    Tears sting dried lips
    Nose raw from crying so much
    You don't have to grieve
    You will never be in love with me
    I am tired
    I don't want to feel the agony
    Of what my love for you has done to me

  • gissel_grizzle 14w

    Broken records

    Take them back
    The memories
    The day we met
    The kisses
    Your hands holding mine
    The time
    Memories locked in a golden box
    Opened and played over and over
    as the pin hits the record player in my heart
    I dance in sorrow and anger
    Tears rolling down my face
    Every melody held me like you once did

  • gissel_grizzle 14w


    I've always wanted to breathe
    It seems the last time you held me
    I gasped for air
    The last time you kissed me
    My respiratory system needed reparations
    I'm still holding my breath
    And you haven't come back to save me yet

  • gissel_grizzle 15w

    Living with pain

    I dont think I'll make it to the end of the year
    It's some shit on my mental I really can't bare
    New yrs resolutions to get fit and eat better
    But all I want this Christmas is to survive December

  • gissel_grizzle 15w

    Love and other impossible tings

    Nursing my broken heart
    With both hands gently
    Like an injured bird
    Who has forgotten how to fly
    It will learn to love again

  • gissel_grizzle 15w

    A manual

    How to be okay when you have no clue how to be okay
    Tired of drinking tears
    Crusted eyes
    Runny nose
    Some where there is purpose
    They tell you think positive
    Surround yourself with positivity
    Self care
    Let go
    Warm sea salt baths
    Crystals charged by the moon
    Love yourself
    2020 will be better
    At the bottom is where we find ourselves
    But what do you do now
    At This hour
    To quell the heart break
    Hopelessly roaming souls
    Desperately knocking to be released to the otherside of the human experience
    Never wanting to face the pain inside
    But never having the courage to do it
    So they pray for a sign to keep going
    Or an accident
    That nulls their existence

  • gissel_grizzle 16w

    Things that happen in the dark

    I spoke to no one today
    Tomorrow I'll feel human again

  • gissel_grizzle 16w

    Sailboats and rough seas

    I drove to the site of insanity
    got out of my car
    stood there frozen
    I wanted to go back
    To a less confusing time
    Before I realized suffering was optional
    I saw your face in the clouds
    And my heart on the ice caps
    Cracked enough for my sorrow to seep in the lake
    Agreed to be your friend because I didn't want to lose you
    Choices have left me pinning over you senselessly
    Censored actions
    Silly distractions
    Rough seas foolish captain
    Setting sail on territorities that has no desire to be explored

  • gissel_grizzle 16w

    Perceptive maybe

    I don't want to stop loving you
    So I haven't
    Maybe I've tried to
    But I don't think I should
    The poet in me ensures that you'll be immortal
    The artist paints murals of you on the walls of jazz joints
    The musician in me will sing your name in every song
    Like you were never supposed to be gone