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  • gods1son 4w


    There is imagination
    and there is also courage.
    Usually, the former is brought
    to realization by the latter.

    In the process of turning your
    envisioning into a creation
    They first think that you're weird
    And next, they call you a genius.

    The key is to never let them stop
    you from birthing your ideas.

  • gods1son 24w

    Cart before the Horse

    Wait a minute!
    Why have I put the cart before
    the horse for so long, when I know
    that it is not the logical thing to do.

    Here's what I mean, how often do we say –
    Here's what I've begun, now God, bless it.
    Kinda like, here's the house that I've built,
    Can you decorate it God?

    Instead of making Him the architect,
    we want to hire Him as a painter.
    Instead of making Him the planner,
    we remember Him as a rescuer.

    If only we'll reverse the roles,
    Then we'll stop sweating in the cold.
    If we'll look to Him for His blessed plans
    His blessed hands will be evident in our lives.

  • gods1son 24w


    The phases of transformation or
    metamorphosis aren't always attractive
    But the end result is usually appealing.

    Take a cue from a beautiful butterfly
    That was once an "unattractive" caterpillar
    But she didn't stop evolving until she got her wings

    No matter where you are along your journey
    Never allow anyone terminate your growth
    Someday, your caterpillar will grow wings and fly.

  • gods1son 28w

    A winner

    The waters that were to drown me,
    I walked on them
    The fire that were to burn me,
    they made me shine better
    The stumblingblocks that were to trip me,
    they took me higher
    The naysayers that were to discourage me,
    they motivated the achiever in me
    The rough roads that were to weaken me,
    they made me stronger
    Attempting to stop a winner,
    makes them go even farther.

  • gods1son 30w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Path

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    Courageously walking my path, fearing nothing

  • gods1son 30w

    Sow & Reap

    How does one kneel before God to ask for
    forgiveness with a heart full of grudges?
    In order to receive, you need to give
    The way you treat your fellow human
    is an indicator of your love for God.
    Judge others and be ready to be judged.
    What goes around comes back around
    If you sow apple & reap orange, it's a scam
    Do to others what you want done to you
    If nobody pays you back, it's being saved
    in the bank until the harvest is ripe.

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  • gods1son 85w

    Beyond the art

    Don't just look at me
    Look into me
    See within the columns of my being

    I'm like a painting
    Which you might like or might not
    But endeavour to know the story behind this art

    Don't be carried away by the outside
    Open the doors
    The inside is yours to discover