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  • gokarnika_therawrr 5w

    The Healer

    When I war between tears n smile .
    Tears say let me out
    Smile says put me on your face
    Tears say why do u control me
    Smile says just a bit while
    Tears say I'm unable to control anymore
    Smile says a lil more time to go
    * Slammed the room door ,turn offed the lights ,pillow on face ,blanket on the body*
    Tears ask, may I come out ?
    Smile fades , tears dribbles all the way down the cheeks ,
    Phone rings, teary eyes pick the call
    Hearing the voice , tears go dry
    Smile blooms on the face
    The name is yours
    The voice that healed the broken me
    You not only made me smile but you healed all my pain..
    You have the magic to heal me just in a jiffy
    10 minutes of conversation made the whole day happyy ... And so I fell in love over again for you ...

  • gokarnika_therawrr 14w

    Be fearless and pure;
    never waiver in your determination or
    your dedication to the spiritual life.
    Give freely. Be self-controlled,
    sincere, truthful, loving,
    and full of the desire to serve.

    Realize the truth of the scriptures;
    learn to be detached and to
    take joy in renunciation.
    Do not get angry or
    harm any living creature,
    but be compassionate and gentle;
    show good will to all.

    Cultivate vigor, patience, will purity;
    avoid malice and pride
    Then, Arjuna, you will achieve
    your divine destiny.

    Sri Krishna
    Bhagvad Gita

  • gokarnika_therawrr 17w


    Ever I have wondered as to who is a husband ?
    I asked my mother ,
    She said ,
    "When two souls are meant to be together in heaven are the ones who become husband n wife ."
    Yet my doubt is not clear ,
    I waited for years ,
    Each summer n spring ,
    Each winter n fall,
    Then came a lad in his 20s
    His eyes ripped me apart
    His smile put a smile on my face
    Then time made "Us"
    One day my sky was black clouded
    I walked to him with agony
    At the sight of him my sky became clear
    I asked him how could he do that n awaited the answer , he smiled and said ,
    " A husband is a person who is your shadow in the light and light in your dark ".
    I was awestruck and I finally got the answer for the doubt from decades .


  • gokarnika_therawrr 25w

    You , Me , We and Ours

    Many fights , many arguments
    Many misunderstanding , many fallacies
    But yet ,
    Your tenderness
    Your warmth
    Your solicitude
    Your benevolence
    Your endearment towards me
    Our intimacy
    The enciphers between our eyes
    Let us unravel ourselves to the world
    But let us untangle our love even more complex

  • gokarnika_therawrr 32w

    My dearest readers , supporters and well-wishers , this fictional story isn't to highlight the mistake of Caeser or Lucy ... Both of them committed a mistake which turned their lives to hell ... Think before you make it out with your partner ... More than the respective individuals the baby is the one who is the most affected one ... Love isn't lust , lust isn't love
    #gkwritings #life #inspiration #love

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    Love isn't Lust , Lust isn't Love

    "Oww you look hot ! Shall we
    Make it tonight ? " he asked ,
    "Umm , I think we are moving
    a bit fast , we just met ", she said
    "Don't you believe me baby? I love you so much , no one has made me feel special as you did , there is nothing wrong in this " he said
    "I completely believe in you and let's do this. "
    And they both made love
    Few months later , they fought and subsequently ,few days after they fought the girl got to know that she was pregnant , she ringed him several times but he didn't answer to her , helplessly she went to his house and told him that she was pregnant . He slammed the door and turned her out , she cried and decided to abort the baby but then , it was too late and it was unadvisable for her to abort . She was humiliated for carrying a baby before marriage . Months later she gave birth to a beautiful girl child . At first she was frustrated , worried as to how to raise her baby , but then looking at her daughter smile she mustered up courage and confidence to fight against all the odds and started a small scale business and started to become rich day by day . Her daughter grew up to her mother's expectations . One day she met middle aged man waiting at her door step , she went to him and enquired who he was .
    "Could I meet Mrs . Lucy Dawson young lady ?" , He asked
    "May I tell Mrs . Lucy who am I talking to ?"
    "Iam Caeser , Caeser Dawson ."
    "CAESER ! " , called Lucy
    "Is that you ? How could you stand in front of me shamelessly after doing nothing but just giving me a child and made me struggle all my life ? ".
    "Lucy , that day I turned you out because I had nothing for myself and knowing that I was going to become a father, made me stone hearted . Life after that , I was very determined and kept on working on my project and finally it became a huge success. Since that day I haven't slept a night , I was desperately searching for you . One day I got to know that our daughter was the managing director of one of the company which I owned and that is how I found you , Iam very sorry for what I have did to you and my daughter . Please come back in my life , give me your priceless love Lucy . " He said
    Her eyes were filled with tears and said ,
    "Caeser , just one wrong decision we made in our lives and suffered for years , we burdened a poor soul which was no way meant to lead a torturous life and now it is she who has to forgive you ".
    Jade , their daughter forgave for the mistake he had done and started a new life .

  • gokarnika_therawrr 33w


    Tears are not just a drop of water that comes out of the eyes when we are sad ... It is a symbol of deepest hidden emotions inside .

  • gokarnika_therawrr 49w

    A Drop of Water

    TEAR: A drop of water which is an outcome of a sad or happy soul
    RAIN: A drop of water which the Mother Earth uses to cool herself down
    WATERFALLS: A drop of water which sings and dances all the way down
    OCEAN: A drop of water which is the mightiest and the shealter to many lives
    NATURE: Scenery of all the drops of water , which the imbecile men and women spoil

    The Rawrr diaries

  • gokarnika_therawrr 49w


    A friendly relation,
    May end in love
    We never know when it happens
    But it flourishes somehow

    The togetherness of two
    Is enough for the developmet of a bond
    As it indicates the ecstasy of love
    And the affection abound

  • gokarnika_therawrr 49w

    The reason for my smile

    You come in my heart
    When I take breath
    I pass everyday through
    Streets of your heart
    You move like the wind
    I fly like the sand
    You are the reason
    I smile everday

    The Rawrr

  • gokarnika_therawrr 49w


    Love is like a god which can be felt and does not have any appearance. The heart which felt the pain is like a child, which knows only to cry and cant express the feelings in words.

    The Rawrr