Words flow free, when our minds are choked so hard.

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  • gouri_m_kartha 12w


    Walked into our lives with a grin
    So wide,so fair, just to win
    Our hearts! Amused we stood
    The way she picked up the thorns
    On our way, so easy.
    Like a wave, went her words, so did
    Our minds relishing the harmony.
    Together we planned, the mischiefs
    And merries, the child inside
    Peeked us through her gleamy eyes.
    With you by our side, the darkest days
    Seemed as bright as other, but to stand helpess on yours, tear us apart, though
    None will be spared, we know, as
    All those tears will thud on them
    One day,like a rubble, barring no drop.
    You left a trace in us, that
    No wind or rain could wipe out.
    'Cause it's on our hearts and will
    Remain till our lungs give out.


  • gouri_m_kartha 14w

    Sometimes I feel like I'm not even cared the way I thought I was!
    Yeah! Nobody really cares! Do not fall into the endless hole of deception!

  • gouri_m_kartha 21w

    Sweet Lies

    It all started with little lies,
    Too good to be true.
    All it took was one look,
    Behind the mask,half fallen.
    Shouldn't have known, I grieved.
    Not moved by those coze,
    Ever again.
    Things never remained the same.
    Unveiling the gloom, stood there
    Fright holding my hands.
    "Let it be" convinced myself,
    But all I heard was the evil shrieks
    Deep inside.
    No light gleamed through
    Despite my hope.
    'Happiest Person' they tagged,
    Envious I grew, of that 'me'.
    Only thing that covering the void
    Being emptiness, moved on.
    Wearing the mask,borrowed,
    I stood right in centre
    Faking and nothing else,
    Their joy being my
    first ever priority.


  • gouri_m_kartha 26w

    Selene's Amour

    Gazing at the vault of Heaven
    Adorned with tiny diamonds,
    Saw him taking in all of her
    With an impish grin.
    Doubtless she fell
    For the white serenity!
    Once afraid of the gloom,
    Longed for it now.
    Her complaints and joy, all burst open,
    Finally someone to share with.
    His sorrow spilled out and poured down,
    Relished by others as 'life'.
    He hid behind the dark drapes,
    Only she could see his agony.
    Ever and again,he faded,
    part by part.
    Unable to fill the void, she mourned.
    Along these lines they walked
    Leaving behind the rest.
    Restless he grew, day by day.
    At times glancing her
    through the white clouds!
    They search for him in the hour of need,
    But he is hers for eternity!


  • gouri_m_kartha 28w


    To transcend, was her dream,
    Beyond the blue infinities,
    Above and below!
    Relishing everything and nothing less!
    But, It entangled her,in the dark.
    Thought it would lead the way
    To the unseen, excited she got...
    The way it lured, painless...
    New dreamland being oblivion,
    Chaos her mate.

    Discerning it was hard.
    Growing out of it, harder.
    Untied it slowly,
    Learning the ropes!
    Holding it together
    Up she thrived!
    The scars betokening
    Her wisdom!

  • gouri_m_kartha 48w

    If travelling was an occupation, I would be the best employee ever!

  • gouri_m_kartha 49w

    I often think about
    Where I went wrong...
    The more I do
    The less I know...

    _ Adele

  • gouri_m_kartha 49w

    Why should I change myself for someone else? Accept me for what I am or just leave!

  • gouri_m_kartha 50w

    Have you ever thought like:
    Are they hurting purposefully or don't they know they rip our heart?

  • gouri_m_kartha 50w

    Have you ever thought like:
    Are they hurting purposefully or don't they know they rip our heart?