short poems. Long pauses.

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  • grasshopper 3w

    The Quiet Sun

    The whereabouts
    Of a grieving man
    As he awaits the hours
    The nights seem long
    Yet when out
    He's able to see far ahead

  • grasshopper 3w

    Carried Song

    When it gets kinda cold
    I think of the house
    We once called home
    A beautiful night out
    Just like your stories
    That took me back there

  • grasshopper 15w

    The Space Over My Dreams

    Surely what exists
    The gods and the Moon
    The galaxy within
    The broadening of my being
    I awe within this sight
    That of the heavens
    From a cover within my openness
    My head inside the warmth
    Yet thoughts on the stars
    The infinite bliss
    That carries me through the widening

  • grasshopper 15w

    Fragile Whispers

    Some say the broken can't speak, or pictures are worth more than just a few glances.

  • grasshopper 15w


    It was late, she was exhausted from a long ride home, and she was facing her fate.

  • grasshopper 15w

    Agony Fights

    He gave life another run.
    Only to find it wasn't what he wanted to return to.
    So he cried for his rest, where his soul remained.

  • grasshopper 15w


    A late night
    Upon the lake of emptiness
    I borrowed the hollow sounds
    That maneuvered my apathy

  • grasshopper 16w

    The Blue Pill

    My heart
    Oh my heart is with you
    My soul
    Oh my soul longed for you
    I needed your arms
    To carry me through
    As I fought through
    This storm that tried to flood
    My peace my peace
    My joy to the next life
    Never asked for this

  • grasshopper 16w

    Symptoms of Joy

    The waking hours
    Yet morbid eyes
    They glance with fear
    As I stumble towards a tree
    A sense of hiding
    From there depleting ways
    There I lay under her branches
    Yet the open is wide
    They appear out of nowhere
    Constant torment
    This world is not for the faint
    Yet I'm not sure of thy existence

  • grasshopper 25w

    Hideous assaults

    Paranoid about battles
    The ones that knows
    Hollow souls
    Like to consume
    When the hurt
    Becomes a reality
    Trees of thorns
    Blood and green
    This world brings me down
    Just like every glance
    I break a tear upon my fate