sometimes i write, but i am far from a writer. many times i think, but rarely it's a time well spend. only few is good, only that i shall share...

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  • greenraven 3w

    I screwed the one more, screwed me more....

  • greenraven 8w

    So we are alive. I wish we also do know why? But, What's the point. Most of us are measurable more or less. Happiness is as rare as saffron in a desert. But if we are lucky enough it won't be a sad day. So I ask again. What's the point?

    Is there a point?

    If there or there not, who care,
    If that there is not here,
    Because we are here,
    And we are alive here in this moment,
    And what is here in this moment,
    Is just emptiness with a curious mind,
    And with no hope for getting that answer,

    But then who care, we are here and
    don't forget along the emptiness with a curious mind...

  • greenraven 10w

    Uhh, Sad for love?

    You are sad because your lover is gone.
    Remember, Millions of people on this planet, lived their life without even a share of courtesy, a drop of love or even a sight of admiration. What is love for those who cried in nights with stomach filled with air and a slap on their face staring in darkness at their soul, shouting, "WHAT A WORTHLESS EXISTENCE THEY ARE...."

    And you are sad that a bygone love will be bygone...

  • greenraven 10w

    I wish, I was crazy but I think, it's just sad

  • greenraven 10w

    Never let me go, go where you can,
    Burn a hole inside, avoid if you can,
    Happiness should you seek, settle for peace if you can....

  • greenraven 10w

    No Mere Love

    Mere human with no mere thoughts,
    Smiling in pain with no mere loss,
    Mere discomfort is no mere cause,
    No mere love and no mere pause,

    No mere sky and no mere moon,
    No mere darkness, nothing less than soon,
    My mere love and my mere lover,
    Hold my mere heart for no mere soon...

  • greenraven 11w

    Take a deep breath, like you just born....

  • greenraven 11w

    Only Regret

    I wish, at least I was honest to myself

  • greenraven 12w

    What The Hell

    See light in other sky,
    Where there darkness is the desire,
    What we seek is an other lie,
    I see, a fairy land with demons inside...

  • greenraven 12w


    When sun started to rise,
    I opened my eyes,
    Slow winds and the shine,
    Brings me peace of my mind,

    Every breath is the life,
    I feel it more every time,
    As i walk on the land,
    It feels heaven’s sky,

    The chipper of the birds,
    Is the joy of the life,
    As i wake up to rise,
    Glade i did it one more time,